Ascension Materials For Wriothesley In Genshin Impact

The character roster for the open-world, Adventure RPG Genshin Impact grows ever bigger with each patch update. 4.1 introduced two gentlemen that had long-earned the admiration of many players thanks to their beautiful designs. Wriothesley, the Phase Two, five-star unit is one of them.



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Not only does his role as Duke of the Fortress of Meropide place him at the center of the main storyline in the game, effectively making him one of the key characters in Fontaine; he is also the very first Catalyst user with a Cryo vision. Wriothesley has a lot to offer, but you will need to ascend him if you want to use him.

Wriothesley’s Ascension Materials

Wriothesley from Genshin Impact sitting in his cushy chair with his arms folded (close up). There are three circles on the left of the image, each holding one of his ascension materials within it.

Like most, if not all, characters in the game, Wriothesley follows a specific ascension formula. He will require a handful of resources for ascending, which are split among regular materials, regional specialties for the Region associated with the character, normal World Boss drops, stone fragments, and lots of Mora.

Wriothesley is also one of the Fontaine characters whose materials are only found within Fontaine, unlike characters like Lyney, that recycle materials from normal mobs that aren’t unique to the region.

The regional specialty you need to farm for Wriothesley was added in the 4.1 patch update; you will find it scattered across the Liffey Region and The Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region.

Meanwhile, the Tourbillon Device drop is obtained by defeating The Prototype Cal. Breguet, a Normal Boss that you can find in the Academic Assembly Hall in the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region.

As for his normal mob drops, they are obtained from defeating all types of Clockwork Meka Mobs all over Fontaine.

The quantity and quality requirements for most of Wriothesley’s Ascension materials will increase as you reach higher ascension phases. To reach each Ascension Phase, up to the sixth and last one, you will need all the following:



Mora Cost


Regional Specialty

Mob Drops

World Boss Drops




Shivada Jade Sliver x 1

Subdetection Unit x 3

Meshing Gear x 3





Shivada Jade Fragment x 3

Subdetection Unit x 10

Meshing Gear x 15

Tourbillon Device x 2




Shivada Jade Fragment x 6

Subdetection Unit x 20

Mechanical Spur Gear x 12

Tourbillon Device x 4




Shivada Jade Chunk x 3

Subdetection Unit x 30

Mechanical Spur Gear x 18

Tourbillon Device x 8




Shivada Jade Chunk x 6

Subdetection Unit x 45

Artificed Dynamic Gear x 12

Tourbillon Device x 12




Shivada Jade Gemstone x 6

Subdetection Unit x 60

Artificed Dynamic Gear x 24

Tourbillon Device x 20

Keep an eye on the quantity and rarity of the materials you need as you start farming; this will often be the trickiest part of ascending a character, mainly because of how much time it takes to gather everything, so it always helps to keep count to avoid having to run all over the place in the last minute.

What Is The Total Cost Of Leveling Up Wriothesley?

Wriothesley from Genshin Impact adjusting his tie.

Since gathering materials for Ascension is an intricate process in its own right, it might happen that you forget to account for the precise amount of Mora and EXP books you will need to max levels. However, this is as crucial to maxing a character as their materials, even if it’s a rather standard procedure.

Running out of Mora or EXP materials in the middle of ascending a character can really halt your progress. Accounting for these expenses in your budget from the beginning will ensure a much smoother experience.

The EXP and Mora cost for leveling Wriothesley up is as follows:


Experience Book Cost And Approx Waste


1 – 10

  • Adventurer’s Experience x 5
  • Wanderer’s Advice x 1
  • 975 leftover EXP


10 – 20

  • Adventuer’s Experience x 19
  • 825 EXP wasted


20 – 30

  • Hero’s Wit x 10
  • Adventurer Experience x 2
  • Wanderer’s Advice x 3
  • 75 leftover EXP


30 – 40

  • Hero’s Wit x 18
  • Adventurer’s Experience x 1
  • Wanderer’s Advice x 1
  • 675 EXP wasted


