10 Best Godzilla Games, Ranked


  • Godzilla has a long history in video games, with a variety of genres and consoles represented.
  • Some games ranked lower on the list due to not capturing the essence of Godzilla as well as others despite being a lot of fun.
  • The article mentions a mix of Western and Japanese exclusive games, with resources available for English-speaking players to enjoy the Japanese titles.



Godzilla has always been the big man on the scene when it comes to films, but what about games? While we won’t pretend that Godzilla has a pristine record when it comes to games, we will say this. Godzilla has been around long enough that it isn’t a kaiju-sized task to assemble ten great games he has featured in.


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From arena-based brawlers to side-scrolling action to turn-based strategy games, Godzilla has been present on nearly every console going back to the very beginning. This list will celebrate his rich history and give die-hard Godzilla fans a pile of games to check out.

Two bits of housekeeping before we get started. This list contains 10 Godzilla games that we think are pretty cool, but we did take their Godzillaness into consideration. So, a few of the best entries ranked a little lower because they didn’t quite capture the essence of the King of Monsters.

While we often try to stick to games released in the West with these lists, there are a few games that never left the shores of Japan that we couldn’t resist adding. Thankfully, every single Japanese exclusive game we will talk about was released on consoles that are region-free!

11 Yet Another Godzilla Game – PC

Yet Another Godzilla Game, Godzilla crashing through some bulildings and looking extra goofy

The Free Godzilla Game You Didn’t Know You Wanted!

This is an oddball title that we didn’t even know about until we started putting this list together. This is a silly, lighthearted Godzilla game. It is a classic score attack game where you need to destroy as many buildings as possible before you are inevitably taken out by helicopters.

You can roll around using this doofy version of the King of Monsters, and after your energy meter is filled, you can use his atomic breath. How much money in damages can you accumulate? Why not head over to itch.io, download this title, and find out?

Honourable Mention – Godzilla: Kaiju Daikessen

Godzilla Kaiju Daikessen, Godzilla tail whipping Biollante-1

Look, we know that Yet Another Godzilla Game is a silly title, and not the most substantive game released featuring Godzilla, we also know that the beloved 2D fighting game, Godzilla: Kaiju Daikessen didn’t make this list. We think Daikessen is a lot of fun, we aren’t hating on it, but we don’t think it is the best example of a Godzilla game that leverages the property, as it is a straight fighting game. Forgive us, kings.

10 Godzilla – Game Boy

Godzilla Gameboy, Godzilla pushing a boulder off the ledge

Old-School Arcadey Bliss

Are you all ready for a bit of a curveball? Despite being at the bottom of our list, this Godzilla game is among the best games on it. Confused? Well, you see, some games higher on our list can be an acquired taste, but they embody the spirit of the movies. This Game Boy title? Not so much. In 1990’s Godzilla for the GameBoy you will climb ladders, punch boulders, and pick up arcadey powerups along the way (such as the ability to freeze time).

It feels like it is a strange mix of Dig Dug and Burger Time. Each level is, essentially, a puzzle. You need to strategically take out your enemies while uncovering the exit. Oh, and graphically, it is adorable! So, if you were looking for a cute Godzilla game where you don’t have access to any of your powers, that plays like an early 80s arcade classic, then this will be your jam. It is undeniably awesome. The only reason it isn’t higher on the list is because it doesn’t feel like a Godzilla game, but it is too charming and fun to be left off completely.

9 City Shrouded In Shadow – PlayStation 4

City Shrouded In Shadow, Disaster Report with Godzilla

The Godzilla Game That Got Away

Of all the games on this list, City Shrouded In Shadow is both the most peculiar and one of the most enticing. This is a Disaster Report title, but instead of dealing with natural disasters, you’re tasked with surviving an assault by famous kaiju. And yes, that includes an official appearance by Godzilla and a number of his pals.

It is worth noting that this title isn’t solely a Godzilla-themed affair. Other kaiju taken from the universes of Ultraman and Evangelion make appearances as well (alongside their appropriate sentai warriors and mecha combatants). having to struggle, scrounge, and survive from the perspective of an average citizen is as novel as it is exhilarating. Unfortunately, there is a lot of dialogue here, and the game was never translated into English. Still, it is very easy to import, and there are resources online that will help you complete it without having any Japanese ability.

