Best Engine Building Board Games

Engine-building tabletop board games are like the Swiss Army knife of mechanics – versatile, indispensable, and occasionally able to open a bottle of fine wine. It’s the thrill of turning a rickety old jalopy into a sleek, unstoppable machine, one resource cube at a time. But with so many titles revving their engines on the tabletop track, how do you know which ones are the Bugattis, and which are just the broken-down Beetles?



I’ve scoured the game shelves, crunched the numbers, and debated passionately over cups of lukewarm coffee to bring you the ultimate list of the Best Engine Building Board Games. From the deep blue depths of Oceans to the far reaches of the galaxy in Terraforming Mars, I’ve got your next game night covered. So, buckle up and get ready to build, strategize, and, most importantly, have a blast!

Best Engine Building Board Games

Wingspan board game box


For the Birders

A Flurry of Feathers and Fun

$48 $65 Save $17

In Wingspan, you’re a bird enthusiast building a network of aviaries. Collect birds, each offering unique combos, to dominate in this beautifully illustrated strategy game.


  • Eye-catching artwork.
  • It’s competitive without being confrontational, perfect for a relaxed game night.
  • Learn real bird facts while strategizing for the win.

  • The birdfeeder dice tower, while unique, may feel fragile and less durable.

Imagine a game night where you’re swept away into a world of avian splendor. That’s Wingspan for you. With its stunning artwork and intriguing gameplay, it’s like a serene walk in a bird sanctuary, but with the mental stimulation of a chess match. Every card you play unfolds new strategies and possibilities, making each game a fresh experience.

The best part? You end up learning about our feathered friends without even trying. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a curious newbie, Wingspan offers a perfect blend of education, strategy, and relaxation. The game’s depth allows for various strategies, encouraging replayability, and the peaceful yet competitive atmosphere ensures that losing doesn’t feel disheartening.

Plus, with additional expansions available, your journey into the world of birds and strategy doesn’t have to end. So, spread your wings and dive into Wingspan—it’s not just a game, it’s an experience that flutters gracefully between education and entertainment.

Race for the Galaxy Tabletop Game Box Art

Race for the Galaxy

Editor’s Choice

Conquer the Cosmos with Cards

In Race for the Galaxy, you’re a galactic pioneer vying to build the most powerful space empire. Use cards to develop new worlds and technologies, with strategic choices leading you to victory.


  • Offers a rich, strategic experience with numerous paths to victory.
  • Quick rounds keep the game engaging and dynamic.
  • With over 100 cards, every game unfolds differently, offering endless strategic possibilities.

  • Can be challenging for beginners to grasp all the rules and strategies.

If you’re ready to embark on an interstellar journey of strategy and conquest, Race for the Galaxy is your spaceship. This gem of a game is like a puzzle wrapped in an enigma, housed in a galactic empire. It’s a masterpiece of strategic depth, where every card you play could be the key to your empire’s dominance or a stepping stone for your rivals.

The beauty of RFG lies in its balance and the myriad strategies you can employ. Want to build a formidable military force and conquer planets? Go for it. Prefer to create a bustling trade empire? You can do that too. The possibilities are as vast as the universe itself. Each card you discard is a sacrifice, a strategic decision that could make or break your game.

Yes, teaching the game can be akin to explaining quantum physics to a cat, but once the light bulb clicks, you’ll see the brilliance in its design. The simultaneous action selection keeps the game flowing at warp speed, making downtime practically nonexistent. And let’s talk about replayability – with so many cards and strategies, no two games are ever the same.

While it might not be the go-to game for a casual game night, it’s a gem for those who relish a mental challenge and the thrill of strategic planning.

Everdell - Collector's Edition Tabletop Game

Everdell: Collector’s Edition

Best Woodland-Themed Engine Builder

A Whimsical World of Woodland Wonders

$85 $99 Save $14

Everdell combines worker placement and tableau building in a beautifully crafted world. Players build cities using charming critters and constructions, offering a blend of strategy and whimsy.


  • Visually captivating.
  • Easy to learn with layers of strategy, perfect for both casual and serious gamers.
  • Varied gameplay ensures each session feels fresh and engaging.

  • Can be a bit overwhelming for first-timers with its array.

Everdell stands out as one of the best board games for families, offering a magical mix of easy-to-learn mechanics and engaging strategies. Every session is a new adventure, with vibrant art and charming characters that’ll have everyone from kids to grandparents hooked. The balance of playful elements and thoughtful planning makes it a hit, ensuring it’s not just played once but becomes a regular on your gaming table.

The joy of Everdell lies in its intricate dance of resource management and strategic planning. You’ll find yourself deeply engrossed in building your city, choosing whether to play a quirky critter or an ingenious construction. Each decision feels impactful, shaping your path to victory in subtle yet significant ways. And let’s talk about the resources – from the delightful squish of the berry tokens to the sturdy feel of twigs, every component enhances the immersive experience.

But what truly sets Everdell apart is its replayability. Each game unfolds uniquely, driven by the dynamic card draw. Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming for a high score through complex combos or a casual player enjoying the laid-back strategy, the game adapts to your style.

