2Day FM host Erin Molan cracks it at Dave Hughes

2Day FM breakfast host Erin Molan was stunned into silence on radio this morning when she discovered what her co-host, Dave Hughes, had said about her in an interview.

Hughesy was a guest on a recent episode of news.com.au’s Shock Jocks, where radio hosts are given the choice of answering tough questions or being ‘electrocuted’.

During that interview, Hughesy was asked to name Molan’s most annoying habit.

He replied: “That’s a long list. I can’t narrow it down. I’ll take the (electric) shock, only because it wouldn’t be fair to all the other annoying habits to pick just one.”

Molan was unaware of Hughesy’s comment until her 2Day FM breakfast co-host, Ed Kavalee, played the audio from the Shock Jocks interview on air this morning.

It did not go down well, with Molan remaining silent after the audio aired.

“What’s happening?” asked Hughesy.

“Well, Erin’s pausing,” Kavalee responded.

“Erin, don’t crack it,” Hughesy pleaded.

The comedian tried to spin his way out of trouble, telling Molan: “I took the electric shock (in the interview) rather than make Erin feel bad. It was a really selfless act by me”.

But Molan wasn’t buying it.

“Sorry, you’ve just said to a massive news.com.au audience that it wouldn’t be fair on all the rest of my bad habits just to name one, because there’s so many, and you’re saying that response is not meant to make me feel bad?!”

Molan continued: “I’d rather you name them than people think they’re worse than they are.”

She then asked Hughesy to be “brutally honest” and to name her annoying habits.

Hughesy agreed, reluctantly, telling his co-host that her most annoying habit is “needing constant reassurance about how attractive you are”.

“You’re obviously attractive,” he said. “You’re obviously beautiful. But you should not need any reassurance about that.”

Molan seemed shocked by the comment, telling her co-hosts: “I’m actually really embarrassed. I don’t need constant reassurance about how I look!”

The segment ended with Molan vowing to get revenge on Hughesy by appearing on Shock Jocks in the not too distant future, where she will no doubt reveal some rather juicy tidbits about her co-host.

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