Beginner’s Guide To Get Started In NBA 2K24

It’s time to return to the hardwood with the latest iteration of the famous basketball simulator. NBA 2K24 offers a plethora of game modes to fulfill any hooper’s virtual dreams on the court.



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Whether it’s building an ultimate team from a pack of cards or embarking on your own journey to become the GOAT of the NBA, there are a handful of valuable pieces of information you should know. We explain the best tips everyone should know before tipping off in NBA 2K24.

How To Become The GOAT

MyPlayer shooting three-pointer against the Utah Jazz NBA 2K24

Creating your own NBA superstar and trying to become the Greatest Of All Time starts with choosing the proper position. While whichever position and team you choose will ultimately have you in the starting lineup, these decisions can majorly affect how much you’re featured in a team’s offense.

Let’s say you want to create a ball-dominant, shoot-first backcourt player, but in order to have success, you need the ball in your hand a lot, and you need to be the top-scoring option.

GOAT tiers NBA 2K24

If that’s the type of build you create, you’d be better off joining a rebuilding team like the Detroit Pistons instead of a title contender like the Phoenix Suns. Unless you’re willing to defer to other players and be more of a role player, you should seek worse teams where you can be the new star player.

Now, it’s important to diversify the maximum potential of your attributes, but there are some that should take precedence. Having high ratings in free throws, three-pointers, and defensive rebounds should be near the top of your priority list, regardless of the position you play.

Free Agents In MyTeam

LeBron James on MyTeam dunking in NBA 2K24

There are several different cards you will collect to use in MyTeam, but the most crucial cards will be Free Agents. These are players who have a limited number of game appearances before they disappear from your roster.

Because certain MyTeam modes like Domination offer more rewards for winning on higher difficulties, it would be best to save your top Free Agents for those contests instead of wasting them on lesser opposition. You don’t have a time limit on using Free Agents, so you can hoard them for as long as you want.

Complete Mamba Moments

Kobe Bryant championship NBA 2K24

Due to his jersey number 24, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant graces the cover of NBA 2K24. Mamba Moments are similar to the Jordan Challenges of last year, where the game highlights key situations from Bryant’s illustrious career.

There are seven total Mamba Moments and each contains three objectives to complete. Every moment will task you with winning the game and then the other two will be a mix between Bryant scoring points, collecting rebounds, or defensive milestones.

You will earn various prizes as you collect the stars that can be used in MyTeam and MyCareer.

Enable Role-Play MyNBA

MyNBA Skill Tree NBA 2K24

It’s already stressful competing for an NBA championship, but you can make things easier (or more stressful?) by enabling the role-playing elements in MyNBA. The main element will add a Skill Tree that you can use to unlock upgrades or features to benefit your team.

You amass GM Points by winning games and having general success in the season.

Some of the upgrades will directly impact an attribute like ball-handling while other upgrades will assist the front office in trades.

Season Pass

NBA 2K24 Battle Pass tiers

NBA 2K24 contains a Season Pass that offers a treasure trove of rewards as you level up in the game. There are three tiers of the Season Pass: Base, Pro, and Hall of Fame. The Base Pass will be free, while you will need to upgrade to the other two passes to claim those rewards.

It might be tempting to purchase either of these passes, but we recommend playing through the Season before making a decision. You will retroactively unlock all the rewards you’ve unlocked no matter when you upgrade the pass, so if you make a lot of progress in the Season you can see if it’s worth it to upgrade.

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