10 Best MTG Commanders For The Holiday Season

The Holiday season, no matter how or where you celebrate it, is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year. People come together, share food and laughter with those they haven’t seen in far too long, and, if they’re Magic: The Gathering players, settle in for epic games of Commander that run deep into the Winter night.




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If you’re one of these players, and you’re looking to lean harder into the spirit of the season with your playgroup this time around, then consider the following commanders. Each has been hand-selected to represent a different aspect of the Holidays, and each is more than worthy of a spot on your festive wishlist.

10 The Goose Mother

The Goose That Ate The Golden Egg

MTG: The Goose Mother card

Tucking into a delicious roast bird is a tradition in countless households during the holidays, but The Goose Mother takes this idea and flips it on its head. Instead of your opponents getting to enjoy a tasty meal, they instead get to become one as a massive, multi-headed goose chomps down on their collective face.

As if this whimsical inversion wasn’t enough, The Goose Mother is also capable of creating Food tokens when it enters play, which gives you a nice supply of snacks to munch on while your main course is out wreaking havoc on the board. If you’ve always savored the food comas that the holiday season brings, then this is the commander for you.

9 Zedruu The Greathearted

Sharing Is Caring

MTG: Zedruu the Greathearted card

If you’ve ever longed for Commander games with less brutal fantasy combat and more giving of gifts, then Zedruu the Greathearted is here to grant your oddly specific wish. For just three mana, this Minotaur Monk lets you gift-wrap one of your permanents and send it to any other player at the table.

Normally, you’d pair this effect with the likes of Aggressive Mining and Bronze Bombshell for some tricksy power plays, but during the season of giving you may prefer to hand out genuinely useful permanents and simply enjoy the passive lifegain and card draw that Zedruu offers. Remember: helping the rest of the table have more fun is Magic’s secret alternate win condition.

8 Jetmir, Nexus Of Revels

The Hottest Ticket In Town

Bringing people together is what the Holidays are all about, and Jetmir rewards you handsomely for doing so. For every three creatures you invite to your board-based bash, he provides both a power boost and an extra keyword, with things really getting rowdy when you have nine or more guests in play.


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This lets you replicate the escalating chaos of a real party on the Commander table, with your creatures trampling and double-striking into the wee hours of the morning. Sadly your opponents’ creatures don’t get to join in on the fun, but you can use Threaten effects to invite them over for one turn only.

7 Aminatou, The Fateshifter

See The World Through Another’s Board

While the holiday season is certainly a time for celebration, it’s also a time for reflection, and empathy towards your fellow man. And what better way to dive into that aspect of festivities than by literally swapping boardstates with your opponents via Aminatou’s unique ultimate ability?

Like a kind of not-so-secret Santa, this ability gives everyone at the table some new toys to play with, letting them try out their opponents’ strategies and see how their permanents blend with the cards in their own hands and decks. Aminatou is a brilliant commander for when you want to mix things up, and a stellar choice for the more casual tables of the festive season.

6 Galadriel, Gift-Giver

A Great Way To Stuff Your Stocking

MTG: Galadriel, Gift-Giver card

The giving and receiving of gifts is as integral to the holiday season as cold weather and reunions with distant relatives, and Galadriel has many a fine treat to offer in this department. While she can’t hand out elven knives or locks of hair, she can offer Food, Treasure, or +1/+1 counters, both when she enters play and attacks.

The former two gifts can only be given to yourself, but the counters can be placed on any creature in play, meaning you can spread the festive cheer to multiple players at the table. The Treasure can also be used to fund other altruistic gestures, such as donating permanents to those with weaker boardstates.

5 Phelddagrif

A Big Purple Hug For The Whole Table

MTG: Phelddagrif card

Group Hug is a long-standing Commander archetype centered firmly on the idea of helping everyone else at the table rather than aiming to win yourself. In that sense, it’s a perfect thematic fit for the Holiday season, and there’s no better creature to lead such a deck than the iconic Phelddagrif.

This striking purple hippo gives you three different one-mana options for showing goodwill towards your fellow player, letting you dish out tokens, life, and cards with gleeful abandon. The latter does require you to return Phelddagrif to your hand, but you can use that to your advantage to dodge removal spells from any Scrooges at the table.

4 Kibo, Uktabi Prince

A Fruity Twist On A Holiday Feast

A plate of bananas may not be the most traditional holiday dinner but, as Kibo here proves, it can be both delicious and nutritious. With this merry Monkey in play you can dish up a fresh batch of Banana tokens every single turn, keeping everyone well-fed and ready to battle at their best.


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This lends Kibo a Group Hug feel, but the fact that he buffs up all of your Apes and Monkeys whenever someone chomps down on a tasty ‘nana, or any other artifact for that matter, gives him an edge that prevents you from becoming an easy target.

3 Treebeard, Gracious Host

Nothing Brings People Together Like Food

MTG: Treebeard, Gracious Host card

For those who thrive when taking on the role of host, the holiday season is a performance for which rehearsals run year-round. If you’re the designated host for your Commander playgroup, then you may want to consider choosing this incarnation of Treebeard to head up your next deck: he puts on one hell of a spread, after all.

Two Food tokens are enough to get any party started, but Treebeard also offers an additional benefit: three counters on a Treefolk or Halfling each time you tuck into one. It’s hard to think of a commander that embodies the festive ideals of Food and Fellowship better than this fine Treefolk.

2 Blim, Comedic Genius

Gifts, Laughs, And Holiday Hijinks

MTG: Blim, Comedic Genius card

The Holidays would be nothing without a bit of laughter, whether it’s forced after a cracker joke, or genuine at a classic festive film. Blim brings a whole barrel full of laughs to the Commander table, though, admittedly, largely at your opponents’ expense.

Each time he cracks in for damage, you get to give out one of your permanents as a gift. For maximum comedic effect, be sure to give away permanents with troublesome upkeep costs, such as Rotting Regisaur. The rest of the table may not appreciate the joke, but you’ll be cackling as their hands and life totals dwindle away.

1 Jorn, God Of Winter//Kaldring, The Rimestaff

Snow Is Falling, All Around Us

The idea of a ‘White Christmas’ may be more of a fantasy than a reality for most, but the connection between the Holidays and crisp white snow is undeniable regardless. To celebrate this aspect of the season, what better commander to choose than Jorn, the God of Winter himself?

With Jorn, you have the option of playing him and thawing out your snow permanents for an extra use each turn, or playing his Rimestaff and bringing your snow permanents back from the graveyard for a touching reunion. Either way, you’ll want to pack your warmest mittens if you’re planning to sleeve up this chilly customer.


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