Baldur’s Gate 3: Most Underrated Feats

Baldur’s Gate 3 uses the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition ruleset and along with that comes the options for feats, which are additional abilities available to any class. Throughout the game you will have opportunities to apply multiple feats to your character and make a unique build ready to save Baldur’s Gate.



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While some feats are stronger than others, sometimes very much so, there are some that have hidden uses or otherwise reveal themselves in gameplay rather than on paper. These underrated feats can be used to make a memorable character or save you from some of the more frustrating elements of gameplay.

8 Tavern Brawler

Karlach picking up and throwing Gale in Baldur's Gate 3

Although unarmed attacks, improvised weapons, and thrown objects don’t have much damage potential and rarely have magic items associated, the Tavern Brawler feat has surprising uses when you consider the potential of a +10 bonus to both attack and damage rolls.

Even though your character is unlikely to prioritize tossing boots and mugs as their primary attack, strong characters, especially Berserker Barbarians, can throw smaller enemies into each other to maximize this damage. When you obtain the Nyrulna trident in Act Three, then this feat unlocks its true potential.

7 Skilled

Tav looking into a web-filled crevice in baldur's gate 3

With the combined proficiencies of a full party you are unlikely to have necessary skills not covered by at least one member. That is unless you tend to control a custom origin character that doesn’t specialize in Wisdom or Charisma and is constantly failing checks in dialogue or through exploration.

The most important skills to add with this feat being Persuasion, Deception, Sleight of Hand, or Perception so that you aren’t missing out on content when you inevitably fail them otherwise. Also, this feat can unlock options for Expertise skills with Bards and Rogues without having to respec with Withers and lose proficiencies.

6 Magic Initiate

Baldur's Gate 3 - A Drow Warlock casting Eldritch Blast in the Nautiloid

Looking at all the Magic Initiate options the first time you open the feat menu can seem like a chore to filter through all the cantrips and first level spells of the various class lists while keeping track of the spellcasting ability to ensure it’s even plausible for your character.

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Yet the spells available are at the very least worth reading, especially for Warlocks and Sorcerers who have relatively few spells otherwise. Mashing class spell lists together can have surprising combo potential when you consider spells that were originally meant to be separated.

5 Durable

Lae'zel Speaks With Tiefling At Druid's Camp While Wearing Adamantine Armor

On the surface, Durable can seem like a worse Tough feat when it comes to maximizing health, but at max level you are only losing 12 hit points and miss out on one of the best potion and spell slot saving effects of maxing out health regain on a short rests.

If your character has an odd Constitution score, then you should consider taking the Durable feat instead of an ability score increase, especially if they play a tanky roll, so that you can survive an additional hit or two, but able to rely on short rests as more than just a small health boost.

4 Dungeon Delver

Baldur's Gate 3 Player Character Disarming Trap

Early on Dungeon Delver seems weak as the traps aren’t deadly yet and have a low DC to spot. Although, as early as Act Two, you will run into traps that can one-shot your entire party. The feat buffing both Perception checks while halving damage from traps means you can stop being blown up by any and every explosive chest.

As a sweet bonus, the feat gives you advantage to spot hidden objects, whether they are related to traps or not. Which includes secret passageways, buttons, keys, magic weapons, armor, gold, and plenty of narrative secrets.

3 Athlete

Baldur's Gate 3 Wyll Jumping

Most people will see the bonus to jump distance on the Athlete feat and write it off as an unneeded benefit, as any high strength character will be able to reach most if not all the areas where jumping is required. Despite the fact that jumping in combat with this feat will take you farther than a dash action, even if a Rogue uses Cunning Action.

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On top of this, the ability score increase can save you from taking the Ability Improvement if you have an odd Dexterity or Strength score, and the amount of times your character goes prone from ice, grease, trip attacks, and thrown objects will no longer have you raging like a barbarian when your turn is wasted on dashing.

2 Weapon Master

Baldur's Gate 3 Paladin Using Divine Smite

Reading the description of Weapon Master you might already be wondering why Gale would need to wield a battleaxe if Lae’zel can wield every weapon in the game. When you consider the paragraph length magic item descriptions on some weapons, then you can unlock 100 percent of your brain and start making overpowered builds when Gale wields that battleaxe.

An example of this is giving your Rogue a proficiency in scimitars, allowing them to wield Belm, which has the finesse property, unlocking a very rare weapon that can still trigger Sneak Attack. This is on top of increasing your Dexterity or Strength score which can increase your modifier.

1 Performer

Still from Baldur's Gate 3 of a Tiefling playing the Lute

The Performer feat has almost no mechanical benefit other than increasing your Charisma score, however, you are likely to miss out on a great aspect of the game without it if you don’t already have a Bard in your party.

Characters that attempt to play instruments without proficiency in them will sound like a devil’s nails on a chalkboard. With this feat, you can pick your favorite of the five instruments and play all the amazing music options available to those with proficiency. You can even make coin this way when playing near friendly NPCs with a successful performance check.

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