Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Say Patch 3 Has Made The Game Even Buggier

Baldur’s Gate 3 released its third patch on the weekend. While there were some good changes, like finally making Gale less horny, most of it hasn’t gone down well with the community.



“Patch 3 kinda sucks?” eSpasm posted on the game’s subreddit. “Raphael got a bad dye job (and basic horns?), as a Raphael simp – nope, fuck nope. Doors are bugged. Wyll’s story got bugged in Act 3 and players can’t progress. Dammon insta dies in Act 2 because of the suspicious cow. Animate Dead is also broken. Unable to save the game after trading.”

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The list goes on, but they’re not the only ones to run into a mountain of new issues. “I have had more bugs in Patch 3 than I had in my entire first playthrough,” killasuarus said. “Dialogue choices are disappearing, weird geometric flickering is happening in my camp, [and] some effects just aren’t showing up.”

Many more players are reporting issues with dialogue scenes, often unravelling meaningful moments as they glitch out. “Me and Astarion had a whole conversation with our backs to each other,” frawgeey said.

Several players replied to corroborate this bug, but strangely they also had it with Astarion and nobody else. Maybe our walking thirst trap of a vampire is tired of all the gawking.

Unfortunately, there are many more bugs tied to our favourite white-haired smooth talker. “Now if you ask Astarion for a kiss, he can’t even say anything before it cuts to you smooching him,” Tinystardrops said.

“His responses are clipped for me,” SereneAdler33 replied. “He’ll start the lines but the last word is chopped off.”

Intimate scenes between Tav and other characters are also riddled with new bugs that appear to have cropped up thanks to Patch 3. Players are running into an issue of sex scenes being censored even when the option is disabled. And while Gale is less horny, Larian Studios has swung too far in the other direction as many commenters claim he is treating them like shit even on high affection.

“I had excellent approval from Gale and he suddenly told me we weren’t close,” raphades said. “I was SO hurt. It used to be my favourite Gale scene, where he was acknowledging we were friends, and now he almost insults me.”

Crashes are also up, especially in multiplayer, or if you’re just standing too far away in dialogue. There’s a slew of other bugs, many of which have been highlighted in the thread, as well as general upset at some of the design choices like altering how Raphael looks or giving “His Majesty” more hair.

Patch 3 was a big one, but unfortunately, it appears to have loaded Baldur’s Gate 3 with even more bugs and problems. Maybe this patch needs a patch, eh?

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