40 – 50

  • Hero’s Wit x 29
  • 900 EXP wasted


50 – 60

  • Hero’s Wit x 42
  • Adventurer’s Experience x 3
  • 875 EXP wasted


60 – 70

  • Hero’s Wit x 59
  • Adventurer’s Experience x 3
  • Wanderer’s Advice x 1
  • 75 EXP wasted


70 – 80

  • Hero’s Wit x 80
  • Adventurer’s Experience x 2
  • Wanderer’s Advice x 2
  • 125 EXP wasted


80 – 90

  • Hero’s Wit x 171
  • Wanderer’s Advice x 4
  • 875 EXP wasted


In short, taking Wriothesley from level one to 90 will cost 404 Hero’s Wit, 35 Adventurer’s Experience, 12 Wanderer’s Advice. While we recommend this combination to avoid wasting too much experience, you do not need to follow these amounts. Just remember: each Wanderer’s Advice is worth 1,000 EXP, each Adventurer’s Experience is worth 5,000 EXP, and each Hero’s Wit is worth 20,000 EXP.

The leveling up process will also cost you roughly 1,671,600 Mora. You will need to add the ascension costs to this total for an accurate calculation of the entire cost. It will end up being around 2,091,600 Mora for everything except his talents, which also have costs of their own.

It is recommended that you keep an extra 50,000 Mora to offset error margin costs. While ascending a character has somewhat fixed costs, this still shows some variation here and there. So, be prepared in advance.

Wriothesley’s Talent Materials

A close-up shot of Wriothesley from Genshin Impact fist fighting. There is an icy aura on the punch he's throwing.

Talent Ascension is the bread and butter of building strong characters in Genshin Impact. However, it is not the easiest process because it is significantly more time-consuming than farming for ascension and leveling. Not only do you need a lot or materials, but you also need some pretty rare stuff, like talent books and Trounce Domain drops.

The Order talent books can be farmed in the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain of Mastery in Fontaine. They are available all Wednesdays and Saturdays. You will also be able to farm them on Sundays, when all materials for every domain are available.

As for Primordial Greenbloom, you can obtain it by challenging the weekly boss domain The Realm of Beginnings, which you will unlock after playing through Sapientia Oromasdis Act 2, Nahida’s second story quest.

Wriothesley is a Catalyst user who will serve as a Main DPS in most of his team compositions. His play style places most of the emphasis on his Normal Attacks and his Elemental Skill, making these talents really important when building him.

To level up Wriothesley’s Talents, you will need the following materials in these quantities:



Talent Books

Mob Drops

Weekly Boss Drops



Teachings of Order x 3

Meshing Gear x 6




Guide to Order x 2

Mechanical Spur Gear x 3




Guide to Order x 4

Mechanical Spur Gear x 4




Guide to Order x 6

Mechanical Spur Gear x 6




Guide to Order x 9

Mechanical Spur Gear x 9




Philosophies of Order x 4

Artificed Dynamic Gear x 4

Primordial Greenbloom x 1



Philosophies of Order x 6

Artificed Dynamic Gear x 6

Primordial Greenbloom x 1



Philosophies of Order x 12

Artificed Dynamic Gear x 9

Primordial Greenbloom x 2



Philosophies of Order x 18

Artificed Dynamic Gear x 12

Primordial Greenbloom x 2

The final talent level will also require a special material called Crown of Insight. You may obtain this resource through limited-time events, or from special places like the Frostbearing Tree, the Sacred Sakura, or the Tree of Dreams, where you exchange a nation’s Sigils for various rewards.

Costs are listed per talent. Thus, you will need to account for each talent separately. To know how much it will cost to triple crown Wriothesley you will have to add these up three times; once for his Normal Attack, once for his Elemental Skill, and once for his Elemental Burst.

Triple crowning a character is a costly endeavor. Performance between talent levels nine and ten is often not significant enough to justify this effort, and so the triple crown is usually reserved for a true favorite unit. If that’s not the case for you, you probably won’t need to worry about farming that much.

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