Best Agents To Play In Breeze In Valorant


  • KAY/O is a top pick on Breeze, with abilities that can help with engagements and clearing out tight spots.
  • Sage is a reliable choice on Breeze’s defense, with abilities that can block off major entries and revive teammates.
  • Sova is flexible and useful on Breeze, with abilities like Recon Bolt and Shock Darts that can reveal enemy locations and deal damage.



Riot has entirely altered Breeze, and this Valorant map, which used to be all about long-range encounters, isn’t the same anymore. Although some exciting gunplay sections remain, the overhaul has completely changed how this specific map plays.

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A good combination of agents will help your team succeed while playing Breeze. This is why you should try going ahead by picking those agents that are essentially useful on the map. The following section will significantly help you choose by providing a detailed list of the finest agents you should select when engaging in Breeze.

10 KAY/O

An image of Valorant's KAY/O agent

KAY/O will remain one of the top picks as an Initiator on Breeze, and the agent can be a valuable asset in your team composition. His abilities in Valorant are fantastic, and you can use his flashes to take engagements on both A main and B main.

Besides this, his ZERO/POINT will help you locate the number of enemies and can be used while rushing to prevent them from using counter utilities. His FRAG/MENT will also be helpful by enabling you to clear out tight spots like cubby. Finally, the ultimate is perfect for executes and retakes.

9 Sage

An image of Valorant's Sage agent menu.

Sage is a safe agent to choose on most Valorant maps, and she is among the most reliable sentinels due to how well-balanced her abilities are. Coming to Breeze, her wall will be precious in the defense, and you can block off the major entries of both sites, preventing quick rushes.

Her slow orb will enable you to slow enemy movement, and you can utilize her healing ability to give the teammates in need the health to fight back. Sage’s ultimate will further be round-changing by allowing your team to revive a teammate.

8 Sova

An image of Valorant's Sova

Aside from KAY/O, Sova will be a perfect selection for the Initiator role, and his abilities fit well on Breeze. To get started, you can learn the different lineups for his Recon Bolt to reveal the locations of the enemies. This can be used for nearly all the areas, including the A site, B site, or even mid, making the agent pretty flexible.

His Owl Drone can be a vital piece of information as well, and you can use it to clear tight angles that opponents could be holding. Adding to this, you can provide much-needed damage to opponents by using the Shock Darts and the Hunter’s Fury ultimate ability.

7 Yoru

An image of Yoru in Valorant

Yoru is a useful Duelist on Breeze, and his kit lets you make exciting plays. Even though he requires a high level of skill, playing the agent effectively can change the game for the team.

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You can use his flashes to get team entry, and his teleport ability can be used to retreat to safe locations like spawn or make surprise plays on mid. Furthermore, you may set the clone on the opposite site, like around A Shop, to perform a fake when attacking B. His ultimate proves to be perfect for clutch situations.

6 Cypher

An image of Valorant's Cypher agent menu.

Cypher can make your defense rock solid while playing Breeze, and you can prepare setups to completely lockdown the sites alone. His tripwires can be placed on entrances such as A main, doors, or B main, depending on which site you are playing.

In the meantime, you may place the camera in mid or the site you hold to stay aware of the information while playing safe. His cage can be placed along the tripwires, and as soon as you catch the opponents, you may activate them and spray through. Speaking of his ultimate, you may utilize it on dead foes to find the locations of the remaining ones.

5 Harbor

An image of Valorant's Harbor agent menu.

Harbor has seen a resurgence, and he is widely used in two-controller setups as the secondary controller. He may also be used as a solo controller on Breeze, and his abilities, like High Tide, can serve great use by cutting the site you are executing into two halves, blocking enemy vision as your team takes control.

The Cascade ability can create a wall of water and slow down opponents who come in contact as they try to push past it, whereas Cove can act as a smoke and be used to cover places like Mid-Tunnel when attacking B. In addition, his Reckoning ultimate will summon a geyser pool, which can be used while rushing or taking back control of a site.

4 Skye

An image of Valorant's Skye agent menu.

Skye is considered the best Initiator you may employ on Breeze, and her flashes can be perfectly placed to take duels across the map. Moreover, you may appropriately use her Trailblazer on the attack to scan close places on A, such as Boxes or Cubby.

Her Regrowth healing is another essential part of her kit, and you can heal your teammates. Skye’s ultimate, otherwise known as Seekers, will additionally be an excellent utility to have and will give you the location of the enemies. You can either rush with the Seekers or take the information.

3 Neon

An image of Valorant's Neon agent

Neon’s ability to quickly rotate across the vast Breeze map ranks her as the finest Duelist that you can pick. Considering how big the map is and how long it takes to go from one site to another, faking a site is extremely difficult. With Neon, it becomes a little easier as she can quickly sprint past.

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Apart from her pace, Neon’s wall will be helpful and can be used at the site entries to block enemy vision and get inside. The Relay Bolt will also be great, and you may employ it around B’s back site to stun possible enemies camping at the location. The Overdrive ultimate can be saved for Eco rounds, and you can make a fast-paced play using it.

2 Killjoy

An image of Valorant's Killjoy agent

Killjoy stands out as the best Sentinel in Valorant, and regardless of the map being played, she is utilized. She has been a part of the meta for quite some time, and playing with her makes defense easier. You may use her Alarm Bot at entrances such as Mid-doors to stay aware of enemy movements, and it can additionally be used in attack for watching the backstab.

Her Nanoswarms can be saved for after plants in attack, and you may use them in combination with the Alarm Bot. Also, the Turret may be placed for holding angles, and the Lockdown ultimate is ideal for retakes or executes as all the enemies stuck inside will be detained.

1 Viper

An image of Valorant's Viper agent

Before Breeze’s removal, Viper was the go-to agent for nearly all the matches, and the Controller orchestrated the play on the map. After the reintroduction, nothing has changed, and Viper is still as important. Firstly, the Toxic Screen will act like Harbor’s High Tide, enabling you to cut off a significant portion of the vast A or B sites, making it easier to take control as you push through Shop or B main.

Meanwhile, the Poison Cloud smoke can provide cover, and you can make safe plants inside it, whereas the Snake Bite is for post-plant situations. The Viper’s Pit can be used after you take control of a site, and it will undoubtedly provide you the round unless your team manages to make mistakes and allow the enemies to retake.

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