Angel Specialist Guide: Battlefield 2042

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  • Angel Specialist Overview

Choosing your Specialist is just as important as the rest of your loadout in Battlefield 2042. While there are over a dozen specialists to choose from, some are far stronger than others. Constantin Anghel, known in-game as Angel, is easily one of the game’s strongest options.



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This is mostly due to his Loadout Crate gadget, allowing Angel to swap his weapons and gadget whenever he sees fit. He might seem underwhelming on the surface, but with some setup, Angel can single-handedly swing games in your team’s favor. Let’s go over how Angel works, what his Loadout Crate does, and some tips to get the most out of this specialist.

Updated October 24, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Angel has seen some major changes with the post-launch support for Battlefield 2042. We’ve updated this guide to include information on Angel’s base class, weapon proficiency, available gadgets, and updated the specialist gadget section to explain how Loadout Crate works in the current sandbox of 2042.

Angel Specialist Overview

Battlefield 2042 Angel With Ranger



Specialist Gadget

Loadout Crate: Resupply ammo, armor, loadout call-in


Trauma Surgeon: Revive any ally/patients gain armor

Angel is one of three Support Specialists in Battlefield 2042, dedicated to keeping your team’s ammo reserves full. Instead of healing allies with his gadget, Angel uses a Loadout Crate that can resupply ammo or create a loadout beacon, calling down a crate that may be used to swap your loadout on the fly. This makes Angel an incredibly versatile specialist that can adapt to nearly every situation.

Support specialists are proficient with SMGs, hastening their draw speed.

Beyond that, Angel can also support his entire team with his Trauma Surgeon passive. Since Angel is a Support character, he can revive any downed ally through the use of his Defibrillator gadget. Revived allies will spawn with additional ammunition for their primary and secondary weapons. Overall, Angel is a highly versatile Specialist in 2042. His gadget allows him to have infinite ammo, and the loadout crate allows Angel to swap his weapons and gadgets on the fly. Angel’s secondary gadgets include Ammo and Healing Crates, Pouch variants, a Smoke Launcher, and Claymores.

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Gadget And Passive

Battlefield 2042 Angel Gadgets

Loadout Crate

Loadout Crate is effectively two gadgets:

  1. Fire Input: Throw out an ammo pouch to a nearby ally, restoring primary and secondary ammunition. Holding the gadget input will refill Angel’s ammo instead.
  2. Aim Input: Call down a Loadout Crate that allows you and your allies to swap their loadout. This includes your weapons, grenade type, and secondary gadget.

Both effects are incredibly powerful on their own. The ammo pouch from Angel’s gadget works identically to the Ammo Pouch introduced in Season 6, restoring primary and secondary ammo to a single person. The ammo pouches have three charges and regenerate every ten seconds. This effectively gives Angel infinite ammo.

The Loadout Crate is Angel’s strongest tool, allowing him to use any weapon and secondary gadget that suits the situation. Better yet, swapping your loadout restores all uses of your secondary gadget.

Trauma Specialist

Similar to other Supports, Angel can review any downed ally—not just squadmates. He revives downed allies twice as fast as other non-Support Specialists, and revived allies are brought back with full ammo. It’s slightly worse than Falck’s passive of fully healing downed players, but Angel’s specialist gadget more than makes up for that.

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Tips And Tricks

Battlefield 2042 Angel Specialist

  • Charge your Defibrillator gadget before reviving an ally to restore more of their HP.
  • Use the Loadout Crate to swap your secondary gadget or restore gadget charges.
  • Holding the specialist gadget key will restock Angel’s ammo without throwing an ammo pouch.

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