Best Chips For Blaze In Endless Dungeon

While playing Endless Dungeon, you can use a team of up to three where you can make a variety of team compositions from the cast of eight characters. The game gives you a lot of freedom but you’ll need at least one character with offensive abilities if you want to beat the game.



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Blaze is an amazing candidate for this slot since he can place mines at any choke point, and these mines explode whenever enemies come in contact with them. However, this character’s flexibility also allows you to have a build that doesn’t rely too much on these mines.

Best Chips For Blaze

Endless Dungeon Blaze Chip Screen

Whenever you use Blaze’s Active Skill, he places one mine where you’re standing, and you can see the number of mines he has beside the character portrait on the HUD. If you’re capped on mines, it’s highly recommended to place one since this will start regenerating new mines and your older mines don’t automatically go away.

The only problem is that these mines activate when the enemies are quite far, so they don’t damage as many enemies as you’d think. If you’re having this problem, you can also go for a different build that relies on his personal damage more.

Stalling Enemies Build

Endless Dungeon Blaze Around His Mines




Epic Bandolier

2 Cells

This is one of the starter Chips that allow you to have two extra maximum mines in stock. This Chip is important for the build since it also allows you to start with two extra mines, which is big during the early game.

Dynamic Might

4 Cells

Whenever a mine explodes nearby, Blaze’s Attack Damage is increased by 50 percent. This will help you deal far more damage in this build than the explosion itself.

Stunning Performance

5 Cells

This is the final piece of this build that stuns the affected enemies whenever they get hit by a mine explosion. This stun will stall these enemies far more than you can imagine.

You’ll need to get the Chipsmithy upgrade in Saloon to get Dynamic Might and Stunning Performance upgrades.

As mentioned above, it’s hard to rely on Blaze’s mine unless you place them right above a wave spawner beforehand. With this build, your reliance on these mines decreases monumentally since you’re only using them to slow the enemies down. The boosted Attack Damage near an explosion will be the main source of your damage.

No Mine Build

Endless Dungeon Blaze Sitting In Bar




Green Sneakers

3 Cells

Blaze is inherently quite a slow character because of his default weapon, and the Speed boost from this Chip can help him counter that.

Better Bombs

4 Cells

This Chip increases your Critical Chance but reduces the maximum mines you can hold. This effect stacks with Blaze’s passive to increase the effect of a Critical Boom.

Running Hot

5 Cells

Finally, this Chip might be a little situational, but it gives you plenty of value once you get a decent Fire weapon. The Attack Damage increase from Fire weapons makes them a better choice than even the weapons that the enemies are weak to.

Chipsmithy upgrade is required for getting the Better Bombs and Running Hot upgrades.

As the build name suggests, you won’t be relying on your mines too much for this one, which is perfect if you don’t like Blaze’s mine mechanic. Once you get a Fire Weapon, you can easily become powerful enough to destroy anything in your path. If you get overwhelmed, your Ultimate can still be used for help.

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