6 Things To Do After You Beat The Game


  • In Lies of P’s New Game Plus mode, you can carry over your weapons and gear from your previous playthrough, making it easier to handle the more powerful enemies you’ll face.
  • Take advantage of New Game Plus to complete side quests and earn exclusive rewards that you may have missed in your first playthrough.
  • Make sure to collect all weapons during New Game Plus, as some may have been missed in the previous playthrough and having a diverse arsenal will help you in the tough battles that lie ahead.



Lies of P might not be the biggest of games in terms of content, but with its difficulty, you’ll certainly be playing it for a long time. If you have already finished your first playthrough, you might not want to move on from Pinocchio’s adventures just yet.

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There’s plenty of challenge to be found in Lies of P’s New Game Plus mode, with enemies being far more dangerous due to their added damage and health. Even so, you have most of your tools from your previous journey with you, so get ready to gear up and complete this masterfully crafted souls-like title.

6 Phase Six P-Organ Unlock

Lies Of P P-Organ Upgrade Chair

When you take your first steps into Lies of P’s New Game Plus mode, you’ll notice some changes right away. Your weapons, costumes, and Legion Arms are all carried over, letting you do battle with the initial puppets with your full build. While the beginning enemies are more powerful than when you last faced them, you’ll make short work of them with your endgame equipment.

Remember not to exit the train where you start just yet, and check the final wagon where you made your choice of initial weapon. In this mode, you’re allowed to change your Legion Arm and expand your P-Organ. This last one is significant since in New Game Plus, you’ll get access to a whole new tier of Organs, as long as you have the Quartz to unlock it with.

5 Complete Missing Side Quests

lies of p weeping lady side quest

The best way to go about your first playthrough of any game is to go at it blind. That way, you’ll get the most out of the experience, and whatever content or side quest you manage to complete, it will be by your merit alone. While this allows you to have the most fun, it is nearly inevitable that you’ll miss the odd side quest or two.

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New Game Plus is your time to do all that content you missed and earn the rewards associated with it. Not only are each of those stories worth it, but they come with some nice and exclusive rewards, too. Besides, you will need to redo them at least once, mostly due to the ending requirements regarding the moments when you can lie.

4 Collect All Weapons

Lies Of P Weapon Menu Collage Showing Holy Sword Of The Ark, Big Pipe Wrench And Seven-Coiled Spring Sword

No matter how thorough you were in your first playthrough of Lies of P, it is guaranteed that you’ll be missing at least one weapon as you first arrive in New Game Plus. This is because there are two weapons hidden behind the game’s final choice, and you might not have made it to that choice to begin with.

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That’s not to mention that in a normal playthrough when you talk to Alidoro to gain the coveted boss weapons, you won’t have a use for them all. Since this is a hard game, you need all the help you can get, so there’s no reason to get a Motivity weapon when you have a Technique build. New Game Plus is your opportunity to get anything you might’ve missed during those hard choices.

3 Complete Missing Achievements

Lies Of P, Best Legion Arms Featured Image

If you’re planning a New Game Plus run, you’re probably looking to complete every achievement the game has to offer. Since you can’t do everything in a single playthrough, you might as well leave the hardest or most nerve-wracking achievements for when you can run around everywhere with your final build.

Among the achievements that don’t have to do with side quests or weapons, you’ll need to decipher all cryptic vessels, find all Trinity Sanctums, and collect all records. All of them can be quite tricky to find on your own, fortunately, you can find plenty of guides to help you on your completionist journey.

2 Defeat The Nameless Puppet

Lies Of P Boss Nameless Puppet

Of the three endings of Lies of P, two of them share the same final boss. One of them, the Real Boy ending, simply requires you to deal with Simon Manus, the man responsible for the petrification disease. Once he’s defeated, just give your heart to Gepetto, and you’ll have officially finished the game.

With three endings, what about the other two? Well, if you gave your heart to Gepetto, you missed the real final battle, the Nameless Puppet. Being the true final boss, this is one of the hardest fights the game has to offer, so you better bring everything you’ve got to bring it down.

1 Unlock All Endings

The new doll form of Sophia coming to life and holding the deceased Pinocchio in her arms.

Because the game auto-saves, getting three endings means playing the game three times, so traversing New Game Plus is a must. But there is something else you should consider when preparing your playthrough since two of the endings are tied to how much you lied. If you keep playing by making the same choices, you’ll still be locked out of certain endings.

If you’re unsure as to what ending you’ve got, just know that the Free From Puppet Strings is the ending for telling the truth, and Rise of P is the ending for telling lies. So, if you already have one of them, you now know if you need to tell lies or not. It’s best to leave the Real Boy ending for last since it allows you to skip most content like the Nameless Puppet.

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