Best Goosebumps Books In 2023

There are various forms of media you can turn to to celebrate Halloween. Play through a scary game like Alan Wake, watch a horror movie such as The Exorcist, or perhaps your chosen way to spook yourself is by reading a book. There are countless horror books out there perfect for reading at Halloween, or any time of the year if you fancy a scare. However, no series of books screams scary for all ages quite like Goosebumps.



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R.L. Stine first unleashed Goosebumps books on the world in 1992 when he released Welcome To Dead House. 62 books and five years later, the main series came to an end, but its legacy has endured. Not only via the original 62 books but also through spinoffs and special sets, all of which remain available to this day. Whether you’re looking to add to a growing Goosebumps collection or you want to revive your love for the series after it has been lying dormant, I’ve handpicked some of the best Goosebumps buys available right now.

Best Goosebumps Books

goosebumps classic collection of ten original books
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Goosebumps Classic (Series 1)

The Perfect Goosebumps Starter Kit

$23 $45 Save $22

The Goosebumps Classic (Series 1) collection features ten books from the original run of the iconic series. Including titles such as Say Cheese And Die and Return Of The Mummy, it’s the perfect place to start for anyone new to the Goosebumps series.


  • Perfect place for new fans to start
  • A real mix of different Goosebumps tales
  • Works out at less than $3 per book

  • May include books you don’t want or already have

Whether picking Goosebumps back up after some time away or buying books as a gift for someone you’re trying to get interested in the series, selecting one or even a few from your favorites can be tricky. Your best course of action is to grab a set like this one so the element of choice is taken out of your hands. The Goosebumps Classic set includes ten books from the original series, and you’re bound to recognize some of them. Grab this set so you, or the set’s new owner, can kick off their collection and have the perfect foundation on which to build.

night of the living dummy goosebumps book
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Night Of The Living Dummy

Ventriloquists Beware

$7 $8 Save $1

Night of the Living Dummy is one of the most famous Goosebumps books ever written. Two sisters always trying to one-up each other both get ventriloquist dummies, and when things start to get a little weird, they become convinced the dummies are to blame.


  • One of the most famous Goosebumps books ever
  • Also available as an audiobook

  • Creepy dummies will become even creepier

A number of Goosebumps books are inspired by classic horror tropes and even specific stories and movies from the past. That’s kind of the point as the series is designed to gently introduce children to the horror genre. Night of the Living Dummy is not only a title inspired by a classic zombie film, but its premise is a spin on the dummies come to life horror trend. Two sisters end up in possession of a couple of ventriloquist dolls who appear to be coming to life. A terrifying concept in real life, but a fantastic one for a story. It’s also available as an audiobook. Listening to the tale might make it even scarier.

the goosebumps monster blood collection
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Goosebumps Monster Blood Collection

Eat Your Greens

$7 $35 Save $28

Monster Blood might well be the book Goosebumps is most synonymous with. This collection includes the original Monster Blood and its two sequels, all revolving around a slimy green substance that not only won’t stop growing., but it has the same effect on anyone, or anything, who happens to eat some of it.


  • Possibly the most iconic Goosebumps book
  • The first three parts all in one collection

  • Unsure why the fourth and final part isn’t included

I read a lot of Goosebumps books when I was a kid, but none of them stuck with me quite like Monster Blood. Partly because the special edition I had included a little pouch of Monster Blood on the front, but mostly because of its compelling story. Monster Blood is a green substance that doubles in size every day. The same goes for anyone who eats it, as the lead character’s dog discovers. Such a good book that it got three sequels. The only downside to this particular collection is it doesn’t include the fourth and final part in the Monster Blood series, and I’m not entirely sure why.

goosebumps horrorland collection of books
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Goosebumps Horrorland Collection

The Ultimate Crossover Event

The Goosebumps Horroland series was published a decade after the original run came to an end. Each book follows on from the last, the series revolved around a theme park called Horrorland and included characters from various other Goosebumps books, having them crossover and interact for the first time.


