Aussie rapper Inkabee stuns Chance the Rapper at SSXW

A young Aussie rapper who performed at a packed Sydney hotel had the entire crowd jamming to his set – including one of the biggest music stars in the world.

Chance the Rapper was a surprise guest at the iconic Lord Gladstone venue for an event featuring a lineup of First Nations artists on Sunday.

The Grammy-winning American artist took to the stage to introduce 11-year-old Perth rapper Inkabee (real name Ethan Eggington).

It didn’t take long for the Holy hitmaker to start vibing to the young boy’s music.

In one viral clip of the performance, Chance the Rapper could be seen bopping his head to the lyrics.

“Chance nearly pulled his head head-banging to 11-year-old rapper Inkabee,” the video was captioned.

Many in the comments seemed to agree, with hundreds praising the young kid’s talents.

“He’s so good woah,” one person wrote.

“I love this. He owns that stage,” another commented.

“Eminem gonna be scared of him,” added a third.

Inkabee was inspired by his father, award-winning rapper Joshua Eggington, who is known by his stage name as FLEWNT.

The pair shared the stage together over the weekend.

“My dad inspired me because he’s been rapping and I really wanted to do something to make my people proud,” Inkabee said in a recent article by the WA Department of Education.

“And I decided to do that through rapping because that is something that I really enjoy.”

The young rapper has so far released two songs, with his most recent hit ‘Saved by the Bell’ focusing on the importance of school. reached out to Inkabee for comment.

Chance’s appearance at the Lord Gladstone – which was run as part of the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Sydney – was not a fluke.

The hip-hop star was a keynote speaker at the weeklong conference last week, where he revealed how the original Texas version of SXSW in the early 2010s had kickstarted his career.

“I travelled down there by myself,” he said, according to the ABC.

“I was a roadie and backline technician for a band called Kids These Days, and I was given an opportunity to rap on stage at one of their shows.

“A guy by the name of Dan Wiener saw me at the show and asked if I had any music. I had a copy of that 10 Day project, like a little burnt CD with marker on it, and I gave it to him. It turned out he was the publicist for Donald Glover and he passed the tape off to him.

Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, recognised his talent and brought him on tour.

“In a lot of ways, SXSW really changed the entire trajectory of my life and my career. And if I hadn’t made the decision to go out there and and be a confident young performer and be open to engaging and networking with folks. I wouldn’t be on this stage at SXSW in Australia.”

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