Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Want Alfira, Popper, And Zevlor To Be Companions

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a pretty great selection of companions to choose from, each one with their own distinct personality and strengths that add to your party in different ways. However, the game is so well-written that you’re are constantly running into likeable and charismatic characters that you wish you could take along with you on your tadpole extracting adventure.



Fans of the game have been sharing the NPCs they wish that Larian would turn into full-blown companions on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit, as u/BunsenGyro desperately wanted to bring Alfira along for the ride. For those that may not have found her, Alfira is a Tiefling Brad that you can first encounter at the Druid Grove, and is struggling to come up withthe inspiration for her next song. She’s rather adorable, and she’d actually fit quite well as a recruitable companion since the game doesn’t have a natural Bard party member.

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Another very popular choice is Popper the Kobold, a cheeky little fellow who you can find at the Circus of the Last Days in Act 3. Not only is he a great character, but he’s also very useful as he sells you a bunch of fairly useful items that he’s looted off of corpses. He might not be the most helpful companion in combat, but there’s no reason why we can’t adpot Popper and keep him in our camp forever. It would be a constant stream of treatos for everyone.

Of course, you need a bit of muscle if you want to roll in a Baldur’s Gate 3 party, and Zevlor has that in spades. He’s a Tiefling that you’ll first encounter in Druid Grove, as he asks you to either stop the Druids from casting out his people or erdadicate the Goblin Camp to ensure it’s safe for his people to travel to Baldur’s Gate. He’s a pretty likeable guy and, as u/Lynxneo points out, he’d be a good option for people that want a Paladin but don’t want to side with Minthara in the Goblin/Druid Grove conflict.

That wouldn’t be a problem for u/SaturnATX though, who is clearly a bit more evil than your average player. This is made evident by the fact that they wanted more evil characters to recruit. Most of your default party in Baldur’s Gate 3 are goody two shoes apart from Astarion, and u/SaturnATX wishes that both Z’Rell and Nere could permanently join your party to increase the options for all you devious players out there.

Who knows, perhaps Larian could make a couple of character actual part members as part of some DLC or an expansion. It was previouslt stated by creativce director Sven Vincke that an expansion carrying on past Level 12 would be difficult to make, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t get DLC in the form of a new party member or two.

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