  • A return to Goosebumps after a decade away
  • Your favorite Goosebumps stories collide

  • Considerably more expensive than most other Goosebumps options

Even though the original run of Goosebumps books came to an end before the turn of the century, R.L. Stine was far from done. Topping the pile of spinoffs that came later was Stine’s Horrorland series. 18 books, all of which revolved around a fictional theme park called Horrorland, and all of which led into one another. Every installment can be treated as a standalone book, or all can be read as a running series. Most include characters and elements from iconic Goosebumps books of the past too, reminding you of their horrors and crossing over in the series for the first time ever.

say cheese and die goosebumps book
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Say Cheese And Die!

Put The Camera Down!

$7 $8 Save $1

Say Cheese and Die is one of the most memorable Goosebumps books from the series’ initial run in the 1990s. Greg finds a camera, but when that camera takes a photo, it predicts disaster. Or, even worse, it is causing disaster. Take a photo of a car, the photo shows it wrecked, and the car crashes. That sort of thing.


  • Another iconic Goosebumps book
  • Also available as an audiobook
  • Includes bonus material not in the original
  • Teacher’s choice on Amazon

  • Not the most fleshed-out story in the series

While Monster Blood might top my own personal Goosebumps pile, Say Cheese And Die is a very close second. It was also one of the very first Goosebumps books ever released, published all the way back in 1992. Much like Monster Blood, Say Cheese And Die starts with a child finding something that’s going to change their life, and not in a good way like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The budding young photographer quickly discovers the camera can either predict or dictate the future, and that future is never good. When his friend is missing from one of those photos, the tale takes a very sinister turn. Well, you know, as sinister a turn as a book written for children can take.

goosebumps coloring book
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Goosebumps Coloring Book

Goosebumps Doesn’t Always Need To Be Scary

The unofficial Goosebumps coloring book pulls inspiration from some of the series’ most iconic stories, giving you characters from your favorite horror books to calmly color in while you take a break from being scared.


  • Get even younger kids into Goosebumps
  • Welcome break from being constantly scared

  • Not an officially licensed product
  • Appears to include some out of place characters

Sometimes you want to have a Goosebumps experience but you don’t want to run the risk of being terrified. You might not even be in the mood to read anything. That’s where the Goosebumps Coloring Book comes in. Pages upon pages of characters from the series with the colors removed so you can step up and fill them back in. They don’t even need to be the right colors if you don’t want them to be. This is an unofficial coloring book though which seems to have resulted in a few non-Goosebumps characters sneaking their way in. Maybe that’s a positive for some people depending on who those surprise characters are.

welcome to camp nightmare goosebumps book
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Welcome To Camp Nightmare

Camp Sucks At The Best Of Times

From the original run of iconic Goosebumps books, Welcome To Camp Nightmare makes a scary situation for any kid infinitely worse. No one particularly likes going to camp as a kid, but just as Billy is starting to come around, bad things start to happen, and the adults in charge don’t seem to care.


  • Let kids know camp could be a lot worse
  • Kindle version also available

  • Try getting your kids to camp after they’ve read this

I’m not sure whether this was something only I felt as a kid or if it extended to more of you, but I wasn’t a fan of being shipped off to camp during my childhood. Reading Welcome To Camp Nightmare justified that dislike for me. Just as poor Billy is coming around to the idea of Camp Nightmoon, it turns into Camp Nightmare. Weird stuff starts to happen and those in charge of making sure it doesn’t don’t seem to be all that phased about it. Another Goosebumps classic that you absolutely have to read, whether you’re getting reacquainted with the series or introducing it to an entirely new generation.


What Age Is Appropriate For Goosebumps Books?

While they might be horror books, Goosebumps books are written for children. Any kids aged eight and above should be fine with them, and although they’re written with children in mind, adults can read them too. I’ve had a great time rediscovering some of my favorites from the series as an adult.

How Many Goosebumps Books Are There?

There are 62 Goosebumps books in the main series, written throughout the 1990s. However, there have been a lot more Goosebumps books written outside of that run. The Horrorland collection, which you can check out above, and books where the reader chooses their own fate among them.

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