All Disney Dreamlight Valley Freebie Codes For October

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While exploring the enchanting realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you might wish to get valuable materials for your character. This is entirely normal and holds immense significance for your in-game advancement. Typically, you would utilize in-game currency for this purpose.



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However, it’s essential to remember that there’s always a second way to get things. Thanks to the codes provided by the developers to players, you can obtain essential in-game materials for free. This guide details all the freebie codes you can use in the game, so enter them and grab all the free rewards you can.

Updated October 4, 2023, by Tunahan Karakis: Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to provide players with valuable and exciting rewards through free codes. If you’re not acquainted with these codes, you can find the most up-to-date list in our article.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes For October 2023

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the character waits next to the mailbox to receive free rewards

Gameloft Montreal offers players a lot of codes in October thanks to the Dreamsnaps challenge, Pride, and more. By using these codes, you can get many awards, such as Light Blue Ice Cream Stand, Pride Gleam Tee, and Air Hockey Table.

As of October, there are ten active codes, and the rewards they offer are outlined below. The only new code added this month is ”AUTUMNBUNDLE”.




Pride Gleam Tee


Pride Illuminate Tee


Pride Shine Tee


Pride Shimmer Tee


Pride Glow Tee


Pride Radiate Tee


Pride Bright Tee


Pride Dazzle Tee


Air Hockey Table, Game Machine, Coin-op Game


2x Pampas Grass Jug, 2x Bountiful Marigold Basket, Autumn Wreath, Autumn Harvest Pennants

Note that you can only use the codes in the table above once. If you enter the same code a second time, you will receive a warning that this code has been used before.

How To Redeem Codes In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Code Redeeming Screen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve selected an appropriate code, use the following steps to redeem it.

  1. Log in to Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  2. Go to ”Menu.”
  3. Open up the ”Settings” tab in the upper right corner.
  4. Select ”Help” located in the bottom left corner.
  5. Enter the code you want to redeem in the text box under “Import Avatar.”
  6. Click the ‘Claim’ button, and you’re done.

After following these steps, you will see a warning: “The code has been claimed; it will appear in your mailbox soon.

Afterward, go back to the game and check the mailbox next to your house. You can find the rewards you requested from there.

Note that all these codes have an expiration date. So hurry up and grab your rewards before the time runs out.

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