Terraforming Mars card game box

Terraforming Mars

Best Terraforming Board Game

An Odyssey of Planetary Proportions

Terraforming Mars invites you to transform the Red Planet. As a leader in space exploration, you’ll use strategy and resource management to shape Mars’s future.


  • Deep strategi gameplay.
  • High replay value.
  • Combines scientific concepts with engaging gameplay for a unique experience.

  • The player sheets can be prone to accidental changes, requiring careful handling.

Terraforming Mars is an epic journey across the cosmos that’s as challenging as it’s rewarding. The game’s brilliance lies in its deep strategic gameplay, where every decision shapes the future of Mars. From the quality of the pieces to the intricacies of the game mechanics, it’s a well-crafted journey through space strategy.

The true beauty of Terraforming Mars lies in its replayability. Each game is a new adventure, a fresh challenge to terraform Mars differently. And for those who dive deep into this interplanetary saga, the Terraforming Mars expansions add even more depth and variety, ensuring that your journey to Mars never gets old. Whether you’re playing solo or with a group, Terraforming Mars provides an immersive experience that’s both intellectually stimulating and immensely satisfying. It’s a game that invites you to think, plan, and dream big – the kind of game that stays on your mind long after the last turn.

Gizmos Second Edition Tabletop Game Box Art

Gizmos (Second Edition)

Best Light Engine Builder

Science and Strategy Meld!

Gizmos is a dynamic, science-themed board game where players become inventors at a science fair, crafting machines with energy marbles. It combines strategy with a visually appealing design, making each game an engaging and fun experience.


  • The game’s science fair setting and inventive use of energy marbles add a unique charm.
  • Easy to learn with a well-designed iconography, making it accessible for all ages.
  • The game provides a rewarding sense of advancement as players build their engines and trigger chain reactions.

  • The gizmo cards, especially at lower levels, lack variety and distinctiveness, which could affect long-term appeal.

While it may not boast the complexity of heavier titles, Gizmos stands out as an excellent science-themed board game that is both easy to pick up and deeply rewarding to master. The game’s appeal lies in its ability to balance simplicity with strategic depth, making it a hit with both casual players and seasoned board game enthusiasts. As you progress from basic actions to triggering elaborate chain reactions, you’ll feel like a true mad scientist, reveling in the joy of invention.

Although some players might crave more diversity in the gizmo cards, the game’s overall design and fun factor more than make up for it. Whether you’re a family looking for a new game night staple or a group of friends seeking a light yet engaging strategy game, Gizmos is a brilliant choice.

Oceans Tabletop Game Box Art


Best Ocean-Themed Engine Builder

A Plunge Into Evolutionary Strategy

Oceans plunges players into a vibrant underwater world where adaptation and survival are key. This thematic engine builder offers a rich tableau of aquatic life, where players evolve species with unique traits to thrive in a changing environment.


  • Offers a complex and rewarding gameplay experience with numerous paths to evolution.
  • The game features beautiful artwork and an innovative energy dispenser that enhances the thematic experience.
  • The introduction of ‘The Deep’ cards in the game’s second phase adds exciting and unpredictable twists.

  • The competitive nature of species survival can feel personal and intense, which might not appeal to all players.

Oceans stands out as a remarkable science-themed board game that beautifully marries theme with mechanics. Its depiction of the underwater cosmos is not just a backdrop but an integral part of the gameplay, where every action and adaptation feels part of a larger, interconnected ecosystem. The game brilliantly captures the essence of evolution – it’s competitive, it’s brutal, and it’s about survival of the fittest.

Players must not only adapt to the evolving game environment but also anticipate and react to the strategies of their opponents. The introduction of ‘The Deep’ cards adds an exciting layer of complexity, offering powerful new abilities that can dramatically alter the game’s landscape. This phase shift injects a thrilling unpredictability, keeping every game fresh and engaging.

However, the game’s aggressive nature, where players often find their carefully nurtured species under threat from others, can feel a bit too personal at times. This aspect, while thematically fitting, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a game that requires a certain mindset to enjoy – one where you embrace the cutthroat nature of ecological competition.


What exactly is an engine-building mechanic in a board game?

Engine building in board games refers to a mechanic where players progressively build a system or mechanism that becomes more efficient and powerful as the game progresses. This usually involves accumulating resources, cards, or actions that allow players to perform more potent moves or earn more points as the game unfolds.

Can engine-building games be enjoyed by beginners, or are they too complex?

Many engine-building games are designed with scalability in mind, making them accessible to beginners while still offering depth and complexity for experienced players. Games like “Splendor” and “Wingspan” are renowned for their beginner-friendly mechanics that gracefully introduce the concept of engine building.

How long does a typical engine-building board game take to play?

The playtime of engine-building games varies widely depending on the complexity and the pace of the players. Generally, they can range from 30 minutes for simpler games like “Gizmos” to up to 2 hours or more for more complex games like “Terraforming Mars.”


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