Best Combos For Johnny In Guilty Gear Strive


  • Guilty Gear Strive offers a variety of combo paths and setups, with some being more complicated than others.
  • The Roman Cancel system is integral to attack combos in the game and continues to be explored for new findings and executions.
  • Each character in Guilty Gear Strive has unique combo routes and abilities that can be utilized to devastating effect.



There are many instances in Guilty Gear Strive where you will be able to pull off an awesome attack combo and cause an Area Shift on the stage, resulting in tons of damage to your opponent. However, not all combos are the same, which leads to some being much more complicated to pull off than others or requiring a specific setup beforehand.

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Furthermore, there is still quite a lot to discover in Guilty Gear Strive. More of the game’s systems are still being experimented with, resulting in new findings almost daily that ultimately lead to new combo paths, mixups, and setups. Strive’s Roman Cancel system is at the heart of most attack combos in the game, and it’s a robust and fleshed-out system that still has potential for new findings and executions.

Updated on October 3, 2023, by Seth Parmer: Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 has been out for quite a while at this point, giving us an excellent excuse to revisit this list and add Johnny into the mix, as well as touch up every other combo with brand new ones that take advantage of the new mechanics and Special Moves some characters received!

Basic Button Legend


First, we will need to set up some basic terminology for when we get to the actual combo Strings, making it easy to read and comprehend. Here are the standard inputs and their corresponding terms. Use this legend if you need help understanding some of the combos listed below!

Attack Commands:

Command Name

Command Display







Heavy Slash




Roman Cancel


Red Roman Cancel


Yellow Roman Cancel


Purple Roman Cancel


Blue Roman Cancel


Psych Burst


D-Pad/Stick Commands:

Command Display

Command Input

Down Back

1 or ⭩


2 or ⭣


3 or ⭨


4 or ⭠




6 or ⭢

Up Back

7 or ⭦


8 or ⭡

Up Forward

9 or ⭧

Quarter Circle

236 or ⭣⭨⭢

Quarter Circle Back

214 or ⭣⭩⭠

Half Circle

41236 or ⭠⭩⭣⭨⭢

Half Circle Back

63214 or ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠

Uppercut, Shoryuken, or Dragon Punch

623 or ⭢⭣⭨

Leo Whitefang

Leo Whitefang spinning his Dualswords with great speed for his Overdrive attack

Leo Whitefang is an incredibly unique character in Guilty Gear Strive as he can switch from the default stance to his Brynhildr Stance, which makes him turn his back to the enemy.

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While Leo is limited in his Brynhilder Stance in terms of movement, he will do more damage, allowing him to carry out nasty attack combinations by switching between the two stances.

Leo Whitefang has many combo routes at his disposal and can handle his own in many situations. The combos below showcase his ability to switch between stances effortlessly to punish his opponent with devastating attack strings that aren’t too challenging to pull off.

Mid-Screen Combo

Standing K > ⭢ K > ⭣⭨⭢ S > RRC > ⭧ SS > Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ S (Hold)

Wall Combo

Close S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ S > RRC > ⭣⭩⭠ S (Hold) > S (Brynhilder Stance) > HS (Brynhilder Stance) > ⭣⭨⭢ D > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ S (Hold) > S (Brynhilder Stance) > HS (Brynhilder Stance) > ⭣⭨⭢ S

Ramlethal Valentine

Ramlethal Valentine in Guilty Gear Strive

Ramlethal Valentine is a character that thrives off doing nothing but combos, typically in the corner. She will quickly punish enemies who make a mistake with her quick, long-range jabs and projectiles.

Since Ramlethal’s goal is to get her opponent in the corner of the stage, she has many routes to do that, and then much more for when she succeeds in getting them in the corner.

So, for Ramlethal, we will be listing two devastating combos, one focusing on bringing the opposition from mid-stage to the corner and another with Ramlethal doing what she does best.

