Baldur’s Gate 3 Won’t Let You Strip In Japan

Baldur’s Gate 3 puts a bunch of horny adventurers together in a camp with a ticking time bomb lodged in their heads and says have at it, bonk away. Naturally, that means you can strip completely naked.



Of course, you can turn nudity off if it isn’t your thing, which will cover your privates with leaves (so hopefully those same party members will leave you alone, geddit? Geddit? Sorry). But in the Japanese release, you’re always covered up.

“Extra ‘armour’ for characters in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Japan release,” deathjokerz posted on the game’s subreddit, attaching a photo of their buff tav covering up their junk with a precariously loose leaf, Adam-and-Eve-style. “Due to CERO’s classification requirements, characters cannot be fully exposed.”

You can disable nudity in the original version of the game by navigating to the accessibility tab, but in the Japanese version, you can’t enable it in the first place. Your Tav will always shyly cover up, and the same goes for any party members you try to strip down to their birthday suits.

While Baldur’s Gate 3 has been rated Z by CERO, which is equivalent to ESRB’s M rating, the classification doesn’t allow for genitals and sex and so publisher Spike Chunsoft has had to alter the game to ready it for launch. Gale is going to be heartbroken.

Aside from slapping a big leafy censor bar over genitals, the Japanese release also prohibits torture. That means you can’t poke and prod at the prisoners in the goblin camp – your Dark Urge will have to find another way to let loose.

Not only does the Japanese version of the game prevent you from confidently fighting the Absolute in the nude, but it also blocks “nudity in cutscenes” and the viewing of sex scenes. If you were hoping to finally see what all the fuss is with Astarion, Faerûn’s sparkling vampire, then I’m sorry to break the bad news. I’m sure modders will restore them eventually, at least.

There are still some lingering questions, like what happens to the tentacles in… that romance scene? Do they get coated in leaves or do they not count as genitals? And what about ol’ Halsin? Leading up to launch, Larian Studios showed off the now-iconic bear sex scene with our favourite hunky druid, but will that be cut too?

Time will tell, but at the very least, we know you can’t get completely naked as you frolic in the Underdark.


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