Best Bard Feats In Baldur’s Gate 3

Bards are considered the musicians of Baldur’s Gate 3. From playing tunes for all your companions back at camp after a long day to sounding war music during an intense battle, they’ve always got a good tune on hand. That’s not all they’re there for, obviously. Bards are a pretty powerful class and are incredibly useful at providing boosts to party members and casting spells on unsuspecting enemies.



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The best feats for Bard mostly focus on giving a boost to charisma and helping maintain concentration on spells. There are other feats to consider using to protect a Bard since they can’t take as many hits as other classes.

10 Actor

Baldur's Gate 3 bard persuasion check

Actor gives you a point for your charisma stat and doubles your proficiency bonus for deception and performance checks. Increasing charisma can help a Bard out in many ways. If you don’t want to fight and would rather talk about your problems, increased charisma will help you through persuasion or intimidation checks.

More importantly, charisma is the spellcasting modifier for Bards, so improving that will be a big boost during fights. Making attack rolls with spells will add the spellcasting modifier, meaning increased charisma will make it easier for you to hit targets.

9 Ability Improvement

Baldur's Gate 3 bard casting bardic inspiration

The Ability Improvement is a great first feat to get if you want to just boost your stats a little higher. The best stats to improve are going to be charisma and dexterity, but it really depends on what route you’re taking. Since Bard comes with different subclasses, some stats are going to be more important than others.

It’s important to read through the subclasses and find out how you’re going to improve them. College of Swords will be more focused on dexterity, whereas College of Valour and College of Lore will want more points for charisma.

8 Lucky

Baldur's Gate 3 bard saving death throws

Lucky is a great feat for any part of your game. If you’re unsure of what feat to choose or simply don’t like the look of any, then Lucky is a good feat to grab early on.

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The feat gives you three luck points that can be used to gain advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws, and can also be used to make an enemy reroll their attack rolls. It’s a nice feat that gives you a hand in nearly any situation, whether you’re in the middle of a fight that isn’t going well or you’re just exploring, it can give you a boost anywhere.

7 Magic Initiate: Bard

Baldur's Gate 3 bard casting a spell

The Magic Initiate feat gives you a level one Bard spell slot, along with allowing you to learn a level one spell and two cantrips. Since charisma is the stat used as the spellcasting modifier, it’s pretty useful to get those extra spells and cantrips in.

As Bard isn’t a class heading straight into close combat, having a few more long-ranged attacks means the Bard can help out the rest of the party while staying at a safe distance. Whether those spells and cantrips focus on concentration spells or just straight damage, any help during a fight has the potential to give you the upper hand.

6 Skilled

Baldur's Gate 3 bard saving death throws-1

Skilled is another great feat for classes who aren’t picky about feats or just want something that can help both in and out of combat. The skilled feat gains you three skill proficiencies of your choice.

Since Bards are a more chatty class, focusing on charisma skills will give you a nice boost during any kind of dialogue. If you don’t fancy that, then putting points into any dexterity skills can help out as well, especially if you need someone for sleight-of-hand checks.

5 War Caster

Baldur's Gate 3 bardic inspiration

War Caster gives you an advantage on concentration saving throws and allows you to use your reaction to cast Shocking Grasp as an opportunity attack. A Bard’s damage output isn’t exactly the top priority, so having Shocking Grasp on hand for enemies that step a little too close can be really helpful.

Since most Bard spells use concentration, having those saving throw advantages can give you a huge boost during a fight if your Bard is being attacked. With some spells like Confusion or Hold Person being able to take some enemies out for a few turns, saving those concentration throws is really important.

4 Tough

Baldur's Gate 3 bard about to get hit

Tough is a decent feat for Bards, since they’re a bit more on the squishy side. If you find some enemies focusing on your Bard, the extra health points can come in handy for helping them stay in the fight until help arrives.

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The Tough feat gives two points in the maximum HP score for every level. While it might not seem like a lot at first, it definitely adds up later on in the game and can help during bigger fights. Since Bards don’t focus on constitution, it’s good to increase their defence any way you can.

3 Alert

Baldur's Gate 3 bard initiative roll in a fight

Alert is another feat that is really useful for those beginning turns during a fight. Being surprised gives the enemy a huge advantage, so it’s important to avoid that when possible. The Alert feat stops you from being surprised and gives you a plus five to the initiative roll, so you can attack sooner.

You can use certain spells like Concentration or Hold Person to give your other party members a few more turns to get out of their surprised state without taking too much damage, so you have the potential to really save a fight before it even starts.

2 Sharpshooter

Baldur's Gate 3 bard aiming at unsuspecting enemy

Depending on what subclass you focus on, Bards are more likely to sit further back in battle and cast spells to help out other party members. Sharpshooter is a feat that gives Bards an advantage in ranged attacks to give some extra damage to enemies.

The feat gets rid of the disadvantage given to ranged attacks if the target is higher up. You can also increase the damage output of ranged attacks by ten, but at the cost of five points to the attack roll. Even if you’re not too bothered about increasing the damage of a Bard, it’s a nice feat to have to give them a little more defence.

1 Defensive Duelist

Baldur's Gate 3 bard holding a sword

The Defensive Duelist feat allows you to use your reaction to add a bonus to your AC when you’re attacked while wielding a finesse weapon. Bards are pretty much always going to be wandering around with a finesse weapon, so this is a nice feat to gain some extra defence during a fight.

It doesn’t make any difference to the Bard’s damage, but if the rest of your party is ahead and in the middle of the fight, then this feat is good to let your Bard defend themselves, so you don’t have to spare another fighter.

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