Best Gaming Squishmallows In 2023

Squishmallows are in and they are a very big deal right now. If you don’t know what squishmallows are and you have been drawn to this guide because of its gaming nature, well, you’re about to find out. Be warned, after you have learned about the ways of the squishmallow, it’s hard to forget about them. You’re going to want at least one, but probably more, of the squishmallows I have recommended below, and as great as they are, once you’re in, it can become a very expensive habit.



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Unlike Plushes and Funko Pop! figures, even though there are already a lot of squishmallows to choose from, not a lot of series and franchises have jumped on the bandwagon yet. There are already a few connected to the video game universe though, from Sonic to Spider-Man and some other links if you go looking for them. If you want to kick off your squishmallow collection, or expand on an existing one, with some video game inclusions, then below are some of the very best out there right now.

Updated October 24, 2023 By Ben Jessey: Squishmallows have only started to enter the gaming realm. This means there isn’t an abundance of them. However, there are enough gaming ones to create a decent collection. We filled this list with those you should consider putting in that collection. And now, we’ve updated the piece to add several more. Check them out!

Best Gaming Squishmallows

Squishmallows Adin the Space Arcade Game Plush

Squishmallows 12″ Adin the Space Arcade Game Plush

A Literal Gaming Squishmallow

This Squishmallow isn’t from a game. He is a game. Little Adin has a screen on his stomach, showing a Space Invader-like game being played. Underneath the screen are the controls.


  • Different from the average squishmallow
  • Happy little face

  • Doesn’t fit in a collection of squishmallows based on gaming characters

Unlike most gaming collectibles, such as Funko Pops!, not all gaming Squishmallows have to be based on specific video game characters. Adin is the perfect example of that, as he’s not based on anyone from the gaming realm. Yet, he is as much of a gaming Squishmallow as anyone. In fact, he may suit the collection more than any of the others since he’s a game himself. And a cute one at that, with his little smile and stomach screen.

tails squishmallow
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Tails Squishmallow

Sonic The Hedgehog

The World’s Best Squishmallow Sidekick

Your friendship with Tails no longer has to be restricted to the Sonic games. With this Squishmallow, he can be with you at all times. He looks like Tails from both the front and back due to having the character’s signature double tail.


  • Tails’ best form to date
  • Sonic’s very best sidekick
  • Very reasonable price for a Squishmallow

  • Tails is kind of annoying, even as a Squishmallow

As a Sonic kid, Tails has been a part of my life for a very long time, and I know I’m not the only one. Had there been a Tails Squishmallow around when I was playing Sonic 2 for the first time, it would have come with me everywhere I went. Hell, who am I kidding? While I can’t take it everywhere I go because society doesn’t allow it (stupid society), I have a Tails Squishmallow, hence it being right at the top of this particular list. Whether you’re buying one or many Squishmallows, or even just picking one up as a gift, get a Tails one for yourself. You deserve it.

Winking Pikachu Squishmallow Plush

Winking Pikachu Squishmallow Plush


You Winking At Me?

Pikachu has always looked soft and cuddly. Now, though, you can actually experience the Pokemon’s comforting nature yourself with this squishmallow. This toy looks like the classic version of the character with the added bonus that he’s winking.


  • One of the most famous video game characters in the world
  • Highly sought after so very lucky if you bag one

  • Sell out as soon as they go on sale

Pokemon is probably the highest-profile series that has gotten in on the squishmallow hype so far and is definitive proof that the hype is well and truly real. Whether you’ve sat in a virtual queue when one has launched only to find nothing at the end of it, or you’ve trashed a display in Walmart hoping to find a rogue squishmallow at the bottom, a lot of you will know about the pain of trying to find something, anything in the Pokemon collection all too well. There’s a regular Pikachu squishmallow out there. But even that adorable creature can’t compete with this winking version of the world’s most famous Pokemon.

spider-man miles morales squishmallow
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Spider-Man Miles Morales Squishmallow


The Future Of Spider-Man

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you have to protect and comfort many people as the titular hero. Now, in squishmallow form, that same hero can do the same for you. He is wearing the default outfit from that game.


  • Capitalise on that Spider-Verse hype
  • The future of the Spider-Man franchise as a squishmallow

  • Marvel’s squishmallow selection is still very limited
  • Hard to find quality images of this one, let alone the real thing

It’s only a matter of time until every Marvel character has its own squishmallow, and since Spider-Man is the franchise’s biggest and most famous hero, he’s the one to get the squishmallow treatment first. Actually, a few Spider-People have been turned into squishmallows. Since Miles Morales is incredibly popular right now, turning him into one of Marvel’s first squishmallows was likely a no-brainer. Between Across The Spider-Verse hitting cinemas and Miles returning to PS5 in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, this squishmallow has probably been incredibly popular and will likely continue to be throughout the rest of 2023.

shadow the hedgehog squishmallow
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Shadow The Hedgehog Squishmallow

More Sonic The Hedgehog

Finally, Some Love For Shadow

This squishmallow is based on one of gaming’s greatest antiheroes, Shadow The Hedgehog. It looks just like the character, right down to his uninterested facial expression.


