Best Cards For A Ravonna Renslayer Deck


  • Ravonna Renslayer’s cost reduction ability is limited to cards with one or less power, but this limitation can be used strategically to create a powerful deck.
  • Black Widow is a valuable addition to the deck as any two cost card that receives a cost reduction from Ravonna becomes highly impactful, allowing for more plays on the final turn.
  • Green Goblin benefits greatly from Ravonna’s cost reduction, making him more flexible and capable of explosive turnarounds when combined with other reduced cards.



Cost reduction cards in Marvel Snap have always been incredibly powerful, so they always need limitations. Zabu only affects four cost cards, Sera comes out one turn before the end of the game, and so on. Ravonna comes out at turn three, but she can apply her cost reduction to a wide variety of cards.

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Ravonna Renslayer’s main drawback is the limited pool of cards she affects, but in there also lies her strength. She lowers the cost of all cards that have one or less power, and that alone can be used as a guide to create a very powerful deck.

9 Black Widow

Marvel Snap - Black Widow on a blurred background

Any two cost card that gets the cost reduction from Ravonna is a great addition, since they are some of the most impacted cards for the effect. To put it into perspective, it’s the difference between playing three cards on the final turn versus playing six.

That being said, you’d want to play the Widow as soon as possible, yet that depends on what your opponent might be playing. If you expect a Mister Negative play, putting the Widow’s Bite right after will prevent them from drawing their precious flipped cards.

8 Kitty Pryde

Marvel Snap Card Kitty Pryde

While Kitty herself wouldn’t get a cost reduction, with all your other cards being lowered in cost she still has a place in the deck. That’s especially true considering that there are no six costs in this version of the deck, therefore Kitty can always be played on turn six.

Besides, she has great synergy with all other cards besides Ravonna. We already mentioned the final turn synergy, but she also goes great with Angela for the repeated plays, and alongside Ironman they can win a whole location on their own.

7 Green Goblin

Marvel Snap Card Green Goblin

A disruptive and powerful card on his own, Green Goblin needs little help in order to be useful. He essentially adds three power for you while robbing a valuable spot from your opponent, and in certain locations like Space Throne he can win on his own.

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The cost reduction from Ravonna makes the Green Goblin all the more flexible. Of course that in order to get the reduction, he won’t be played on turn three, but he can be combined with other reduced cards on later turns for explosive turnarounds.

6 Angela

Marvel Snap Card Angela

When crafting a Ravonna deck, the main cards that come to mind that go well with her are the Goblins. With their negative power, they can easily earn the reduction and be played later on, but few decks beyond a Galactus build have used them effectively.

To make the most out of them, Angela becomes a great addition. You just play the Goblin on the Angela location, and the power you’d be adding just skyrockets. That’s without mentioning the unexpectedness of the play, making your opponent make less than ideal plays against you.

5 Hobgoblin

Marvel Snap Card Hobgoblin

If Green Goblin can benefit from Ravonna, Hobgoblin can undoubtedly do so as well. Even the turn order benefits him more, since with a Ravonna play on turn three, he can be an unexpected follow-up on turn four. The negative eight power just can’t be ignored.

He even works against destroy decks, if played correctly. The main cards these decks use are Venom and Knull, both of whom get seriously nerfed from destroying a Hobgoblin on their side. And against most decks, a turn six composed of both Goblins can be devastating.

4 Bishop

Marvel Snap Card Bishop

Being part of some of the best decks Marvel Snap has ever seen, Bishop’s main strength comes from dumping your hand. Builds that involve him tend to include bouncing tools like Beast or multiple plays like Mysterio. The Ravonna build aims for a different angle.

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With her cost reduction, you can play Bishop and a multitude of cards, that’s for sure. But a problem Bishop usually has is board space, since there’s clearly a limit of how many cards you can play. Having the low-cost Goblins, you can assault your opponent with big power while leaving your area free.

3 Iron Man

Marvel Snap Card Iron Man

The effect added by Iron Man is so impactful that he keeps being added to decks like zoo or Cerebro, simply because he’s worth every cost of energy. If you could lower that energy cost, his impact would be as exponential as his ability.

A final turn with Ravonna in play can make for some unexpected swings, and that’s exactly what you want in Marvel Snap. Since if they know what’s coming, they’d retreat, and you’d only gain a few cubes. As a surprise however, the cube gain can go sky-high.

2 Darkhawk

Marvel Snap - Darkhawk on a blurred background

Darkhawk and Zabu have gone hand in hand for a long time, and that’s for obvious reasons. The cost reduction Zabu adds allows for Darkhawk to not only be played on turn three, but also to be played alongside many things on the final turn.

Many things have changed since the glory days of Zabu however, and while it still is a very powerful card, having Rockslide be a three cost has lowered his need significantly. Ravonna then not only lowers Darkhawk, but the cards that you’d normally want to play with him.

1 Mystique

Marvel Snap Card Mystique

The real powerhouses of this Ravonna deck are clearly Iron Man and Darkhawk. These two ongoing cards add great amounts of power, yet the card that connects them both and gives real consistency to the deck is Mystique.

While normally played with powerful ongoing cards anyway, what Ravonna adds to the build is a very explosive final turn. While a Darkhawk plus Mystique is expected nowadays, few can predict a final play of Iron Man plus Mystique, something only possible before with a lucky Mister Negative play.

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