Baldur’s Gate 3’s Most Depressing Voice Lines Are Hidden Behind Scratch’s Death

Baldur’s Gate 3 is such a massive game with so many branching paths and hidden content that it’s almost impossible to hear every single piece of dialogue that your companions can possibly speak. That’s why fans have gone out of their way to datamine and catalogue every single voice line in the entire game, including a whole bunch of comments and companion dialogue that may either have been cut from the game or is incredibly difficult to trigger naturally in the game itself.



It was via this datamine that one fan found a whole bunch of companion dialogue dedicated to Scratch, specifically when each one attempts to throw his ball to summon him after he’s died. If you recruit Scratch and bring him back to your camp, you’ll eventually be given the opportunity to grab a ball out of his mouth. If you throw this ball in combat, you’ll summon Scratch to help you out in a fight.

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However, if he’s already dead when you throw the ball, each companion will choose a remark from a bank of voice lines, some of them quite funny, and some of them tragically sad. Since each controllable character has the ability to throw the ball, there’s an absurd amount of dialogue that almost no one will come across because the majority of people that recruit Scratch want to keep the good boy alive as long as possible.

While we can’t go through every comment here, Reddit user u/Team_Purple has shared the favorites they found while sifting through the dialogue. Being two of the more soft-hearted characters of the group, it’s no surprise that the comments that Karlach and Shadowheart make are pretty depressing. Karlach will instantly make you feel guilty, as she says “Why am I doing this to myself?” after throwing the ball, while Shadowheart’s line “I didn’t do this enough when I had the chance.” is enough to break even the toughest Tav out there.

Minthara and Astarion provide a bit of comic relief though, as the former tries to make Withers go fetch the ball instead, while the latter isn’t amused that he has to go pick the ball up himself now. Astarion also has the chance to say “Good riddance to the dog. Who’d miss that waggy little tail…”, which sounds quite callous, up until you read the line’s accompanying devnote that says it should be read as if Astarion is “pretending not to be sad and failing”.

There are a whole bunch more lines like this that the datamine uncovered, and the link to download them was recently shared by Tumblr user roksik-dnd if you fancy a light bit of reading every now and again. Just be aware that’s it’s a chunky download though, which is no surprise given how much dialogue there actually is in Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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