  • A character as dark as Shadow as a squishmallow is just funny
  • Shadow deserves a lot more merch, keep it coming Sega

  • Shadow appears to have taken Amy’s squishmallow spot, for now

I’ve been waiting for Shadow to get another game of his very own ever since his original solo title on PS2 and well, I’m still waiting. Shadow gets a lot less love than he deserves as not only has there not been a Shadow the Hedgehog 2, but he barely appears in any Sonic games. 2023 might be the year when that finally starts to change. Not only because the brooding hedgehog’s arrival in the Sonic cinematic universe was teased during the credits of Sonic 2, but also because Shadow now has his very own squishmallow. I tip my cap to whoever forced through the decision to make Shadow one of the first Sonic characters to get the squishmallow treatment. Plus, the squishmallow Shadow is one of the best-designed versions of the character.

chewbacca squishmallow
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Chewbacca Squishmallow

Star Wars

*Excited Chewie Noises*

Squishmallow Chewbacca is the perfect buddy, just like the actual character. However, this version of the Wookie is softer and happier. Perhaps this is because he doesn’t have an Empire to fight.


  • The biggest and cuddliest Star Wars character has his own squishmallow
  • You can blame the weird noises you make at night on your new wookie

  • Hard to find, especially for a reasonable price

What do you mean Chewbacca isn’t a video game character? No, that might not be how the Wookie was introduced, but I have seen him in plenty of games since, so his inclusion in this guide is absolutely warranted. Anyway, a handful of Star Wars characters have been turned into squishmallows already, and Chewbacca is one of them. He’s also the one that makes the most sense since he’s covered in fur. No, the squishmallow version of Chewie isn’t covered in fur, that’s not how squishmallows roll. I’d hazard to guess it’s just as cuddly as the real thing, though. I can’t confirm that as I’ve never cuddled the real thing. You’d have to ask Harrison Ford.

Piplup Squishmallow Plush-1

Piplup Squishmallow Plush

More Pokemon

Pokemon’s Resident Penguin

It may look like a penguin, but this creature is actually a Pokemon. They’re named Piplup, and they’re adorable in-game and in squishmallow form, as this product proves.


  • The cutest Pokemon to get the squishmallow treatment so far (sorry, Togepi)
  • Still time to make sure you get every Pokemon squishmallow as they’re released

Pokemon make for perfect squishmallows, as most of them are already adorable. Yet, even for the high standard set by Pokemon, Piplup is very cute. In fact, it’s hard to look at it without getting the urge to hug the penguin-looking critter. Thankfully, you can finally give the creature a hug by acquiring this squishmallow. And it will feel like the real thing since the squishmallow heavily resembles the one from the Pokemon series.

sonic squishmallow
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Sonic Squishmallow

Even More Sonic The Hedgehog

Gaming’s Most Beloved Hedgehog

Most of the time, Sonic is sprinting in all sorts of different directions or rolling up into a ball. However, this squishmallow version will stay still long enough for you to give him love.


  • Doing a little smirk like Sonic often does
  • Heavily resembles the famous Hedgehog

It’s clear that the Sonic The Hedgehog series currently rules over the squishmallow gaming world as it has more products than most other video game series. So, naturally, the king of any squishmallow gaming collection should be Sonic himself. And it just so happens that the blue hedgehog has a great squishmallow. It looks just like the famous character, except he’s in the classic squishmallow shape. He even has the character’s classic smirk. He doesn’t have Sonic’s speed, but he makes up for that with his cuddly nature. This means he’s probably not the most powerful version of the character.


Why Are Some Squishmallows So Expensive?

Squishmallows can vary greatly in price, and that’s mostly due to the limited availability of certain products. Much like Funko Pop! figures and various other collectibles, some squishmallows are only available in limited quantities. That means once they sell out, the only way to buy them is through resale sites. The rarer the squishmallow is, the more you’re going to have to pay for it.

What Is The Rarest Squishmallow?

Speaking of squishmallows that will cost you a lot of money, the rarest squishmallow is Jack the Black Cat. Only 500 of them were ever made, so if you do happen upon one that’s for sale, odds are it’s going to cost you a lot of money. The Calico Cat squishmallow is another pick from the growing collection that is considered rare and will be expensive if you manage to track one down.

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