All Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Main Characters And Their Voice Actors


  • Yuri Lowenthal voices Spider-Man/Peter Parker and has an extensive portfolio of voice-acting work, including other Spider-Man games and Ben 10.
  • Nadji Jeter returns as Miles Morales and has previously voiced the character in other games and the 2017 cartoon Spider-Man.
  • Laura Bailey lends her voice to Mary Jane Watson and is known for her work on various characters, including Vex in Vox Machina and Abby in The Last of Us Part 2.



Peter and Miles’ journey has reached new highs. In 2018, Insomniac showed us it knows how to make a compelling Spider-Man game with an amazing story and gameplay, from swinging around Manhattan to fighting criminals and webbing them up. Then, Miles Morales joined the party and got a side game just for him, with some extra powers to show off.

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Now, we have Spider-Man 2, with our heroes fighting together and dealing with new foes, such as Kraven, and old ones, such as Mr. Negative. And whenever a new game drops, there’s always a bit of curiosity about who is responsible for bringing our favorite heroes and villains to life. Who are the voices behind these faces?

Updated on October 24, 2023, by Lucas Olah: Spider-Man 2 is within our grasp. This means we now know for certain who is in the game, and we can properly talk about them and the voices behind it – don’t worry; we won’t spoil anything unless you consider knowing which big characters are here a spoiler. So, it’s time to properly introduce all the main goodies and baddies the game has and the people who made them sound as good as they do.

18 Yuri Lowenthal As Peter Parker

Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

There’s no place better to start than the webhead himself. The amazing Yuri Lowenthal portrays Spider-Man number one — and yes, we’ll use the word ‘amazing’ a lot here. Yuri is no stranger at all to voice-acting, being the man behind Peter both in here, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Marvel Future Revolution, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game, and Midnight Suns.

He also appeared in other games – not as Peter, obviously – such as Diablo 4, Redfall, Fire Emblem: Engage, and he’ll even be Smoke in Mortal Kombat 1 — his portfolio is just too big to write it all here. He’s also voiced a few iterations of Ben 10, which is amusing for reasons you’ll understand shortly.

17 Nadji Jeter As Miles Morales

Nadji Jeter, who voices Miles Morales in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The only thing better than having Spider-Man around is having two of them. Spider-Man number two will also return to the adventure, portrayed by the magnificent Nadji Jeter.

For fans of the gaming industry like us, we’ll probably remember his previous work as Sam from The Last of Us. Like Yuri, he’s also voiced his Spider on other occasions, such as the 2017 cartoon Spider-Man, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

16 Laura Bailey As Mary Jane Watson

Laura Bailey, who voices Mary Jane in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The legendary Laura Bailey is the voice behind a lot of characters, and that extensive list includes the great MJ Watson, Peter’s girlfriend, and a brave reporter — at least in this version.

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Her work goes from Vox Machina’s Vex to The Last of Us Part 2’s Abby and even some versions of Lois Lane and Black Widow. This is another case of having way too many characters to talk about, which would, unfortunately, make this list too long.

15 Jim Pirri As Kraven The Hunter

Jim Pirri, who voices Kraven in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We’ve discussed too many good people by now. Who are they fighting against? Well, one of New York’s evildoers this time is Kraven, portrayed by Jim Pirri, who gives him a very menacing presence — a true highlight in a game that already has excellent acting all around it.

He’s also quite familiar with games, working on Diablo 4, God of War Ragnarok as Birgir, Dead Space as Benjamin Mathius, Star Wars: Squadrons as Shen, and so on. He’s even been on Friends as the translator guy who flirts with Phoebe.

14 Graham Phillips As Harry Osborn

Graham Phillips, who voices Harry Osborn in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We’ve got a recast here. In the original Spider-Man game, we hear several audios from Harry, and Scott Porter did these audios. However, probably due to motion capture and overall appearance for the modeling, there was a change in voice actors, and Graham Phillips now performs Harry.

Graham has even performed a live-action version of Ben 10, making him the second actor here who gave life to this particular character. He’s also been in Atypical, the Good Wife, and Riverdale. Still, video game territory is new to him, so let’s hope he’ll stick around for more games in the future.

13 Tony Todd As Venom

Tony Todd, who voices Venom in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The voice of a monstrous being is not easily done. Luckily, Tony Todd is responsible for it and knows what needs to be done. He’s even done a similar voice for Zoom in CW’s Flash. Enter Venom.

You may have also heard him in Back 4 Blood, Half-Life: Alyx, and Dota Underlords, among others. He’s also been in many movies, such as Realm of Shadows and The Crow. He’s a tremendous addition to the cast and makes Venom a true force of nature and pure terror.

12 Mark Rolston As Norman Osborn

Mark Rolston, who voices Norman Osborn in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Norman, who was indirectly responsible for many baddies, was and will continue to be portrayed by the amazing Mark Rolston. His portrayal really focuses on the fatherly side of the character here, giving him far more nuance than in the previous entry.

His video game repertoire consists of Jackal Y (Let it Die), Deathstroke (Lego DC Super-Villains), and Andrew Ellis (The Division 2), among others. He’s also been in classic movies like Rush Hour and Aliens.

