A viral tweet attempting to shame Keely Shaye Smith has backfired

A viral tweet attempting to shame model, journalist and producer Keely Shaye Smith has backfired spectacularly.

Smith, 60, is married to actor Pierce Brosnan, 70; the two met in 1994, married in 2001 and have gone on to have two sons together.

They are one of the rare Hollywood couples who have lasted and the James Bond star has always spoken glowingly about their marriage, recently telling Peoplejust how much he loves his wife.

“I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if I searched a million times over would I find one as good,” he declared.

The award-winning actor has also referred to Smith as his “best friend” and described her as his “north star.”

Despite their marriage being a long-lasting success, a tweet by an account describing itself as “campaigning against misandrist educational institutions who failed men” reposted photos of the couple taken side-by-side and warned men off getting married.

“Your daily reminder to avoid marriage,” the tweet was captioned.

The pictures have been taken over a decade apart, and the direct comparison shows how they’ve both aged through the years.

The tweet was clearly commenting on the fact that Smith has gained weight. Sure, she’s had two children and still looks incredible, but apparently, that is worth talking about.

The tweet intended to poke fun at Smith’s weight and somehow suggest that women “let themselves go” during marriage.

It also wasn’t just reaching a quiet corner of the internet; over 43 million people have seen it, and to put that in perspective, Australia’s entire population hovers at around 26 million people.

There’s no pretending that the tweet wasn’t partly successful in getting people to comment gross things about women, weight and marriage. It is the internet; you’re never going to be short of finding someone with something mean to say.

The tweet was also hijacked by people defending Smith and the marriage claim the account was trying to make.

It overwhelmingly became a conversation about how great Smith looks and how wonderful their marriage sounds.

Some people responded, pointing out that she looked “lovely” or “beautiful” in both photos, and another just wrote that she looked “gorgeous” and added whoever tweeted the images should “get over themselves.”

Others replied to point out the flawed thinking that these pictures could ever be seen as a marriage deterrent.

“Yes, because staying a size two forever is the real meaning behind everlasting love,” someone joked

Another pointed out that the photos are just a reminder that a “good marriage” can go the distance.

While someone else wrote that this tweet goes against everything Brosnan has ever said about his wife.

“This man is happy in his marriage and has spoken openly about how he loves her body and doesn’t want her to change it,” she argued.

One woman pointed out skinniness doesn’t always make you more attractive.

“Going to just pretend there aren’t guys that prefer this huh?” she asked.

While another said men should beware of accounts like this that spew this kind of thinking because it will “ruin their lives” if they listen.

The tweet went so viral that American television personality and John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, even commented.

“You know he’s obsessed with her, right? Like absolutely obsessed, talks about it in interviews all the time, and they have been married like 20 years,” she wrote.

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