10 Best Pokemon Games On Nintendo DS


  • The Nintendo DS has a wide range of Pokemon games, both classic style and spin-offs, for fans to enjoy.
  • The Sinnoh region games (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum) offer a deep lore and story, with powerful god-like Pokemon.
  • Pokemon spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon and Ranger provide unique gameplay experiences, allowing players to control Pokemon directly and complete missions.



You might be the kind of person who absolutely loves the Pokemon games and the Nintendo DS. If you are, then you’re fortunate, thanks to the sheer amount of games you had available. The amount of Pokemon games on the DS stretches into the double digits, and many of them are beloved by fans.

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You have access to plenty of the classic style of Pokemon games on the system, but that’s not all you get. There are also a wide range of spin-off games for you to give a try, thanks to both the Mystery Dungeon series and the Ranger series taking off.

10 Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, And Platinum

pokemon diamond pearl platinum battle frontier

Almost everyone who owned a Nintendo DS practically had to get one of these Pokemon games at some point. Whether Diamond, Pearl, or the upgraded Pokemon Platinum, you had plenty of opportunities to explore the Sinnoh region.

The fourth generation of Pokemon may have led to a few types feeling a bit ignored (namely fire and electricity), but it provided you with a massive story to experience. The lore of the world felt even deeper than ever before, thanks to the god-like Pokemon found within.

9 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team And Red Rescue Team

Pokemon Blue Rescue Team title art.

While not every Pokemon spin-off is an instant hit, a lot of people remember the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series fondly. This is because you controlled the Pokemon directly instead of as a trainer, going on missions as they grow stronger and make more friends.

Rather than the standard turn-based combat of the core series, this game sees you crawling through various dungeons and battling whatever Pokemon you come across as you have been turned into a Pokemon of your choosing. It’s a major departure from the core series but a delightful change of pace.

8 Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Ranger cover art

The Pokemon Ranger line of spin-off games will feel familiar to the core series, though many of the game’s mechanics are unique. Rather than being the very best like no one ever was and catching ‘em all, you’ll be taming wild Pokemon to help you out.

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The story unfolds through you taking on a series of missions as an official Pokemon Ranger. You’ll be handling tasks that have you helping those in need and local Pokemon populations. Eventually, you’ll be forced to tame legendary Pokemon, putting you up there with the best Pokemon Rangers of all time.

7 Pokemon Conquest

pokemon conquest nobunaga and rayquaza

If you love the idea of the Pokemon series branching out and trying new things, you’re going to love how bizarre Pokemon Conquest is for the series. It is a top-down turn-based strategy game that can be compared to other titles like the Fire Emblem series or even Final Fantasy Tactics.

That comparison should give you an idea of exactly how this strange but refreshing game functions. With a whole host of story content to experience and the ability to play the game with a friend, there is a lot to explore in Pokemon Conquest.

6 Pokemon Black And White

Pokemon Black and White Biancas confrontation with her Dad in Mossdeep City with Elesa

The fifth generation of Pokemon kicked off in a big way with the release of Pokemon Black and White in 2010. Playing like any other game from the main series, the Black and White games offer one of the grandest narratives of the entire series.

Initially, your focus will be solely on becoming a Pokemon master, though you will be sidetracked in a hurry when you begin running into Team Plasma. This game also features the mysterious and enigmatic N, a character you’ll be seeing again in the sequels.

5 Pokemon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia

Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia cover

Playing similar to the other games in the series, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia once again asks you to take on the role of a Pokemon Ranger. Rather than being yet another Pokemon RPG, the game is much more adventure and action-focused.

You’re forced to deal with the villainous Team Dim Sum throughout this game as you complete various missions. You’ll face plenty of tough challenges on your journey across Almia, and that includes the fearsome Darkrai. While similar to the first game, this entry has a lot more to dig into and enjoy, especially for a younger audience.

4 Pokemon Black 2 And White 2

Zinzolin holding a pokeball before battle

If you can’t get enough of Pokemon Black and White, then you’re lucky to have sequels that continue the story of the Unova region. Team Plasma is back in the mix, as one might expect, placing their defeat in as important a place as being a Pokemon master.

As you make your way across the region, you’ll constantly find yourself at odds with Ghtsis’ evil team, something that leads to the return of N from the previous game. With some help from N, you eventually take down Ghetsis and go on to be the best trainer in the region.

3 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Time And Explorers Of Darkness

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

Acting as a sequel to the previously mentioned Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, this entry lets you take control of the fourth generation of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. The setup of the game is basically the same as the previous one, but more of the same isn’t a bad thing in Pokemon.

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Once again, you prepare your team and accept a series of missions to complete while you crawl through dungeons. The sheer amount of Pokemon featured in the game is impressive, so you’ll likely be able to make a team of your favorite available Pokemon at the time of the fourth generation.

2 Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Key Art with Pichu and two Rangers

Yet another action-adventure spin-off game for the Pokemon series, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs continues the trends of the previous two games. Playing nearly identical to the others, you are a Pokemon Ranger tasked with taming possible and eventually saving the region.

You once again use the Capture Styler in order to tame various Pokemon, though, by the third game in the series, some people were hoping for a bit more from this entry. Regardless, the story is still a blast to play through, and those who love the spin-off series gameplay will be right at home.

1 Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSilver

Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSIlver - Lugia And Ho-Oh Flapping Their Wings

A decade after the initial release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, the DS remakes Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver were released. These games serve as updated and improved versions of the original games in a variety of ways but let a new generation experience the previous generations’ Pokemon games.

Like with the original games, you can travel throughout Johto and Kanto to become a Pokemon master. While it can be a tough game, the grind is worth it once you make your way to and finally defeat Red, the original Pokemon protagonist.

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