Best Cards For A Mobius M. Mobius Deck In Marvel Snap

With so many cost reduction cards in Marvel Snap, it was only a matter of time before a counter to these abilities was released, and Mobius M. Mobius is just that card. While Mobius prevents your opponent’s cards from having cost reductions, that alone isn’t enough to warrant the deck slot.



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This is why Mobius comes with the added ability that prevents your own cards from having their costs increased. While you could just use him as a counter card depending on the meta, the way Mobius affects your own cards is the only way you can construct a deck around him, particularly with his interactions with Wave.

8 Angela

Marvel Snap Card Angela

While there are many ways in which you can construct the core of your deck, you can always count on Angela for an early game play that you can grow exponentially. She’s most commonly used with Morbius in a Zoo deck, yet builds that don’t depend on that functionality can still utilize Angela to great effect, and this is such a deck.

You’ll capitalize on moving your cards and your opponent’s constantly, to the point that having multiple Angela procs can happen with little effort.

7 Silk

Marvel Snap Card Silk

Silk’s style of play within a Mobius centric deck depends highly on what you drew when, but in all cases she adds a lot of power for very little cost. In the best of circumstances you could even follow on a Wave turn by playing multiple, high-powered, low cost cards like Silk.

Without Mobius however, you need to make sure to not outplay yourself with Wave. An early Silk play would let you do multiple things on the last turn by playing only one card, especially in situations where you can control exactly where Silk is going to land.

6 Spider-Man

Marvel Snap Card Spider-Man

While it can be hard to control, Spider-Man’s ability is one that’s great to build around, and the Angela package already makes great use of him. Adding permanent power to Angela while simultaneously removing power with Spider-Man solidifies your hold on a location.

As a final turn play, he can be even more significant, especially if you put your opponent in a position where they can only play one card. Since Spider-Man can move unrevealed cards, it doesn’t matter who has priority, but you do need to plan your moves according to the situation.

5 Captain Marvel

Marvel Snap Card Captain Marvel

With Wave on turn five being such a power play in certain metas, you’d want to make that move even when you didn’t draw Mobius. The problem there is that a deck constructed around Mobius has a hard time functioning without him, but there are cards that can help.

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Among those cards is Captain Marvel, because she’s a play with future moves in mind. Since she can rearrange herself at the end of the game, any play that you do during the final turn would end up becoming a double play, since two cards are shifting in power at the same time.

4 Aero

Marvel Snap Card Aero

While a turn five Wave is a great play, it is only so depending on what your opponent aims to play. If they’re already playing only one card at a time, Wave would mean little to them, in fact for certain High Evolutionary builds it might even help them.

When you recognize those decks, you’d want to shift your play towards Aero. That single card placement tends to count on very specific combo pieces, and if those combo pieces aren’t played together it is rare that they’ll work. Aero allows you to shift their plays in your favor.

3 Doctor Doom

Marvel Snap Card Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one if not the best six cost in Marvel Snap simply because of how flexible it is. There are not many decks that wouldn’t benefit heavily from including him, since adding power on every single lane is rarely a bad thing, other than in Bar With No Name.

He’s been classically played with Wave since he’s one of the few ways to add power to multiple lanes by making a single play. While with Mobius you have other avenues of play, he’s still a powerful option and often the best one.

2 Alioth

Marvel Snap Card Alioth

Since his release, Alioth has seen a lot of play in many of the best decks around, particularly in those heavily reliant on a powerful final play to be relevant. He not only destroys anything played by your opponent in that location, he can even destroy unrevealed cards.

His power alone can often replace Wave entirely, since if your opponent needs to play many cards in a single location to win, you can negate them all with Alioth. Keep in mind however, that as he gets more prevalent, more people will play Cosmo to counter him directly.

1 Wave

Marvel Snap - Wave on a blurred background

The crowning jewel of the deck, Wave is what makes Mobius have his own archetype, mostly due to their specific interaction. When you wave, Mobius makes it so your cards can’t have their cost increased, so the only things that will cost four are cards that cost that or more.

Add to that how he works for your opponent, since with Mobius in play even their early Wave play is negated. Since their cards can’t have their cost reduced, it means that once they Wave they’re only helping you, and their six cost cards will still cost six.

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