Best Chips For Fassie In Endless Dungeon

Fassie, Endless Dungeon’s bartender, is a support character who can pack a punch with the right chip build.

Choosing the right chips for a character in Endless Dungeon can be the key to success in a run – each character has eight to choose from in the Workshop and they provide significant, hefty bonuses or changes to the character that can form the basis of entire playstyles.



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Fassie the bartender is no exception. This fast-talking, Blur-hating lizard is unlocked early on in Endless Dungon and is a useful support character for those who like big guns and powerful explosions. Use Fassie correctly and outfit him with the right chips and he’ll prove to be a crucial member of the squad.

Best Fassie Build

A build for Fassie in Endless Dungeon

Fassie is meant to be a support character, as evidenced by his buffing active skill and his disabling ultimate skill. He has a unique mechanic in Spiciness, which empowers his active skill and increases as Fassie encounters more enemies. Learning how and when to time your buff skill is key to playing as Fassie, though he works decently well as an AI-controlled character.




Gambler’s Luck

3 Cells

A large boost to critical hit chance is a very useful, all-round upgrade to Fassie’s damage output and is an easy, early pickup for him. While he’s a support at heart, being able to better take out enemies himself makes him a useful character when you need someone guarding an area alone in later stages of the game.

Full House

4 Cells

Fassie’s main support method is through his active skill, and it’s most necessary when being swarmed by enemies. This chip makes Fassie’s active skill far more useful when he’s high on Spiciness, which occurs specifically in those swarm-heavy situations.

Prairie Oyster

5 Cells

Prarie Oyster is a fantastic buff for the squad, giving a 15% defence boost and a +4 Wits boost to those in the same room. Either one would be useful, but both together is a wonderful buff you shouldn’t pass up.

You’ll need to purchase the Chipsmithy Saloon unlock to get the Full House and Prarie Oyster chips.

This is a general build for Fassie that accentuates his core strength (offensive support) while also giving him a selfish buff that allows him to flexibly contribute while on his own. The key strategy here is to wait until you’ve accrued a high Spiciness score and use that to buff your allies. As a result, Fassie pairs well with offence-oriented characters like Zed and Blaze.

As a support, Fassie’s weapon selection isn’t as crucial to success (in other words, you don’t need to keep a neutral weapon on him to keep him useful in all situations). To that end, consider outfitting him with two different elemental weapons to give him an edge against annoying enemies.

If you want an even more support-oriented Fassie, swap Gambler’s Luck for Shaken, Not Scarred, which improved the cooldown of his ultimate skill.

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