Armored Core 6 Player Adds A Bunch Of Maps To Elden Ring

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon and Elden Ring are very similar titles. One of them may include gigantic mech throwdowns and the other dramatic tussles with dragons and demi-gods, but the foundation on which both have been built is almost the exact same. It’s the same story for the rest of FromSoftware’s modern catalogue, and this allows modders to create some pretty wild crossovers, like pitting Malenia, Blade of Miquella against Wolf from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.



There are plenty of other ridiculous crossovers between FromSoftware games, but one of the most bizarre has to be one that was created recently, as a modder named Dropoff has actually managed to take some maps from Armored Core 6 and put them in Elden Ring.

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A lot of the time in Armored Core 6, you kind of lose the sense of scale that you’re dealing with. It can be easy to lose sight of how massive your AC actually is, until you look at a pile of wrecked cars that look like an explosion at a Hotwheels factory and remember you’re bigger than most buildings. It probably would’ve been easier for FromSoftware to design the game this way, but Dropoff’s video pretty much confirms that it’s actually made everything the right scale.

Dropoff shows us three Armored Core 6 maps in particular, those being a large canyon, the city of Xylem, and the notorious tutorial area that managed to filter out a lot of newcomers at launch. To get around quicker, since covering the same amount of ground as a rocket-powered mech unsurprisingly takes a lot longer on foot, Dropoff increases the speed of the Tarnished and allows them to float, which also gives us a good look at the entire environment.

While this project is pretty impressive in itself, whats more impressive is the level of detail that FromSoftware has managed to put into things that 99 percent of players just flatten with their mechs. There are barely any texture issues on smaller vehicles apart from the odd hexagaonal wheel and invisible railing, which really showcases FromSoftware’s immaculate attention to detail.

Unfortunately, the only thing Dropoff does in this video is take us around empty maps, with nary a single AC or MT to be seen. It’ll be interesting to see how mods develop for both of these titles going forward though, and I fully expect too see either an AC flying around the skies of The Land Between or a dramatic throwdown between 626 and a Tarnished at some point in the near future. I don’t see that fight going well for Team Elden Ring though.

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