90s icon Ricki Lake denies weight loss rumour after dropping 30lbs

Ricki Lake is “so, so proud” of her 30 pound (almost 14 kilogram) weight loss journey over the past several months.

The Hairspray actress took to Instagram on Saturday to share with her followers that she decided to make a lifestyle change back in October that didn’t include the use of pharmaceuticals.

“Hi friends. I’ve been wanting to share with you what I’ve been up to these last 4 months,” Lake began her caption.

“On October 26th, 2023 I made a commitment to myself to get healthier,” she continued. “My husband, Ross joined me in this effort. Together we have each lost 30+ lbs. I really want to share, because we did this without relying on a pharmaceutical.”

She added: “(Not that there is anything wrong with that.)”

Lake shared that her and her husband, Ross Burningham, were both not pre-diabetic and the pair felt that they “wanted to at least try and do it on our own.”

“Being 55 and in perimenopause, I was a bit worried, that my body would not drop the lbs like it had in the past,” Lake wrote.

“I am so-so proud of us. I feel amazing. I feel strong,” Lake wrote, adding a muscle emoji. “I will go in depth in another post of what I did exactly, but suffice to say this is the healthiest way I’ve lost weight in all of my years.”

She shared with her followers that the first picture in her carousel of images was taken on Saturday and the second and third pictures were photographed on November 3rd.

Lake said that she was probably around 170 pounds (77 kilograms) when she started and she’s 5’3”.

Many of Lake’s followers left words of encouragement on her post, including Rosie O’Donnell and Kristin Chenoweth.

O’Donnell wrote: “looking great rick” and Chenoweth wrote: “Good for y’all! This is amazing!!!”

Lake has previously proudly shown off her figure.

In June, Lake shared a nude photo of herself in a bathtub, celebrating her half-birthday.

“Hands down, these days are the best of my life,” she began her caption. “54 1/2 years old (young!) Grateful for all that had to happen for me to get to here. A place of complete self-acceptance and self love.”

This story originally appeared on Fox News and is republished here with permission

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