Best Agents To Play On Sunset


  • Choosing the right agents in Valorant’s Sunset map is crucial for winning matches.
  • Omen’s aggressive playstyle and teleportation abilities can be game-changing on Sunset; his smokes and blinds are especially effective in the narrow lanes of the map.
  • Skye’s kit makes her the perfect Initiator for this tight-angled map; her abilities provide valuable information and healing.



Sunset is one of the maps in Valorant, and it brings a breath of fresh air to the existing map pool. There was a mixed reception from the community when it first released, with some players loving the map, and a few not enjoying how it is structured. Regardless, dueling at the tight angles that it offers can prove to be a lot of fun.

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Agent selection can be crucial to solidifying your chances of winning matches in Sunset. Choosing the ones who can adapt well to the map and its offerings can be really beneficial. Below, we list some of the finest agents on this Los Angeles-based map.

8 Cypher, Sentinel

An image of Valorant's Cypher agent menu.

Cypher would be the go-to Sentinel to help control and defend the sites on Sunset in Valorant. With so many angles to worry about, the utility you can set up will be extremely beneficial, and you can essentially place the Trapwires around B Market, Mid Top, or A Main.

Besides that, the cage can act as a smoke, and you may utilize it well for blocking angles. The Spycam will also be valuable for the purpose of information, and you can place it around Mid to always have the vision. Coming to the ultimate ability, it can be great for clutches, and you can use it on dead foes to find the specifics of the remaining ones.

7 Omen, Controller

An image of Valorant's Omen agent

Omen and the ability to make aggressive plays will be game-changing on Sunset. The Controller will allow you to make tremendous moves across the map and become a menace with his Shrouded Steps. In the meantime, his Dark Cover smokes can be placed at locations such as A Alley and A Link to take control of the A site.

You will additionally benefit from the Paranoia Blind of Omen due to the narrow lanes across the different locations on the map, such as B Main. Lastly, the From the Shadows ultimate will enable you to teleport across Sunset, and you can surprise opponents or fake a push.

6 Skye, Initiator

An image of Valorant's Skye agent menu.

The tight angles make Skye the perfect Initiator to pick on this specific map, and her overall kit is quite effective. Firstly, you can employ the Guiding Light while taking entries or challenging hard angles like B Main and B Market, where you must clear numerous angles.

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Furthermore, the Trailblazer will be valuable for information purposes, and you can utilize it at A Main to clear A Elbow. The Regrowth will also be great by providing healing to the teammates. In terms of the ultimate, you will be able to employ the Seekers to track down the three closest enemies.

5 Phoenix, Duelist

An image of Valorant's Phoenix agent

Phoenix could be a good Duelist to use on Sunset after the Jett nerfs, and he is among the most well-balanced agents in the game, with his abilities enabling you to take entries appropriately. To get started, you may use his Curveball flashes to blind enemies while taking duels Mid, A Main, or B Main.

On the other hand, the Hot Hands molly will allow you to clear hard locations, and you may additionally use it for healing yourself. Speaking of the wall, you can place it correctly to block a good portion of a location, and it can be viable to use in Mid Courtyard, B Main, and other areas. Furthermore, the ultimate ability will be round-changing, and you can fetch a few kills using it.

4 Killjoy, Sentinel

An image of Valorant's Killjoy agent

In addition to Cypher, Killjoy can prove to be an excellent choice for the Sentinel role on Sunset, and this specific agent is nearly used in all the maps as part of the meta. If you are defending the B Site, you can use her Turret towards Main, whereas the Alarmbot can be placed at B Market for the enemies who try to push through Mid.

Meanwhile, the Nanoswarm grenades can be placed in conjunction with the Alarmbot, or you can put it on the site where the spike is generally planted. Also, the grenades will be great in the attack, and you may use them for post-plant situations. Like all the other maps, you can use the Lockdown of Killjoy for retaking a site or committing to it.

3 Brimstone, Controller

An image of Valorant's Brimstone agent menu.

With his three smokes, Brimstone would arguably be the best Controller to play on Sunset. You will be able to cover all the important angles, and you can even throw a smoke towards Mid to aid the players in your team who would try flanking through.

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The Incendiary will also be excellent on the map and can enable you to remove the players holding tricky angles, such as the corner on A Elbow. The Stim Beacon can be very beneficial too, and you can use it while rushing or retaking with the team. You may save the Orbital Strike ultimate for after-plant situations, which can potentially win you a round.

2 Fade, Initiator

An image of Valorant's Fade agent menu.

In case you play the Initiator role on Sunset in Valorant, Fade would be an appropriate candidate for you to utilize. Her abilities work well on this map, and she would help your team dominate the attack side with proper usage.

The Prowlers will allow you to clear out the angles and could give information if used correctly at locations like A link, where you will likely find opponents. Apart from this, you may clear the lineups for Haunt to reveal the location of enemies, whereas the Seize can be used to pull out enemies in close corners. Finally, the Nightfall of Fade can be excellent, and you can combine it with the teammate’s abilities to successfully execute a site.

1 Raze, Duelist

An image of Valorant's Raze agent menu.

Although Raze is kind of hard to learn and master, she is the Duelist that should be played on Sunset. After you know how to control the movements properly, the flights she can provide can create a lot of openings for your team.

Aside from the movement aspect, the Boombot of Raze will be a great part of her utility, and you can place it for clearing off potential enemies in close quarters. Moreover, the Paint Shells can be a deadly grenade and fetch you kills in tight pockets like the one in B Main. Looking at the Showstopper Ultimate, it will provide you an opportunity to blast a rocket at opponents, killing one or even more.

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