Best Boostpacks In Starfield, Ranked

It’s a shame that Starfield has no vehicles other than the spaceships you fly from planet to planet. These are fantastic, of course, but having to run around all the time when you get to a new world is pretty tedious. Luckily, we do at least have boostpacks.



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With boostpacks, getting from one point to the next is a bit less of a drag and Starfield’s boostpacks are way more than just equipment that makes your on-planet travels a bit more bearable. They are also heavily valuable for combat and resource gathering. The better the boostpack, the better your advantage. So which boostpacks are the best?

8 High School Backpack

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Equipped High School Boostpack

The high school backpack is incredibly well-balanced in every available stat and will serve you well. It can only be gotten if you have the kid stuff trait, which is also tied to a fantastic free ship in the game.

The high school backpack gives you 28 resistance to physical attacks, 30 energy attack resistance, 32 EM resistance, ten thermal resistance, ten corrosive damage resistance, ten resistance to airborne attacks, and ten resistance to radiation damage, completing an adequately balanced and evenly spread out list of stats. This pack also improves your carrying capacity.

7 Mercenary Pack

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Equipped Mercenary Boostpack

The mercenary boostpack has incredible stats. While not as evenly spread out as some other entries on this list, this pack’s stats are still quite impressive and worth investing in.

The pack does not provide any added resistance to thermal or corrosive damage. However, its ten resistance to radiation damage, 20 resistance to damage from airborne attackers, and impressive 60, 64, and 68 resistance to physical, EM, and energy damage more than make up for the areas that it lacks.

6 Mark I

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Equipped Mark I Boostpack

The Mark I pack has a great lineup of impressive stats, making it an excellent piece of equipment to have handy in any applicable situation. It’s got 66 physical damage resistance, 64 energy damage resistance, 68 electromagnetic resistance, and 20 thermal resistance.

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The Mark I’s corrosive and airborne attack resistance stats are five, and it has no resistance against radiation damage. However, the pack has the basic boostpack bonus effect and is compatible with any armor mods you wish to install on it, as long as you have the required materials and research.

5 Old Earth Pack

Starfield, Scrrenshot Of The Old Earth Spacesuit And Boostpack Equipped

The old Earth pack has a fantastic lineup of stats, including 66 physical damage resistance, 68 energy damage resistance, 70 EM resistance, and 20 thermal resistance.

These impressive stats more than make up for the five corrosive damage resistance, five radiation damage resistance, and zero airborne attack resistance of the old Earth pack. However, one truly unique appeal of the old Earth pack is that it goes perfectly with other old Earth equipment, like Livingstone’s pistol, the Gallow’s Reach rifle, and the old Earth shotgun.

4 Va’Ruun Pack

Starfield, Scrrenshot Of An Equipped Va'Ruun Boostpack

The Va’Ruun pack’s 34 physical damage resistance, 32 energy damage resistance, 36 electromagnetic resistance, ten thermal damage resistance, ten corrosive resistance, ten resistance against airborne attacks, and ten radiation resistance make it one of the most well-balanced boostpacks in Starfield.

However, it truly stands out for being an essential piece of equipment if you’re looking to completely give your character all Va’Ruun equipment, as they have pieces of equipment in almost every category, and includes the Va’Ruun Inflictor, which is considered to be one of the most powerful particle beam weapons.

3 Deep Mining Boostpack

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Equipped Mining Boostpack

The deep mining boostpack may only have 34 physical damage resistance, 18 energy damage resistance, 26 electromagnetic weapon resistance, zero thermal damage resistance, ten corrosive damage resistance, 20 airborne attack resistance, and zero radiation resistance, which are unimpressive compared to some of the other entries on this list.

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However, if you’re looking to build a more stealth-oriented character that sneaks up on enemies and takes them out one at a time slowly and methodically rather than jumping in guns blazing, then this is the boostpack for you. The pack’s chameleon bonus effect allows you to blend into your environment while sneaking or not moving, giving you a massive boost to your stealth stats.

2 Mantis Pack

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Equipped Mantis Boostpack

The Mantis pack is an excellent piece of equipment tied to an extraordinary side quest and one of the best free ships in the game. This boostpack, like all the others, comes with a few effects that improve your armor.

The Mantis Pack has 57 resistance to physical attacks, 55 resistance to energy attacks, 51 resistance to electromagnetic attacks, five resistance to thermal attacks, five resistance to airborne enemies, and 20 resistance to radiation damage. It also has a few bonus effects that add to the appeal and make it one of the best boostpacks in the game.

1 Deepseeker Pack

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Unequipped Deepseeker Boostpack

The Deepseeker pack covers almost all the bases of a great boostpack with its 41 physical damage resistance, 33 energy damage resistance, 37 electromagnetic damage resistance, and exceptional 45 corrosive damage resistance. It fails to meet expectations in thermal damage resistance, airborne attack resistance, and corrosive damage resistance, which are five, five, and zero, respectively.

It does, however, make up for the areas it is lacking in with its anti-ballistic bonus effect, which reduces all incoming physical damage absorbed from ranged weapons by an additional 15 percent, and the galvanized bonus effect, which improves corrosive resistance by a further 25 pushing the total up to 70 corrosive damage resistance.

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