After Two Miserable Months, Mewtwo Y Has Finally Released Its Stranglehold On Pokemon Unite

Ding dong, the eugenics Pokemon is dead. It’s hard to believe that Mewtwo Y has only been terrorizing Pokemon Unite for two months, because it feels like it’s been an eternity since I’ve actually had fun playing the game. This week’s patch finally brought what is widely regarded as the most oppressive Pokemon in Unite history back in line – which is saying something, considering how poorly balanced this game has been at times.



There’s been plenty of OP Pokemon in Unite over the last two years. When Dragonite launched at the end of 2021 you needed one on every team if you wanted to have any hope of securing Zapdos during the final stretch. Tsareena was a monster in the jungle for a time, as were Glaceon and Tyranitar. Lucario was a top-lane champ for almost all of Unite history, and no one has forgotten what Zacian put us through for a few weeks earlier this year. But all of the ‘Mons pale in comparison to the might of Mewtwo Y for one very important reason: you didn’t need any skill to play it.

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The problem with Mewtwo Y is that its power scales to unbelievable levels simply by auto-attacking. Every hit you land with its basic attack increases its special attack and attack speed, and after 12 hits it evolves temporarily into Mega Mewtwo Y, giving it a massive boost in special attack, attack speed, HP, and movement speed. Before you even factor in the utility of all of its other abilities, including its devastating Unite move, Mewtwo Y was a force to be reckoned with by anyone capable of holding the A button and wandering around the map.

The combination of an overpowered character with an extremely simple kit made Mewtwo Y a menace in Unite since it was released in August. For the last two months it was common to come up against players with sub-50 percent win rates that were absolutely decimating everyone with Mewtwo Y without even trying. As of last update Uniteapi shows Mewtwo Y as having a stagerring 55 percent win rate and 58 percent pick rate. Until the last patch, you were likely to face a Mewtwo Y and you were likely to lose.

Mewtwo Y's choice between Future Sight and Psystrike at Level five in Pokemon Unite.

There’s a laundry list of nerfs for the Pokemon in the patch, but the one that seems to have the biggest effect is the total removal of Mewtwo Y’s ability to crit. Before, its critical-hit rate would scale from five percent to ten percent, but now it has a zero percent chance to crit, meaning its huge 3x damage spikes have been eliminated. There’s also reductions to its special attack, future sight damage effect, and the bonuses it gets from using recover. It’s still going to be a powerful Pokemon, but it shouldn’t be as much of an auto-win pick as it was before.

The other big nerf to Mewtwo Y is actually a nerf of another Pokemon. Blissey, Y’s partner in crime, has received its own slate of nerfs, including a reduction to shield from its Unite Move by a whopping 20 percent. With less spike damage and less protection, we shouldn’t have to worry about Mewtwo Y terrorizing the battlefield quite as much.

As exciting as it is to finally see Mewtwo Y brought down a few pegs, there’s no excusing how long we’ve had to wait for these changes. It was obvious from day one that Mewtwo Y was overpowered, and all the available data has supported the community’s belief that it represents a negative force in the game. I had hoped Timi Studio Group had learned to avoid these situations after Zacian’s shenanigans earlier this year, but that wasn’t the case. It doesn’t seem like Mimikyu stands to be as game-breaking as either Pokemon, but the next time Unite adds a Legendary, it better not be as absurdly overtuned as Mewtwo Y.

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