All Party Members In Paper Mario: TTYD, Ranked Best


  • Paper Mario games are known for their comedy, turn-based battles, and unique paper mechanics. Each chapter introduces a new friend with special abilities to create a comedy duo with Mario.
  • Goombella is the first party member who can reveal enemy stats and provide hints or opinions outside of battle, but her usefulness decreases as the game progresses.
  • Other party members like Ms. Mowz, Vivian, Admiral Bobbery, Koops, Madame Flurrie, and Mini-Yoshi bring their own abilities to aid Mario in battles and exploration throughout the game.



The Paper Mario series is Nintendo’s answer to the question: can a Mario game be a comedy? The answer is a resounding yes. The games are known for their unique turn-based battle style, hilarious story dialogue, and curious paper mechanics. But Mario doesn’t go on these adventures alone. With each chapter of the game, he meets a new friend with special abilities who joins him to create a comedy duo.

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The Thousand Year Door is the second game in the series, and it is no different. Nine characters join Mario’s crew over the course of the story. In order to have the best experience while playing, you will need to choose which party member is by Mario’s side for each part of the game.


8 Goombella

Mario chats to Goombella in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Goombella is an aspiring archaeologist and the first party member to permanently join Mario. Her Tattle ability can happen in battle or outside of it. Inside a battle, the ability can reveal an enemy’s HP and stats, and outside, she will either give a hint about a puzzle or just share her opinions about where you are.

Goombella is a great character at the beginning for aerial attacks with her Headbonk technique, but as you level up and gain better items, she becomes less useful.


6 Ms. Mowz

Paper Mario Ms. Mowz Gives Mario A Smooch In Hooktails Castle

Ms. Mowz is a Lady Thief and the only optional party member in the entire game. If she joins the group, she has the sniff ability, where she’ll tell you if you’re nearby coins, star pieces, or badges. You won’t know what it is until you find it, but it can be very useful if you want to collect everything.

In battle, she can steal items from enemies. She can also slap enemies repeatedly with Love Slap and heal some of Mario’s HP with a kiss.

5 Vivian

Trans ghost girl Vivian on stage showcasing her drag-like aesthetics to an audience of toads, goombas and koopas.

Vivian has her own special story conflict to resolve before she ever joins the party, and you will get to watch it unfold over several chapters. She learns over time to respect herself and returns that respect tenfold as a party member.

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Vivian has the ability to pull Mario into an underground pocket shadow dimension. It’s helpful outside of battle for avoiding enemies and snooping around, and it’s helpful in battle by protecting Mario from any charged up super powers enemies may possess. Her other attacks deal fire damage, which can be good or bad depending on the enemy.

4 Admiral Bobbery

Paper Mario Admiral Bobbery Exploding

Admiral Bobbery is a seasoned sailor Bob-omb who swears he won’t sail ever again after a traumatic and personal loss. That is, until persuaded by Mario to helm a ship when Flavio fails to provide a navigator.

Admiral Bobbery provides one of the best tools in any game: bombs. He can explode cracks in the walls of dungeons and cities to reveal secret places. In battle, he explodes your enemies. He also has a nifty ability called Bomb Squad, which can deal long-range damage on a timer if you aim well enough.

3 Koops

Paper Mario Kooper and Koops In Field

This shy Koopa Troopa has powerful shell attacks for ground enemies. No enemy spikes hurt him due to his defense stats, and he can attack multiple enemies at once from the start. You can also use his shell attacks to activate switches or pick up far-away items outside of battle. Once this ability has been activated, you can also hold him there for a timed strike.

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Koops begins the adventure self-consciously but finds his words and bravery along the way. He will always want to make sure Mario is okay, too.

2 Madame Flurrie

Flurrie uses her wind ability to blow Punies in bubbles a cross a gap.

Flurrie is a grandiose wind spirit. She controls the winds to blow in whatever direction you please, which is required to manage chapter two and can be helpful in revealing secret walls over the rest of the game.

The best thing about Flurrie is her battle abilities. She can body slam any enemy in front of you, no matter how far away, so long as they don’t have spikes on. If you’re low on health and don’t want to deal with so many enemies, she can use Gale Force and literally blow the enemies away.

1 Mini-Yoshi

Yoshi Kid From Paper Mario Thousand Year Old Door

This baby Yoshi is ready to fight whoever Mario wants anytime, no question asked, and he will cause serious damage. His signature Gulp attack allows him to swallow an enemy and spit it at another enemy, dealing four points of damage at his lowest level. He can also Ground Pound any enemy and, at higher levels, summon a stampede of Yoshi.

Ride on his back to get a speed boost and float past large platform gaps. There are also eight color variations that you can get depending on how much time has passed before he hatches. And you get to name him yourself.

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