Best Cards For A Black Knight Deck In Marvel Snap

Discard decks in Marvel Snap had a rough start in the early days of the game, since plenty of their cards had unpredictable effects. But as more cards are released (and others changed), the archetype has grown to be one of the strongest ones you can play in the game.



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Black Knight generates his own style of deck, utilizing all the targeted discards to create a massive Ebony Blade, creating explosive final turns. Keep in mind that not only do you need to have the Knight in play, he also needs to survive long enough to see the discard, and as a one drop that can be difficult.

9 Blade

Marvel Snap - Blade on a blurred background

Blade used to be the card most often cut from discard decks, since his ability was too dangerous to keep. But ever since his change, more and more decks include him; he’s kept his dangerous edge, but he won’t cut you as often.

How you play him depends on the Black Knight placement, and how much you mind discarding a given card. If you’ve already discarded something for Black Knight, and you don’t mind what Blade is discarding, he becomes a rather safe play when compared with other decks he’s played in.

8 Zabu

Marvel Snap Card Zabu

Zabu’s utility might seem limited in this deck, since there are only three four-cost cards. But you have to remember that the Ebony Blade made by Black Knight is a four cost, therefore affected by Zabu. Here, you’ll use Zabu more for the explosive turn six than the early turn three play.

No matter how you combine your four drops, playing two on the final turn can often be a swing in your favor, and with the targeted discards you can know for sure what you’ll get. And as opposed to the Hela builds, you have plenty of space for Zabu on the board.

7 Lady Sif

Marvel Snap Card Lady Sif

Lady Sif is the most reliable discard card in the game, offering not only a clear target for her effect, but also plenty of power for her cost. What you choose as big targets can often be dictated by Lady Sif’s effect.

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With Black Knight however, you might need to do some waiting. If you don’t have him in play or Ghost Rider in hand, dropping Lady Sif can be dangerous, since you might be removing options for later instead of adding them. So be patient, and plan your moves right.

6 Jubilee

Marvel Snap Card Jubilee

Playing Jubilee requires you to be attentive of what cards you’ve drawn, and what’s left in your deck. While your discard effects are targeted, they can still harm you if played at the wrong time. That makes Jubilee the biggest gamble in your deck, unless you’re paying attention.

Her moment to shine tends to come at the final turn, as an unexpected swing. Thanks to Zabu, you can play her with your other four cost cards, both of which are very powerful. And since your deck has plenty of big cards, Jubilee could be as big as well.

5 Ghost Rider

Marvel Snap Card Ghost Rider

No matter what variant of Black Knight deck you’re playing, if it doesn’t include Ghost Rider you’re doing it wrong. Anything worth power for the Ebony Blade is also worth bringing into the board, and Ghost Rider does just that.

Thanks to Zabu, you can play both Ebony Blade and Ghost Rider on the same turn, which is great to dodge priority. Yet at times you might want to keep that priority, since Alioth can be devastating. However, if you go first, Alioth would only destroy the Rider, not the card he summons.

4 America Chavez

Marvel Snap Card America Chavez

America Chavez can be considered a big card, but it’s certainly not the biggest. Still, she’s crucial for your deck, since you need to draw your combo pieces for the deck to work, particularly Black Knight. While you could still draw things out of order, Chavez ups the consistency significantly.

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Drawing Black Knight on turn six is just devastating, but on turn five you can still make it work. This is why Black Knight is a one cost, since it allows you to play him alongside almost anything. Here, you can combine him with either Blade or Lady Sif to have a proper play for the final turn.

3 Shang-Chi

Marvel Snap Card Shang-Chi

Decks are built and hands are played around the fear of a possible Shang-Chi. You can’t ever know if your opponent has it in their deck, since it just fits; he counters nearly everything. The priority dance tends to be made all around him.

The reason why he isn’t in every single deck, is that what he’d counter tends to show up on the final turn. So you have to decide to either kill their final play, or make one yourself. With Zabu in play, this deck allows you to do both, slaying their biggest card and adding some big power of your own.

2 Sunspot

Marvel Snap Card Sunspot

A Black Knight deck is one of patience. There’s a pattern to how your cards are played, and if you don’t follow it to play something on curve, you’ll break your own combo. But all that waiting means a lot of unspent energy, and there’s no one better to use it than Sunspot.

If you’re planning on using The Infinaut as one of your big cards, then you just have to include Sunspot. Yes, you’re not planning on actually playing The Infinaut, but things don’t always go as planned. Skipping turn five might be your only option for winning, and Sunspot makes use of the wasted turn.

1 The Big Cards

Marvel Snap Cards Giganto, The Infinaut And Red Skull

Exactly what you add is up to you, but it’s important that they’re big and impactful. The cards we recommend are ones that have the biggest numbers, but can still be played if it comes to that. Those cards are Red Skull, Giganto and The Infinaut.

The only one that takes explaining is Red Skull. His effect might be slightly negative, but it depends on his placement and what your opponent is playing. Being a five cost, Lady Sif will prioritize your other two big boys, and he has very few restrictions if you need to play him normally.

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