Australian Idol: Shannon Noll and Guy Sebastian have reunited

Shannon Noll and Guy Sebastian reunited in a wholesome picture that every Aussie needs to see.

Noll uploaded the photo reunion to Facebook and even added a sweet caption to commemorate the precious moment.

“Great to see my mate Guy Sebastian today. We were doing a shoot at Maroubra, and he called in to say G’day! Always great to catch up!” he wrote.

Noll, 48, and Sebastian, 41, competed on the first season of Australian Idol in 2023. Yes, that was the season that fan favourite Cosmia De Vito had to drop out of because she got diagnosed with nodules on her vocal cords.

Ultimately, Sebastian won, and Noll was the runner-up, and it is one of Australia’s most iconic pop culture moments right up there with Michael Clarke limping shirtless in a park in Noosa and Sophie Monk randomly dating Benji Madden for a while.

Both Noll and Sebastian have gone on to have big careers. Sure, Sebastian won Australian Idol, but Noll’s massive single What About Me was the highest-selling single in Australia in 2004.

Sebastian has released hits like Battle Scars, has been a judge on Australia’s The Voice, and has continued to explore his love of fedoras.

Noll has released hits like Drive, sang the song Lift, which became the theme song of the controversial weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser, and shown his love for wearing singlet tops for any occasion.

Noll is a country music man who now plays festivals and is the king of the regional pub scene.

Meanwhile, Sebastian’s life is a tad more glitzy thanks to his reality television judging gigs that have kept him in good stead.

Despite living pretty different lives, the two have always been public about their love for each other.

When Guy Sebastian hosted Australia’s music nights of nights, aka the ARIA Awards he even gave Noll a shout-out.

“Now, if you do win, please just be gracious or at least pretend. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. “I’ve been nominated about 30 times. I’ve only won three. But there’s no shame in coming second. Just ask Nollsy!” He joked.

Noll responded on Twitter sweetly calling Sebastian his “brother”.

“When I met you, brother I knew you would win, have always been proud that I came 2nd to you, cause you are amazing, BUT I’ve always come 2nd, just have to ask my wife!

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