Amanda Keller tears up as she shares an update on her husband’s Parkinsons battle live on-air

Amanda Keller teared up while live on Monday’s Jonesy and Amanda show as she shared a major family announcement.

The radio star, 62, told her co-host Jonesy that she struggled with trying to plan her son Jack’s 21st birthday party while her husband Harley bravely battles with Parkinson’s disease.

Keller, who has been married to her husband since 1989, revealed last year that he was diagnosed with the disease seven years ago.

“It was a hard week for me leading up to it because I wanted to put a slide show together to play throughout the night,” she said.

“And normally that is Harley’s domain. He has been the guy who will make the kid’s birthday invitations. He’s very creative. He will work on the computer to do this funky stuff. Normally, he would have done all of that. And with the way things are with Harley at the moment, he’s got Parkinson’s disease and things are just hard.”

Keller shared that the disease has impacted her husband’s ability to perform the tasks he was once so good at.

“So that kind of skill set isn’t with him anymore. He doesn’t have dementia or any of that stuff, but that stuff’s hard for him to do now. And so I was going through a whole lot of photos on my phone and seeing photos of when he was well, and it was a very emotional week leading up to the 21st.”

She then went on to confess that the heartbreaking situation had made her feel “lonely” and that her heart broke for her husband, who she thought would be unable to celebrate alongside them at the family get-together.

“Leaving the house to go to Jack’s party, I thought, you know, it’s not right that Harley can’t come. Yeah, I really felt lonely thinking it’s our son’s 21st, but how hard it is for Harley and how much he would have loved to have been there,” she continued.

However, Keller was given a huge surprise at the party when her husband managed to attend despite his ill health.

“So there we are, having a great time. The speeches are about to start and my friend Kate said to me, There’s Harley. And I looked over. And I know what it cost him to be there. He and our friend Pam and our driver friend Cole had conspired to get Harley there for the speeches. And it was so moving. ”

A visibly emotional Keller added: “And a lot of people were shocked because they hadn’t seen Harley for a while. But I know what it cost him to get there. And he said to me, how could I not be here?”

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