Ariana Grande has shaken up her look, and fans are shocked at how different she looks

Pop singer Ariana Grande has shaken up her look, and fans are shocked at how different she looks.

Grande spent years being known for her impossibly high ponytails, fake tans and dramatic make-up, and it made her signature look iconic.

This year, she’s shifted gears and has been rocking a softer look, and fans haven’t been able to stop talking about it.

The singer ditched her dark hair for a soft blonde verging on ginger, embraced her pale skin and a more natural make-up look.

Whenever she posts a photo, there is genuine shock that she hasn’t returned to the tanning salon.

She recently posted an Instagram update of her look — chic in a black dress and knee-up boots with her pulled back — and the internet lost its mind all over again.

Online there’s a never-ending chat about how much her look has shifted this year.

One fan recently commented that she now looked so “different” they barely “recognised” the singer anymore, and plenty of people jumped in to agree.

One commented “agreed”, and another added they thought she’d “changed a lot”, while someone else said it was just the blonde hair that had changed.

Online, someone demanded to know why she suddenly looked different and said it wasn’t an “insult”, but she looked “weird” now, and they wanted to know why.

Another claimed Grande hadn’t changed that much, but she’d shifted how she does her eyebrows, which makes her look so vastly different.

“Ariana Grande looks completely different because of her blonde eyebrows. Maybe

the lack of her dark roots, too. But I promise you Ariana still looks like herself just with a different make-up style,” the fan argued.

Someone else said the blonde hair “washed” the singer out and made her features look like they’ve changed. Another said her hair this colour, when pulled tightly back, just made her look “bald” and not like her usual self.

Online people are obsessed, but Grande’s shaken up her image after quite a controversial year. She has been low-profile since announcing her divorce from Dalton Gomez in September after two years of marriage.

She’s since been reported to be dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater, although neither have confirmed the romance … although Slater’s ex-wife claimed her marriage was “collateral damage” to their blossoming relationship.

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