Mid-Screen Combo

Far S > ⭣⭨⭢ D > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ S > Standing K > ⭢ HS > ⭢⭣⭨ P > ⭣⭩⭠ HS

Wall Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭢⭣⭨ P > Standing K > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K > ⭣⭩⭠ HS

Millia Rage

Millia Rage in Guilty Gear Strive

Millia Rage excels at air juggling her opponents and punishing them if they jump or get knocked down. Additionally, Millia is also an excellent mid-range poker and can set up combos from just about any situation from close and mid-range as a result.

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While Millia’s kit allows her to perform crazy aerial combos, we wanted to showcase her excellent ground potential, and the Mid-Screen Combo found below is one of her best. Additionally, if you want an incredibly powerful aerial combo, her Wall Combo has what you’re looking for!

Mid-Screen Combo

Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K > ⭣⭩⭠ P > Close S > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K > ⭣ K > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ K (Mid-Air) > D (Hold)

Wall Combo

Far S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K > ⭣⭩⭠ P > ⭣ K > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K > ⭣⭩⭠ P > Standing HS


I-No in Guilty Gear Strive

I-No has a ton of potential for exciting setups and combos, mainly due to her unique ability to soar through the air and use the power of music to obliterate her opponents. Additionally, Roman Cancelling into her other moves instantly makes I-No a severe threat in the right hands.

I-No thrives at practically any range but can feel quite clumsy at extremely close range, including when she’s at the corner of the stage.

Below is an excellent and straightforward standard combo and a Wall Combo that should come in handy for those struggling with what to do whenever they back their opponent up.

Mid-Screen Combo

⭣ K > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D (Hold) > Jumping S, HS, D, S, HS, D

Wall Combo

Close S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D > Jumping S, HS, S, HS > ⭣⭨⭢ S (Mid-Air) > Standing HS

Sin Kiske

Sin Kiske performing his Hawk Breaker Special Attack on Leo Whitefang in Guilty Gear Strive

Sin Kiske is a speedy and extremely punishing character that can take control of a match rather swiftly with the right game plan and once he builds momentum.

While not the best character in the game, or the best DLC character for that matter, he is still a solid Rushdown Fighter that will feel exhilarating and rewarding to play.

The following combos showcase Sin’s unique ability to extend actions with his Flag Gauge, allowing him to catch his opponent off-guard, bait them into using unsafe attacks, or extend combos to deal unrivaled damage.

Sin can take over a match if you give him too much time or room to work with, making him a force to be reckoned with when in the right hands.

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ S~Dash Cancel > Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ HS, HS > Standing HS

Wall Combo

Close S > ⭢ K > Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ S > ⭣ K > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢, ⭣⭨⭢ P, P


Giovanna in Guilty Gear Strive

Giovanna is one of the fastest characters in Guilty Gear Strive and can deliver multiple hits in the blink of an eye. Excelling in close and medium-range engagements, Giovanna has many exciting ways of closing the gap between her opponent and then following up with devastating strikes.

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This Giovanna combo is devastating yet straightforward and shouldn’t require much practice for Giovanna mains to master. The Wall Combo will also showcase her quick striking ability and how to sprinkle in her powerful Special Attacks to keep the attack chain going.

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ S > Close S > Standing HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K

Wall Combo

Close S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ K > Close S > ⭢ HS, ⭢ HS, ⭢ HS > ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠, ⭢ HS

Chipp Zanuff

Chipp Zanuff from Guilty Gear Strive

Chipp Zanuff is famously mocked for his low health pool, but he may currently be one of the best characters in Guilty Gear Strive once you get the hang of his blazingly fast attacks and how to use them to avoid getting erased from a few hits.

Even as the walking definition of a Glass Tank, Chipp has easy routes to land a Wallbreak and can use that momentum to keep his opponent on their toes, with devastating Overdrives and mixups that will place him firmly in the driver’s seat with the Positive Bonus and health advantage.

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D (Hold) > Jumping S, HS, S, HS, D

Wall Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D (Hold) > Jumping S, HS, S, HS, S, HS, D, HS > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢, ⭣⭨⭢ P


May petting Mr. Dolphin in Guilty Gear Strive

May is an outstanding Charge Character in Guilty Gear Strive and excels at constantly being aggressive and applying continuous pressure with her dolphins and other oceanic friends.

