Aussie radio host Jase Hawkins’ odd Russell Brand encounter

An Australian radio host has detailed his bizarre encounter with Russell Brand in the wake of the British comedian being accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse by multiple women.

KIIS 101.1’s Jase Hawkins recalled the moment Brand visited the 2DAY FM’s Kyle & Jackie O show in Sydney back in 2010 – where Hawkins was working at the time – to promote his movie Get Him to The Greek.

Among several odd instances, Hawkins said Brand locked himself inside the bathroom for 20 minutes and missed his on-air interview.

The night prior to this, Hawkins claimed Brand didn’t show up to the red carpet premiere and after party, which the radio star was hosting.

“I had to host a bunch of red carpet premieres for Get Him to The Greek. So I’d host a red carpet and they’d come on to the carpet and chat and I’d host the after party,” Hawkins recalled on his Jase & Lauren in the Morning show Monday morning.

“[Brand] never rocked up at the after parties. [Co-star] Jonah Hill had to do it.”

Hawkins continued that the next day for Brand’s live radio chat with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, he “flirted with the girls in the office”, including Hawkins’ wife, but all the women just “laughed it off”.

“My wife was working there at the time. She was in the little kitchenette was making breakfast and [he] popped in and was very, very flirtatious,” Hawkins said.

“He would come in and give them little compliments but in that Russell Brand style. Not handsy.”

After swanning in, Brand then headed for the bathroom and had his bodyguard stand outside the door.

“Then he locked himself in the bathroom for 20 minutes and missed his interview spot on the air,” Hawkins continued. “[He] posted his bodyguard right at the door of the bathroom, so no one was allowed to go into the staff bathrooms as Russell Brand was in there for 20 minutes.”

When he eventually came out, Hawkins said Brand “looked off his dial”.

“This was the point that he said he was off booze and drugs, but it just did not seem legit,” he added. “I’m not saying guilty or innocent.”

Last year, Brand said he has been sober for 20 years after tackling his issues with drugs and alcohol during a three-month stint in rehab in 2002.

“I’m 20 years clean and sober today. It’s December the 13th. So, firstly I wanted to express my gratitude for all the people who have helped me to remain clean and sober,” he said in an Instagram video last year.

“What I have been taught and shown is that it is impossible for a person like me to not drink and use drugs, unless I have sufficient ongoing support from people that understand what it’s like to feel that drugs or alcohol, or you know, certain behaviours, are necessary in order to feel OK.”

Hawkins’ recollection comes after Brand was accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse by at least four women – accusations he has vigorously denied and called “distressing”. He has denied the allegations.

“Obviously it’s been an extraordinary and distressing week and I thank you very much for your support and for questioning the information you are being presented with,” he told his 6.65 million YouTube subscribers over the weekend.

“I need your support now more than ever, more than I ever imagined I would.”

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