Acolyte Inspiration Guide For Baldur’s Gate 3

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With plenty to do in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re sure to come across a notification that you’ve gained Inspiration sooner than later. This handy mechanic is what will help you out in times of need when the dice don’t roll in your favorite. Everyone rolls low once in a while (or more often than not), and having Inspiration can be a lifesaver.



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Every background available in the game has unique goals that come along with it. These goals are tied to quests and interactions that will shape your game and your character. There are dozens to discover, and not all of them can be found at once.

What Is An Acolyte?

He Who Was and the White Raven in Baldur's Gate 3

Each background comes with specific goals for you to unlock as you play, allowing you to gain Inspiration which will help you on your journey.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can select acolyte as your background. It means that, prior to being taken by the illithids, you were spending your days in service to a temple.

You served the god of your choice faithfully and learned the rites and what sacrifices needed to be made. Because of this, you will earn Inspiration from serving the gods, discovering their greatness, and helping others in moments of need.

Inspiration is a vital part of gameplay, as it allows you to reroll certain Ability Checks to avoid critical failures and low scores. Passing the checks can result in avoiding combat, additional rewards, or unique dialogue from NPCs. You can hold up to four Inspiration points at a time.

Additional Inspiration over four will be converted to experience points, so it’s important to use Inspiration regularly to save room for more.

How To Gain Acolyte Inspiration

Throughout the game, there are various ways to earn Inspiration. While you will likely earn many Inspiration points throughout your playthrough, you may not be able to discover all of them in one go. Here are some of the ways you can earn Inspiration:

Some of these background goals will contain spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Background Goal

How To Complete


Acolytes of the Demon Web Pits

Persuade the spiders in Grymforge to remain faithful to Lolth.

Act One

Last Rites of the Dark Dancer

Complete Eilistraee’s ritual of sorrow and obtain her blessed blade.

Act One

Shatter the Moon

Destroy Selûne’s protection over the Underdark fort.

Act One

A Unified Spirit

Pray with the Flaming Fists at Waukeen’s Rest.

Act One

Her Gift of Silver

Recover Selûne’s lost treasure through prayer.

Act One

A Kiss Without Mercy

Endure the ritual of Loviatar until Abdirak is pleased.

Act One

Treefather’s Sorrow

Unleash Silvanus’ curse upon the grove.

Act One

Silvanus’ Solitude

Witness the ritual that seals off the grove from the world.

Act One

The Final Scribe’s Boon

Discover Jergal’s amulet in the chapel’s hidden tomb.

Act One

Divinity Undone

Unlock and read the book of Dead Gods

Act One

Saving the Heretic

Learn about Maglubiyet and safely free his priest.

Act One

Justice Sees All

Discover why Anders betrayed Tyr.

Act One

Tipping the Scales

Earn the worship of the Kuo-Toa.

Act One

A Piece of Three

Piece together Ketheric’s allegiances.

Act Two

Fate Must Wait

Resurrect anyone in your party.


No Rest for the Wicked

Assist He Who Was in his task.

Act Two

Moonweaver’s Prayer

Witness Isobel’s ritual to keep up the protection of Last Light.

Act Two

Sole Survivor

Discover the truth behind the numerous rats in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Act Two

Those For Whom The Bell Tolled

Kill all of Balthazar’s undead.

Act Two

Blessed’s Final rest

Find the aasimar’s journal.

Act Two

Honing the Darkness

Pass all of Shar’s tests in the middle of the cursed town.

Act Two

Offerings to the Waves

Make an offering for the dead waveservant.

Act Three

Forgotten, Bloodies, Halls

Discover the Temple of Bhaal.

Act Three

Ordinary Practices in Extraordinary Times

Offer appropriate offerings to a deity in the Stormshore Tabernacle.

Act Three

What Remains of the Dead

Guide Nina to acceptance or prowess.

Act Three

A Scorned Closed Heart

Side with the open-minded priest.

Act Three

A Wounded Open Heart

Side with the closed-minded priest

Act Three

Needs of the Many

Persuade the merchant to let the refugee squatters stay in his home.

Act Three

Best Ways To Use Inspiration

Astarion talks about donations in Baldur's Gate 3

To get the most out of Inspiration, it’s best to bring a character with a similar background so you can double up, or you can diversify your party to gather more across your adventure.

Inspiration is best spent when trying to avoid combat or make deals to get better rewards.

Characters gain Inspiration as they interact with the environment, so it’s important to check everything and make decisions that align with your character’s background to gain the most Inspiration for your playthrough.

You never know what secrets are waiting for you, so explore Faerûn with your party to become inspired.

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