May’s goal is to always keep her opponent on the defensive and string together attacks that will surprise and punish the enemy whenever they let their guard down, which allows her to pull together many combos.

While using Mr. Dolphin to back your opponent up into the corner with fear is excellent, you need a plan that follows that up and can punish them further. These combos focus on May’s strengths as a rushdown charge character, showcasing her absurd kit.

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D > Jumping S, HS, D, HS, D > ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠, ⭢ HS

Wall Combo

⭢⭣⭨ K > Standing HS > (Hold) ⭠, ⭢ HS > Standing HS > (Hold) ⭠, ⭢ HS > ⭢ HS


Bedman? performing its call 4B3 Special Attack on Happy Chaos, turning into a large spiked wheel and spinning violently into him in Guilty Gear Strive

Bedman? is a fascinating character that sort of underperformed when they launched, but Season 3 has made them a decent contender, giving them some universal new tools to work with alongside some much-needed buffs.

While they didn’t receive as big of a buff as Sin did, Bedman? doesn’t feel entirely helpless against the majority of the cast anymore, having us put what they’re capable of to the test, which you can see unfold in the table below!

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ S > RRC > D (Hold) > Close S > ⭢ HS > call 4B3 follow-up

Wall Combo

Close S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ HS > Far S > ⭣⭨⭢ S > RRC > ⭣⭩⭠ P > call 4B3 follow-up


Bridget from Guilty Gear Strive

Bridget is a fan-favorite character in the Guilty Gear series that has returned in a massive way in Strive. With her devastating Yo-Yo in hand, Bridget can deliver some of the nastiest mix-ups that keep her opponents guessing and stunlocked into a fetal position as she continuously ramps her pressure up.

Overall, Bridget is in the discussion as being one of the best characters currently in Strive, and her offensive tools more than make that argument for her. You can find two examples of her fierce offensive pressure with the combos we have provided in the table below!

Mid-Screen Combo

Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D (Hold) > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K > Close S > S > ⭣ S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ K, P > ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠, ⭢ S

Wall Combo

Close S > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ HS (Mid-Air) > Jumping HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K (Mid-Air) > Jumping HS > D > ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠, ⭢ S

Sol Badguy

 Sol Vs Ky Key Art From Guilty Gear Strive

Sol Badguy is the main protagonist in the Guilty Gear series and is amongst the strongest characters in Strive as a result. His ability to launch into combos from just about any attack is unmatchable, and their damage is beefy and significant.

Due to his raw strength and the absurd number of combo routes at his disposal, Sol Badguy has many excellent combos that are quick to pick up. Below are some of the more straightforward combos that still pack a punch and are fun to carry out.

Mid-Screen Combo

⭠⭩⭣⭨⭢ HS > ⭢ S > ⭣⭨⭢ D > Standing HS > ⭣⭩⭠ K > ⭠⭩⭣⭨⭢ HS

Wall Combo

Standing K > ⭢ P > ⭣⭨⭢ K > Standing K > ⭢ S > ⭣⭨⭢ P > ⭣ K > ⭢ HS, ⭢ HS

Asuka R#

An image of Asuka R#'s victory screen from Guilty Gear Strive

Asuka R# is easily one of the hardest characters to pick up and learn in Guilty Gear Strive due to his three separate tiers of spells that you must cycle through and stay on top of throughout the match if you want to emerge victorious.

Not only that, but you must also manage Asuka’s Mana Gauge, which is much trickier than it sounds, especially in a game as fast-paced as Strive. Nonetheless, you can find examples of his best combos in the table below!

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > Standing K > ⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D (Hold) > Jumping S, HS > Close S > Standing HS

Wall Combo

Close S > ⭣ S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ P > ⭣⭩⭠ P > Close S > ⭣ HS > Far S > ⭣⭣ HS > Far S


Nagoriyuki performing an aerial slash on Leo Whitefang in Guilty Gear Strive

Nagoriyuki, the Noble Vampire Samurai, is an excellent fighter for performing flashy, powerful combos that deal a boatload of damage. Aside from having to keep an eye on the Blood Rage meter, Nagoriyuki is one of the best characters in the game and proves it time and time again with his awesome moveset.

