Best Boombox Uses In Lethal Company

Be it jamming to songs while your friends are eliminated or countering a few enemies, the Boombox has it all covered for you!

What’s better than being able to jam to music while you’re exploring the dangerous moons in Lethal Company? The game perfectly meshes the horror and comedy aspects together, and the Boombox is one of the main reasons for it. As the name suggests, this item can be used to play music on demand.




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However, you won’t be able to get it at the start of your run. Thankfully, being able to play music for you and your friends isn’t the only use for the Boombox since it can also be used to distract certain enemies and save your life.

How To Get And Use Boombox

To use the Boombox, you’ll first have to buy it from the store that can be accessed through the Terminal. Thankfully, it only costs $60 so you can easily get it once you fulfill your first quota. Much like every other item in the game, it’ll arrive in a drop whenever you land on one of the moons or The Company’s headquarters.

As soon as you have the Boombox, you can use it to play various melodies by simply pressing the left mouse button. If you want to switch the melodies, simply turn it off and on again. There’s a chance that the same melody plays when you do this, but you can keep doing it until you find the one you like.

Boombox is a battery-charged item that needs to be recharged at the ship once you use it for a set amount of time.

However, the main use of Boombox comes when it’s nighttime and a bunch of Eyeless Dogs start spawning on the map. The sound from this item can be used to distract these dogs and grant you safe passage, but keep in mind that you most likely won’t be able to recover it unless you risk your life.

This is perfect in scenarios when there are multiple dogs in your path but you have to go back to the main entrance to get some more loot back to your ship.


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