Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Stops Clown Makeup Ruining Romance Scenes

When Baldur’s Gate 3 players found clown makeup, they couldn’t get enough of it. There’s nothing better than making the ever-proud Astarion don the face paint, especially if you make him the centre of attention at the circus. Worth the approval drop. However, as fun as it was to have a party full of clowns, fans were horrified to discover that, whatever they did, the makeup just wouldn’t disappear.



Now, when you search “Baldur’s Gate clown makeup”, you don’t get funny clips of companions in the face paint. No, it’s a bunch of players desperately trying to scrub it off before a serious cutscene, or better yet, a sex scene. Well, Larian has heard our cries and has hopefully fixed the bug that was keeping us in clown mode far longer than intended.

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This fix comes as part of Patch 3, a huge update for Baldur’s Gate 3 that dropped on Friday. The headline there was that we can now change our appearance at will, but there’s a ton of little fixes too, getting rid of a lot of annoyances.

One of which is the aforementioned clownery. To the relief of fans everywhere, the patch notes state, “Fixed an issue preventing the Clown Face-Paint from being cleared after taking a Long Rest.” This means you shouldn’t have to spam long rests to get the makeup off, potentially clashing with some scheduled love scenes – as some unfortunate players discovered.

As we wave goodbye to the accidental clownery era of Baldur’s Gate 3, let’s celebrate some of the funniest instances of players being stuck with the facepaint. My pick has to be the time someone was dumped by Astarion when they were both clowned up. Which, honestly, is fair on Astarion’s part.

It seems that the face paint was meant to be removed after one rest, but some unfortunate souls reported waking up with the makeup on the next day, just as garish as it was before. There were a few weird fixes to this, like putting even more makeup on and making your characters long rest again. Some more dramatic methods had you killing the character and then getting them revived. Maybe Larian should patch in some makeup wipes?

In any case, this isn’t the only hilarious issue that’s been addressed in Patch 3. Gale should also be way less horny, no longer throwing himself at us after one conversation. Seriously, the guy was just addicted to heartbreak.

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