Finding the most optimal combos for Nagoriyuki can be challenging as you have to keep his Blood Range in check at all times as it will most likely lead to your demise if you let it burst. Below are some of the best examples of maintaining a healthy attack chain as Nagoriyuki that factor in his limitations.

Mid-Screen Combo

Far S > S > ⭣⭩⭠ HS > ⭢⭣⭨ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ K > Close S > Standing HS

Wall Combo

⭣⭨⭢ K > Close S > Far S > S > S > Close S > ⭢ HS > ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠, ⭢ S

Happy Chaos

Happy Chaos performing a Wallbreak on I-No from Guilty Gear Strive

Happy Chaos is easily the best character in the current iteration of Guilty Gear Strive, but is hard to pick up and master due to his bizarre moves and commands that will have even the most seasoned fighting game player’s hands cramp up.

Nonetheless, his combos are cool and extremely strong, just like him. In the table below, you can find two examples of combos that make Happy Chaos one of Strive’s best, nearly unstoppable forces. Just don’t expect to pick them up quickly if you aren’t used to playing as him!

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭢ K > ⭣⭨⭢ S > Standing K > ⭢ S > ⭣⭩⭠ S~Fire, Fire > ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠, ⭢ S

Wall Combo

⭣ D > ⭣⭨⭢ S~Fire, Fire > ⭢ S~Fire > ⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠, ⭢ S


Baiken using her counterattack on Chipp in Guilty Gear Strive

While not a Vampire Samurai like Nagoriyuki, Baiken is the Unfaltering Awakened Samurai who will stop at nothing until she carries out her quest for revenge. While her kit is vastly different compared to previous iterations, she still maintains what made her such a fearsome opponent nonetheless.

Baiken has tons of gimmicks she can fall back on, giving her a deep and surprising level of depth in Guilty Gear Strive. The combos outlined below showcase her unique ability to perform long combo strings that are optimal and powerful.

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ K > ⭣ S > ⭣⭨⭢ D > Standing HS > ⭠⭩⭣⭨⭢ HS, HS > ⭢ HS

Wall Combo

Close S > ⭢ HS > ⭠⭩⭣⭨⭢ S > Close S > Standing HS > Close S > Standing HS > Close S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ K > Standing K > ⭣⭨⭢, ⭣⭨⭢ S


Johnny holding a coin between his fingers in Guilty Gear Strive

Johnny is the new face in town, adding another Zoner to the roster of Guilty Gear Strive, making him excel at long and mid-range but struggle substantially when things get up close and personal. Despite this, he’s still extraordinarily fun to play and learn.

However, this does, unfortunately, make him a bit rough around the edges to play. But, compared to Asuka, Happy Chaos, and Jack-O’, he’s leaps and bounds easier to get your head around, which you can see presented in the combos below!

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ P~⭢⭢ > P > Standing K > ⭢ K > ⭣⭨⭢ HS~HS (Mid-Air) > ⭣⭩⭠ S, S

Wall Combo

Close S > ⭣ HS > ⭣⭩⭠ HS > Standing K > ⭢ K > ⭣⭩⭠ P, P > ⭢ HS


Testament striking Sol Badguy with their crimson scythe in Guilty Gear Strive

Testament is the final character of Season One in Guilty Gear Strive and is a blast to play, even despite their massive overhaul in terms of playstyle. While they’re still incredibly strong, their abilities are more straightforward and rewarding when compared to previous versions.

While still a bit early to say what their best combos are, Testament can already do tons of crazy things in a match and even rivals Sol Badguy in terms of how many routes they have at their disposal.

Even as a beginner-friendly fighter, Testament maintains a high skill ceiling and can mess up anyone who faces them. Below are some of their best combos at the moment!

Mid-Screen Combo

Close S > Far S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D > Close S > Standing HS > ⭣⭨⭢ HS > ⭢ HS

Wall Combo

⭢ HS > ⭣⭨⭢ D > Close S > Jumping S, HS, S, HS > ⭣⭨⭢ S (Mid-Air)

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