9 Tips And Tricks For Heroic Assault Mode

The Heroic Assault mode in Gotham Knights is a welcome addition away from the primary campaign. This four-player co-op mode lets you team up with your friends and take on 30 floors full of enemies and bosses. Although the game mode is fun, it can be challenging at times, especially as you reach the final ten levels.



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While it is recommended to play in co-op, you can also play this game mode by yourself in the single-player mode. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you beat Heroic Assault no matter whether you’re playing alone, with friends, or with random people online.

9 Pick The Best Characters

Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing in Gotham Knights

With every hero having unique skills and abilities, picking the right ones is crucial for success in Heroic Assault. Although the game mode can be beaten using any of the characters in the game, the easiest way to complete it is by using Nightwing or Batgirl. If you are playing with a squad then Nightwing will make your life easier and if not then you can choose to fight through the enemies using Batgirl.

Nightwing’s kit includes certain skills such as ‘Assassins’ Mark’ which boosts team-wide damage inflicted on opponents by ten percent. Meanwhile, Batgirl can fight through crowds of opponents using skills such as ‘Elite Beatdown,’ which improves her defensive attributes.

8 Focus On Communication

A dynamic Heroic Assault fight in Gotham Knights

As hard as it might be, try to communicate your thoughts with your teammates as much as possible. This is especially useful when taking on the final ten levels as the difficulty increases. Planning coordinated attacks and tactics with teammates can make Heroic Assault way easier. For example, one or two players can look to isolate certain opponents while the others focus on completing the objectives.

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Obviously, not everyone in your random lobbies will use their mic so try to be polite with the ones that do and form plans together. You can also use the in-game communication system to ask for help or to share your thoughts.

7 Prioritize AOE Attacks

Nightwing attacking an enemy in Gotham Knights

Like most superhero games, there will be packs of opponents you will have to fight as you progress through Heroic Assault. The best way to defeat these enemies is by using AOE or Area of Effect attacks. These AOE attacks are great at lowering the health of your opponents, so your teammates can finish them off easily.

This is another reason why having the right heroes in your team is so important. One of the best abilities you should acquire before heading into Heroic Assault is the Tonfa Jackhammer ability of Batgirl because it is great at dealing damage and staggering all nearby opponents.

6 Prioritize The Right Skills

Nightwing Skill Tree in Gotham Knights

Heroic Assault is all about brawling and defeating your opponents in straight-up combat. Unlike the game’s main campaign, you don’t have to use stealth at all here which means most of the skills you equip in the main storyline are useless here. Focus on equipping skills that increase your defensive attributes as they will help out a lot in this game mode.

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If you are playing with Nightwing, try to unlock the Pack Leader skills such as Family Ties and Shared Skill since they will help out your teammates as well as yourself. With Batgirl, you can focus on unlocking the Grit skills such as Hp+ as they are great at providing extra defense. If you do want to go into Heroic Assault with Red Hood or Robin then you should equip their Brawler and Slugger skills respectively.

5 Complete The Objectives Quickly

heroes Protecting the Heroic Assault Objectives

The best way to proceed through each floor in Heroic Assault is to complete the objectives as no matter how many enemies you kill, they will just keep respawning until you have completed the main objective of each floor. This can be a struggle at times, especially as you get to the last ten levels, but playing with your teammates and dividing responsibilities is the best way to make it happen.

Many floors will require you to fix generators while mobs of enemies attack you, this may pose a challenge, especially if you are going solo. The best way to get through this is to defeat as many mobs as you can and then fix the generators before they respawn. This may require a few tries, but you will eventually find enough time to complete the tasks without any enemies distracting you.

4 Try Going Solo or Duo

Batgirl facing an enemy in Gotham Knights

If you are struggling to complete Heroic Assault with a four-player squad, it may just be because having four players makes the opponents much stronger. This is because the difficulty level of the mobs is automatically increased when you are playing with four players and their rate of spawning is also much higher

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Although playing with a full squad is the most fun way to play Heroic Assault, it can also take a lot longer than if you are going solo or with two players. Since this game mode already has a very long runtime, it can be worth trying to go solo or duo especially if you are trying it for the first time.

3 Kill The Mobs Before The Final Boss

Starro the Conquerer in Gotham Knights

The 30th floor presents the final boss of Heroic Assault, the Man-Bat who is under the influence of the main villain Starro the Conquerer. Although this mini-boss fight isn’t too hard, One thing that you need to know before going and defeating the Man-Bat is that you need to defeat all the mobs present on the floor before you go to beat this final boss.

This is because killing all the mobs surrounding Man-Bat first gives you a much higher chance of the Man-Bat dropping legendary rewards that are some of the best in Gotham Knights. These legendary drops can range from mods, and suits to blueprints.

2 Look for Hidden Chests

Combat in Gotham Knights as three foes face off

There are plenty of hidden chests scattered across the arena containing different types of loot. The best thing about these chests is that they are pretty much located in the same positions across all the floors so once you figure out their locations, you can easily collect them all. Although these chests won’t contain any legendary drops, they will still have plenty of loot to help you level up your gear.

There are three main rooms on each floor with all of them having different objectives. As you move from one room to another, you will pass through certain caves or mines. These are the places where you will find the hidden chests so be sure to take your time and look around. Once you find some of these chests, you will have a good idea of where they will be placed across the other floors.

1 Remain Patient

red-hood in Gotham Knights

Even if you do everything we suggest and finish Heroic Assault, there’s still a chance you won’t get the legendary drops you want, even though you’ll always get level 60 gear. This gear is the best in Gotham Knights and only comes from Heroic Assault and Showdown.

Apart from the gear, the drop rates of loot from level 30 are very random, and you may have to complete the game mode several times to get legendary drops such as mods, suits and melees. Fortunately, once you have completed Heroic Assault once, it is pretty easy to do it again. The attack patterns of the mobs are always the same and are easy to counter once learned. So keep going, and you will eventually receive the drops you deserve. Once you do get these drops, all members of your team will be given them individually.

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