Baldur’s Gate 3 On Xbox Is Still Planned For 2023, Says Larian

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Xbox launch is still planned for 2023, Larian’s head of publishing confirms. This comes as we approach November and are still without a release date, leading some to speculate that the port has been pushed back into 2024.



However, as just re-confirmed by the head of publishing, Michael Douse, this release window hasn’t changed. He says that any word on there being a delay is just from random accounts “talking shit”, with no internal change on when Larian plans to launch Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series X and S. Still, Larian still isn’t saying whether it will be with us in November or December, meaning we’ll probably get a pretty last minute announcement when the release is finally ready.

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“Before the end of the year is the plan,” says Douse, replying to a fan frustrated by the fact that they still can’t play Baldur’s Gate 3. “This has been said a few times but dudes with 33k twitter followers keep talking shit for likes [sic].”

It’s not clear what accounts Douse is referring to here, but given that the original tweet thread was complaining about console warriors, it’s likely attached to that. Indeed, Baldur’s Gate 3 is still an unintended PS5 console exclusive right now, as it’s otherwise only available on PC. Given the RPG’s early success, this makes it the perfect pawn in console war debates, as inane as they are.

Despite all this, we should expect Baldur’s Gate 3 sometime soon, as we’re fast approaching the end of the year already. While it’s a little odd to not have a release date already – or at least a more specific release window – Larian might not feel that it’s necessary to big up the port so much, given that it’s already had a successful launch on two platforms. In fact, the staggered release isn’t strange either, as PS5 players had to wait a month after the PC release to start their adventures.

Frustratingly, we might already have had Baldur’s Gate 3 on both console platforms, if only Xbox hadn’t underestimated the RPG. For a while, Xbox wouldn’t back down on its demand that every feature be available on both Xbox Series X and S, even as it was clear that split-screen multiplayer wouldn’t work on the less powerful Series S. When it became clear that Baldur’s Gate 3 was a big seller and a Game of the Year contender, Xbox finally relaxed the rules, and Larian said it was able to get it working on Series S without that requirement.

With split screen now dropped from Series S, it remains to be seen if it otherwise performs to a decent standard, as it’s a pretty demanding game even in single-player. Players on this platform will still be able to buddy up online, but presumably only with other Xbox users, as the PS5 and PC releases don’t have cross-play just yet.

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