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The Shining Falls Super Mario Bros. Wonder is full of various trials to test your mettle. This world’s Search Party stage doesn’t pull its punches either, as this level’s Wonder Tokens are tucked away behind hidden blocks. Here you’ll spend a lot of time hopping around from left to right, hoping that you hit something.



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You’ll find this level near the beginning of Shining Falls, close to the Poplin Shop. This stage is called ‘An Empty Park?’ and it lives up to its title. This guide will show you how to expose the secrets tucked away in this seemingly empty level.

An Empty Park Token One

A flower token sitting on top of two connected blocks.

After entering the open area to the right, immediately jump to hit a hidden block that will reveal the first Wonder Token. Jump underneath the token to reveal another block to stand on top of. Hopping on top of this new block and jumping will reveal more blocks to stand on to collect this token.

All the tokens in this level require you to hit hidden blocks to show their location. If you ever feel like you missed something, jump around to try and hit a stray hidden block.

An Empty Park Token Two

The second flower token on a block just below a cliff.

Jump after collecting the last token to find a hidden block that reveals the next token. Jump on top of the block to the left side and hop to reveal another hidden block that you can jump onto to obtain the next token. The cliff to the left provides a moment of respite where you can plan out where to head next.

An Empty Park Token Three

The third flower token inside rainwater on a cloud platform.

From this point, jump to the left to hit a block that summons a platform moving up and down. Ride this platform and jump when the platform reaches the top to hit a hidden block that will unveil another platform moving from left to right.

Jump when this horizontally moving platform has just started moving to the left to hit a block that will uncover a cloud platform with rain you can swim through. Hop on to the block on the all the way to the right and jump to the left to hit a block that will show the next token inside the rain.

An Empty Park Token Four

The fourth flower token inside rainwater on another cloud platform.

Swim through the rain to get to the top of the rain cloud. Jump while standing in the center of the rain cloud to hit two blocks that will expose another cloud platform with rain and the next token. It’s worth equipping the Dolphin Kick badge to make the underwater travel easier.

An Empty Park Token Five

The final flower token on top of a raining cloud.

While in this new rain cloud water, swim on the right side to hit a hidden block that will show the location of the next rain cloud. Hop up to the rain cloud you uncovered and swim in the top left corner to hit another block. This block will reveal the final token on top of the rain cloud.

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