11 Stephen Oyoung As Martin Li

Stephen Oyoung, who voices Martin Li in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Mr. Negative may be in prison, but that won’t stop him from reappearing, especially now that Miles has a score to settle with him. Stephen Oyoung will return for the ride, as he should be, given his amazing work on the first game.

Stephen has some exciting video game work aside from Mr. Negative, as he was in Cyberpunk 2077 as Grayson, Gotham Knights as Jason Todd, Remnant 2 as Wallace, and some additional voices in Ratchet and Clank, Rifted Apart, among many others.

10 Darin De Paul As J. Jonah Jameson

Darin De Paul, who voices J. Jonah Jameson in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We know little about the plot, but it is said that Jameson will be more pivotal, so he’ll likely appear himself instead of doing only podcasts. Either way, his voice will be the same, as Darin De Paul is back!

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Famous for portraying Reinhardt in Overwatch, he’s done several games, such as Remnant 2, Diablo 4, and Redfall — along with other voice actors here. He’s even portrayed Venom in Midnight Suns.

9 Jacqueline Pinol As Rio Morales

Jacqueline Pinol, who voices Rio Morales in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Rio also returns after being a prominent supporting character during Miles’s solo adventure. And the voice behind the character is none other than Jacqueline Pinol.

Aside from Sofia Amaral in Quantum Break, she’s been in a few games, but she wasn’t a big character in most of them. Still, she’s been in many TV series, such as Bosch and American Horror Story.

8 Griffin Puatu As Ganke Lee

Griffin Puatu, who voices Ganke Lee in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Miles’s partner in non-crime is Ganke Lee, our guy in the chair throughout Miles’s game. His voice was performed by Griffin Puatu there, and the same remains here.

Street Fighter 6’s Bosch, Fire Emblem: Engage’s Seadall, and NieR: Reincarnation’s Lars are some of his previous works in games. He also has quite a portfolio.

7 Tara Platt As Yuri Watanabe

Tara Platt, who voices Yuri Watanabe/Wraith in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Former officer Yuri Watanabe, now the vigilante known as Wraith, is portrayed by Tara Platt – who is Peter’s voice actor’s real-life partner – and her portrayal of the character is just as good as it was in the first game.

She also has an extensive list in video game voice acting, with Fire Emblem: Engage, NieR: Reincarnation, World of Warcraft, and Legends of Runeterra, just to name a few.

6 Leandro Cano As Flint Marko

Leandro Cano, who voices Flint Marko/the Sandman in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Flint Marko – known as the Sandman – plays an exciting role in the game, along with being part of its gorgeous opening mission. Leandro Cano gives voice to the sand, and he does an amazing job at that.

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His only other role in video games is from Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, from 2004. He appeared in many shorts and series, even providing voices for Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodline.

5 Mark Whitten As Doctor Curt Connors

Mark Whitten, who voices Curt Connors (The Lizard) in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Dr. Connors – or The Lizard, as that’s probably the version you want to see in the game – appears as an Oscorp scientist helping Harry with his illness. He has a solid portrayal in the game, provided by Mark Whitten, who is also not a newcomer in video game voice work.

He has Deathloop, Exoprimal, Diablo 4, and Goodbye Volcano High, along with many other games, as part of his portfolio, meaning the character is in safe hands – and we can vouch for that, as the game is out, and we already witnessed his portrayal.

4 Erica Lindbeck As Felicia Hardy

Erica Lindbeck, who voices Felicia Hardy/Black Cat in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Black Cat had her fun in the previous game, toying us around with her cat collectibles and being a big part of the DLC. She’s here once more, performed by the amazing Erica Lindbeck.

Along with the Spidey games, she’s responsible for playing Misty in Cyberpunk 2077, along with also being part of Remnant 2 as Ava McCabe. There are quite a lot of other roles, too, making her another expert in the field.

3 Chad Doreck As The Flame

Chad Doreck, who voices The Flame/Cletus Kasady in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We won’t get into spoiler territory – if you played the game, you know why he’s here. This mysterious cult leader, known as The Flame, is a major villain from one of the side quest storylines, and his voice is provided through the magnificent work of Chad Doreck.

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Though this isn’t his first video game, most of his gaming jobs are additional voices – he’s even part of GTA: San Andreas radio commercials. He did appear in series such as Hollywood and Westworld, and we do hope to see him again in Insomniac’s Spider series.

2 Ike Amadi As Aaron Davis

Ike Amadi, who voices Aaron Davis in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The Prowler returns with his own set of side quests for his nephew. Portrayed by Ike Amadi once more, his take on the character continues to be wonderful, even if his role isn’t as big as in Miles’ spin-off.

Ike has quite a curious list of past works, from characters such as Knack and Crunch Bandicoot to General Shao and Zosar ‘Zeus’ Kalu. That’s quite the range.

1 Noshir Dalal As Quentin Beck

Noshir Dalal, who voices Quentin Beck/Mysterio in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We have a Mortal Kombat reunion here, as Noshir is also responsible for being Rain in Mortal Kombat 1. He’s also in Starfield and is yet another voice actor from this list who’s also in Remnant 2.

But let’s focus on the game at hand. Here, Noshir Dalal gives life to the amazing Mysterio, and this version of the character is quite the unique take on him – but we’ll let you figure that out. You’ll see him in his own set of side quests throughout NYC.

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