All Four Star Characters In Honkai: Star Rail, Ranked

While the five-star characters might be the main reason you started playing Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll still be using four-star characters most of the time if you’re a free-to-play or low-spending player. You can get a four-star every ten pulls on any banner, and there’s a high chance for it to be a character.



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You can also get multiple four-star characters like Dan Heng, March 7th, Natasha, and Asta simply by progressing the main story. Even though each character has a different role in the team based on their path, they can all be ranked into different tiers based on their overall value.

Updated on September 24, 2023, by Sanyam Jain: There might be more five-star characters than four-stars after the Version 1.3 update of Honkai: Star Rail, but the latter still has a special place since they’re not limited. Moreover, the game has seen some amazing four-star releases like Lynx.

Basis Of This Tier List

Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng Angry Face

If you go to a character’s information screen when you’re already past the Belebog story in the game, you’ll see that many things can affect their overall value. One of the most important parts of a character’s kit is their Traces:

Basic Attack

These attacks can be used during the battle and if you’re roaming freely. Attacking an enemy with a basic attack in the open world will start the battle and inflict Weakness on them if you attack with one of the required combat types.

On the other hand, the basic attacks of every character deal the same amount of damage during combat unless they’re enhanced by other sources.


This is a special ability given to every character that consumes one skill point upon use, with some exceptions. You start every battle with three skill points, and you can gain one each time you perform an attack with any character.

The skill points are cumulative for the entire team, which allows you to mix and match.


After getting enough energy by using your Basic Attack, Skill, or taking damage, you’ll be able to use your Ultimate. This ability is strong enough to turn the odds in your favor if used correctly.


This replaces your Skill button when you’re in the open world. Use it to get an advantage over your opponents in battle. The advantage provided is different for each character, and you can only use a set number of Techniques before you recharge.

Unlike your characters’ health, you can’t regenerate your Technique numbers at Space Anchors. To do that, you’ll have to break some special purple items in the world.


There are a total of four passives that every character can get after being ascended, and the Talent is the main passive that brings all the abilities together and forms the character.

Other than the Traces, each character can have their character level, Light Cone level, and Relic type and level. All of these heavily impact the effectiveness of the character, but the game gives you the freedom to choose them. Because of this, the tier list will try to base characters off their Traces only.

Moreover, a particular character can be stronger against certain enemies because of their element and path. For example, characters belonging to The Hunt Path will always be better against boss enemies, while Erudition characters perform better against a group of smaller enemies.

This tier list will assume that every character is put in a scenario that’s best for them according to their path and element.

This will make it easier to bring them on the same page while ranking them.

S-Tier Four-Star Characters

Honkai Star Rail Lynx Ultimate Animation-1

  • March 7th
  • Natasha
  • Tingyun
  • Sushang
  • Lynx

Characters belonging to this tier have quite a synergistic set of abilities, and you can never go wrong with upgrading these characters. EXP resources are quite scarce for F2P players at the start of the game, which makes it essential to focus only on a few characters instead of upgrading them all a little bit.

These characters can even perform well against some five-stars in certain scenarios:



March 7th

The first character that you unlock in the game, March 7th is decent at shielding one character, which is extremely important for endgame content unless you have Gepard. She also has a chance of Freezing the enemies, which forces them to skip a turn.


Another character that unlocks for free through the main story, Natasha is one of the few healers in the game. This makes her extremely valuable at the start of the game since you’ll struggle to keep your characters alive.

Moreover, she gets amazing passives after being ascended, which allows her to remove debuffs from her allies. She also makes the enemies deal less damage at the start of battle if her technique is used.


Tingyun is a Harmony character that massively buffs other party members’ damage from her Skill and Ultimate apart from dealing extra turret damage with their attacks. This already makes her good with a DPS.

Moreover, she’s one of the few characters that get extra basic attack DMG buffed from two of her passives and gets her SPD increased as well.


This character can repeatedly advance her turns and deal massive damage to the enemies. Her damage numbers can be higher than most characters in the game, and the Skill Point gained from Eidolon One makes her one of the best four-star DPS.


Lynx is the second four-star Abundance character alongside Natasha, and she does almost everything better. She can constantly heal your characters when they get a turn and cleanse your entire team with her Ultimate.

A-Tier Four-Star Characters

Pela using her Zone Suppression Ultimate in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Dan Heng
  • Serval
  • Asta
  • Pela
  • Yukong
  • Hook

Heading into the A-Tier, these characters are still great to have in your team, but they might not perform well in every single scenario. They’ll still give you a lot of value and are worth upgrading, but they’re just a little more situational.



Dan Heng

Dan Heng is one of the first characters that you unlock for free soon after the Trailblazer wakes up. He belongs to The Hunt Path and deals phenomenal single-target damage with both his Skill and Ultimate.

He is also quite a self-sustaining character since he can reduce the chances of being attacked on low health, decrease the enemy’s SPD, and increase his own SPD.


Serval is given to every player for free through the pre-registration rewards. Apart from possessing great multi-target Lightning DMG, Serval can keep enemies in a shocked state almost all the time through her Technique and other abilities.

If you have Kafka on your account, you can pair her with Serval and she can even go up to the S tier.


Asta is a Harmony character who can provide massive ATK and SPD boosts to your team if used correctly. The latter is one of the sought-after stat in the game while the former is great for all DPS teams, especially the ones based on DoT.


Pela has some powerful abilities that can remove enemy buffs and debuff them. She can reduce the DEF of all enemies at the same time, and the Ice Weakness Break from her can be great in the current meta since there aren’t many Ice characters.


Yukong is a special Harmony character as she can buff your party members’ ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG. The only problem is that this buff only applies to the next two characters taking turns after her, which requires a lot of planning.


There aren’t a lot of viable Fire DPS characters in the game, and Hook can deal a ton of DMG while being self-sustaining with her Traces, especially if you use a healing Destruction Light Cone on her.

B-Tier Four-Star Characters

Honkai Star Rail Qingque In Exalting Sanctum

If a character is in this tier, you might want to think again if you want to upgrade them. They can be good in specific scenarios, but you’ll have to put in a lot of resources to get value out of them.




Qingque has a lot of Gacha involved in her Skills, but she got a better position as the game progressed further since many characters can regain these Skill Points now. She can deal some big damage if you get lucky as well.


Sampo was great during the early game, but he slowly lost value due to the lackluster nature of DoT. Although, he can be A or even S tier if you have Kafka on your account since she makes DoT much better.


Luka is the perfect blend between a damage-dealing and DoT character since his DoT can deal damage based on the enemy’s max health. Unfortunately, the ATK cap in this DoT is a little too strict. Once again, he can still be great if paired with Kafka.

C-Tier Four-Star Characters

Another shot of Herta's It's Magic, I Added Some Magic Ultimate attack in Honkai: Star Rail

Characters in C-Tier are the weakest in the game and it’s usually not a good idea to invest in them. Once again, you can get value out of them and they’re still viable, it just takes too much to do that.




Herta has a great kit and damage overall but she can feel a little counter-intuitive sometimes. Moreover, she doesn’t have any abilities for freezing enemies apart from Ice Weakness Break.


Arlan is one of the characters that could definitely be better when the game’s meta shakes up, but he suffers from a lack of self-sustenance at the moment.

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