Best Chips For Sweeper In Endless Dungeon

In the Roguelite world of Endless Dungeon, you can play as eight different characters and have a team of up to three characters as long as you have the Standing Room Only upgrade. Each character has a unique Active Skill, Ultimate, and Passive ability that gives them a specific role in the team.



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However, the play style for these characters can vary significantly based on the Chips you use on them. Sweeper is the first character you’ll get to play even during the tutorial, and he’s one of the three heroes in the game that are unlocked from the start.

Best Chips For Sweeper

Endless Dungeon Sweeper Chip Screen

Sweeper is a support-type hero who’s great at slowing the enemy waves using both his Skill and Ultimate. The former slows enemies in a cone shape while the latter creates a massive circular field where the enemies are initially knocked back and then slowed. Apart from all that, he can also deal quite a bit of damage with his Handguns.

With the correct build, you can use Sweeper as both a support and a damage dealer. However, you’ll have to use him as an active character most of the time.

Turret Defense Build

Endless Dungeon Sweeper Falling On Co Pilot




Warning Label

2 Cells

This Chip gives you a straight Wit boost of eight, which increases the health that turrets gain when you shove them. This can be quite important in this build, which will be clear as you read the further Chip functions below.


4 Cells

Whenever you repair a turret with this Chip, it makes the cooldown on your Ultimate shorter. Ultimate is an important part of this build since you’ll need to knock the enemies back and prevent them from damaging your turrets.

Healthy Buddies

5 Cells

Finally, Healthy Buddies completes this build as it gives you extra Attack Damage when all the turrets in the room are at full health.

You’ll have to get the Chipsmithy upgrade in the Saloon area of the Workshop to unlock Multitasking and Healthy Buddies.

This build excels at bringing out Sweeper’s support capabilities while also making him deal a bit of damage. Ideally, you’d want to use this when you can use other characters to defend the Crystal Bot or the other wave rooms since you’ll have to stay on Sweeper as the active character near your turrets.

The best-case scenario is to find two nearby wave spawners and place all your turrets in a room that connects them both. Once you do that, you simply have to make sure every single turret stays at full health, and Warning Label will help you achieve that. Keep repairing the turrets to reduce your Ultimate cooldown while you enjoy the damage boost from Healthy Buddies.

If you don’t have characters to defend other spawners, you can also place all your turrets in the room with Crystal Bot.

However, this will make it much harder to keep them all at full health and you’ll also need some plan for when you have to move the Bot.

The final ability that connects this entire build is Sweeper’s passive to increase the turrets’ fire rate. With the correct weapons and turrets unlocked, you’ll have quite an easy time getting past various floors with this build.

Solo Damage Build

Endless Dungeon Sweeper Dialogue In Saloon




Deep Clean

2 Cells

This makes your Active Skill 30 percent more efficient, which allows you to slow enemies for much more. Not letting enemies get close to you is an important part of this build since Sweeper is quite a squishy character and he can’t sustain much damage.

Gambler’s Luck

3 Cells

Gambler’s Luck increases your Crit Chance by 20 percent. Whenever a Crit hit triggers, there’ll be a boom effect that triggers the special ability of the weapon. It’s perfect if you pair this with an AoE Handgun on Sweeper.


3 Cells

This Chip gives you a direct Attack Damage buff of 20 percent. Since you’re supposed to rely on personal damage much more for this build, this chip is quite an integral part.

The best part about this build is that you don’t have to get the Chipsmithy upgrade for it, which makes it amazing for the early game. If you’re playing the game on one of the difficult modes, you’ll have to rely less on turrets and more on your personal damage since the resources you’ll be getting are very less.

Moreover, you don’t need any setup to make this build work since the Chips give you everything you need. Having a better Active Skill along with a higher chance to Crit and deal more damage in general makes Sweeper quite a good damage dealer.

Keep in mind that this build does not bring Sweeper to the same level as the other characters who solely exist to deal damage.

If you’re in the late game and want to use this character, it’d still be better to have some sort of turret defense.

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