Best Chips For Bunker In Endless Dungeon

How you build your character in Endless Dungeon will greatly impact your chances of success when working your way down to the Core of the eponymous spaceship. Once the Workshop is unlocked, you’ll be able to purchase Chips for your characters that affect their abilities, and unlock slots for these chips by completing hero quests.



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Bunker’s Chips are mostly defensive in nature, which befits her status as the game’s tankiest character. With the right Chip selection, you can augment her greatest strengths and turn her into an incredible wall, or balance out her stats, turning her into a more robust all-rounder. Here are our recommendations.

Best Chips For Bunker

A party of Bunker, Zed, and Comrade waiting for the Crystal Bot in Endless Dungeon

Bunker is the best character in the game in terms of defensiveness, and is clearly geared towards taking damage meant for other characters. A good way to play her is as an aggressive defender who gets up in the enemies’ faces and draws their attacks away from allies or the Crystal Bot.

We’ve supplied two example builds below that build on two of Bunker’s main strengths: her ability to tank and her high starting Wit.

Full Tank Build

A Tank build for Bunker in Endless Dungeon





2 Cells

This will increase Bunker’s health significantly. Naturally, staying healthy is a crucial part of Bunker’s ability to tank enemies, and you’ll want to keep her topped up as much as you can.

Crowd Control

4 Cells

The key to this build is Attitude Adjustment, which requires shoving to activate. This makes Crowd Control, which doubles your shoving damage, a very easy pickup. Bunker isn’t going to be firing guns much when focusing on drawing enemy attention, so maximising the damage she does do is a great idea.

Attitude Adjustment

5 Cells

This is the crucial part of the build. This will make any enemy that Bunker shoves immediately target Bunker instead of their original target and allows Bunker to play the archetypal tank role by drawing aggro from tough enemies and surviving their assaults.

You will need to purchase the Chipsmithy upgrade from the Workshop before you can get Crowd Control and Attitude Adjustment.

Bunker is obviously made to be a defensive unit, and this build is centred around that assumption. Using Attitude Adjustment to improve Bunker’s already substantial bulk, you can distract entire waves of enemies towards Bunker’s shields and allow your allies to pick them off in relative safety.

This build basically requires that you be playing as Bunker if you want to make the most of it, as the AI will not use Attitude Adjustment to its fullest (if at all). To that end, you’ll want to pair this build with self-sustaining allies kitted out with passive buffs that don’t require much interference to use effectively. Zed and Cartie are good picks here.

If you’re confident in your ability to accrue medkits, consider swapping Nanobots for Reactive Riposte, which will further increase Bunker’s ability to be an efficient tank by improving her Return Damage.

Pair this build with powerful short-range guns and upgrades to Bunker’s defensiveness in the form of health and defence to maximise efficiency.

Machinist Build

Talking to Bunker in the Saloon in Endless Dungeon




Clever Girl

3 Cells

A boost to Wit will give Bunker a significant boost to his ability to repair and boost turrets. In a turret-heavy game, this is crucial, especially on later levels where turrets may get broken very quickly.

Green Sneakers

3 Cells

This is a build that relies on Bunker being able to move around quickly from turret to turret and potentially towards Reset Points during a blackout. Extra movement speed is an obvious upgrade to grab.

The Law Prevails

5 Cells

This is one of Bunker’s most powerful abilities and is worth considering for any build. This will make a medkit heal Bunker to full – the usefulness of this should be obvious.

You will need to purchase the Chipsmithy upgrade from the Workshop before you can get The Law Prevails.

This build emphasises Bunker’s naturally high Wit stat and capitalises on that to make her a turret-focused all-rounder. To make the most of this build, you’ll need to place turrets efficiently, err towards Industry when setting resource stations up, and manually control Bunker whenever you notice turrets needing a boost or a level up.

Overall, this is quite a balanced build that doesn’t buff Bunker’s offence or defence, so you can consider it a support build at heart. While this means this build isn’t great for tanking, this doesn’t mean Bunker’s natural defensiveness won’t be a boon.

In terms of weapons and upgrades, try to plug gaps with Bunker. Give her elemental weapons to cover elements you don’t have turrets for yet, and balance her upgrades between offensiveness and defensiveness. Extra speed is definitely a priority, too.

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