Best Chips For Comrade In Endless Dungeon

After doing your first run in Endless Dungeon, you’ll unlock the Workshop area where you’ll be getting all your permanent upgrades to help you progress further into the dungeons. This Workshop will be maintained by none other than Comrade, but you won’t unlock this character for quite a while.



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You have to visit the Transcendence Center once to convince this hero to be a part of your team, but it’s well worth it. Here are the best Chip builds that you’d want to know once you can take this character down to the Core.

Best Chips For Comrade

Endless Dungeon Comrade Chip Screen

Remember how the entire game of Endless Dungeon is based around managing resources so that you can have turrets to stall enemy waves? Comrade partially ignores that mechanic by adding turrets of his own for free and even becoming one himself with the Ultimate. He’s arguably one of the best characters in the game.

By default, his Skill can place up to two turrets, but this can be changed with his Chips. If you try to place a third turret, it’ll delete the first turret you placed. However, the strongest part about his kit is the ability to repair Resource Generators while shoving them. This allows for quite a variety of Chip builds on the character.

Comrade is also one of the few characters that you don’t need to use as an active character most of the time.

Turret Lord Build

Endless Dungeon Comrade Dialogue In Game




Power Of Rhetoric

2 Cells

This increases the damage dealt by your turrets by 20 percent. It’s quite a big damage increase for this play style since a lot of the overall damage will come from Comrade’s turrets.


2 Cells

Pamphleteer increases your maximum turret number by one, bringing it to a total of three, which is crucial for this build.

Fanatics Only

5 Cells

The final Chip that brings this build together is Fanatics Only. If you only have Comrade Turrets in a room, the damage dealt by both the turrets and Comrade is increased by 50 percent.

You’ll have to get the Chipsmithy upgrade in the Saloon section of the Workshop to get the Fanatics Only Chip.

You can probably already see the synergy of this build just by reading the Chip functions. Ideally, you’d want to use it directly inside the room with a wave spawner. Place all three turrets from Comrade in this room and then order him to stay put in the room instead of following the active character.

Once all of this is set up, you can forget about the enemies spawning in that room since Comrade and his turrets will easily take care of it even on the lowest floor. However, you must avoid certain upgrades that reduce the number of your Comrade Turrets during the run.

It’s recommended to not put Comrade’s setup near Blur-type wave spawners since enemies of this type can go invisible.

Full Support Build

Endless Dungeon Sweeper With Comrade Sitting On Workshop





3 Cells

Increases Comrade’s Health by 30 percent, allowing him to survive much longer in the middle of an enemy wave than he normally would.

Bad Hombre

3 Cells

This Chip adds to Comrade’s survivability by increasing his Defense by 20 percent.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

5 Cells

Finally, the Weapons Of Mass Destruction give you extra Industry whenever you leave a certain zone, which makes it easier to place more turrets on the battlefield. This is especially great against bosses like the Red Dead Eye.

You’ll have to get the Chipsmithy upgrade in the Saloon section of the Workshop to get the Weapons Of Mass Destruction Chip.

This build reduces Comrade’s reliance on his turrets and makes him more of a support-type unit that can tank a ton of damage and play on the front line. With this, you can ask Comrade to follow your active character all the time and he’ll keep placing the turret nearby during a fight, which will give you an extra edge.

You can increase his survivability even further by bringing in Shroom since she can constantly heal allies after defeating every ten enemies. This is a bit of an aggressive play style, so you’ll definitely want to have a bunch of medkits in your hand.

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