While it is easy enough to purchase City Shrouded In Shadow from the Playstation Store, if you have no Japanese ability, the best way to play this game is by using this wiki. Google’s auto-translate will provide you with a very workable english-language guide.

8 Godzilla 2014 – PlayStation 4

Godzilla 2014, Godzilla as seen from a distance

Like A Kaiju, Smashing For The Very First Time

Sometimes a game that is bad for one type of person, is good for another. That is, in our opinion, the case with 2014’s Godzilla. This title was absolutely lambasted upon release. The biggest criticism levied against it was closely tethered to the speed of Godzilla himself. Godzilla felt cumbersome and slow. Unwieldy, even.


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And hey, those are fair criticisms. But… wouldn’t it be weird if Godzilla was sprinting around Tokyo, nimbly dashing from building to building? Godzilla 2014 makes you FEEL like Godzilla. Smashing buildings, and crisping foes with your breath all feel right, here. That is rad! Is the meme about you spending far too much time attacking generators valid? Most certainly. However, if you go into this game with a firm understanding of what it is, a Godzilla Simulator, then we think you will have a roaring good time!

Don’t settle for the PlayStation 3’s version. It is inferior in every way.

Honourable Mention – Godzilla: Generations

Godzilla Generations, Godzilla standing beside a building

If you are wondering why the Dreamcast’s Godzilla Generations didn’t make the list, it is because we feel like it fills a very similar niche to 2014’s Godzilla. Though, we’ve always had a soft spot for how the buildings fell apart piece by piece in that one. Super satisfying!


6 Godzilla: Monster Of Monsters – Nintendo Entertainment System

Godzilla Monster of Monsters, Godzilla stomping through the desert

Godzilla Ground Zero

For all intents and purposes, this is the first Godzilla game that gets it right. In this title you move across a grid, working your way toward the rival kaiju that populate it. Landing on empty spaces will force you to engage in a side-scrolling level where you need to clear debris and battle the given planet’s military forces. That’s right, this game sees Godzilla romp around the universe, traveling to different planets.

When you fight against another kaiju, the game plays like a rudimentary fighting game. But you won’t be alone in your battle, Mothra will accompany Godzilla as well. It all works very well. While Godzilla is a touch clunky, we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is also great that we get to control Mothra and Godzilla, as their playstyles are wildly different, and it helps to create a sense of strategy, as you will find that some monsters are simply handled better by one troop over the other.

5 Super Godzilla – Super Nintendo

Super Godzilla, Godzilla closeup from the world traversal section

Cinematic On The SNES

One of the most interesting aspects you’ll find across the Godzilla games released over the years is how experimental they are. Super Godzilla is a fascinating example of that. There are two phases of play, one where you guide Godzilla through a series of environments, smashing obstacles and picking up power-ups, and a second phase where you square up against a kaiju rival… in turn-based combat!

While we suspect many gamers will struggle to make odds and ends of this peculiar title, it is incredibly cinematic for a 16-bit game, featuring giant, beautiful sprites, and the turn-based combat serves that end stunningly well.

4 Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Game Boy

Godzilla King Of Monsters, Godzilla facing down Ghidorha

A Surprisingly Thoughtful Beat ‘Em Up

This is another Japan exclusive Godzilla game. It is also the second Godzilla title released on the Game Boy. This second Godzilla game on the handheld looks incredible, with Godzilla’s screen-filling sprite causing the screen to shake with every step. It also has a giant cast of Kaiju. At a glance, it looks a lot like Monster of Monsters. However, appearances can be deceiving, and its gameplay is shockingly novel.


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For starters, King of the Monsters doesn’t lock you into a single plane: you can hop between the foreground, the background and the middle ground. Unlike in the first Gameboy title, Godzilla’s Atomic Breath is present, but it has a twist. Using his power decreases his health. In order to regain health, you need to back away and rest.

This means that battles become a push and pull tug-of-war where you need to engage an enemy, deal damage, then create space, and regenerate. It is surprisingly engaging. While its deliberate pacing won’t be for everything, we think this is a Godzilla game that the fans will eat up.

3 Godzilla Domination! – Game Boy Advance

Godzilla Destruction, Godzilla breathing fire on a downed kaiju

Godzilla’s Arcadey Gem

The is a series of games that released in the arcade and on the 16-bit consoles called the “King Of Monsters”. There are two of these titles, and they feature kaiju going toe-to-toe in an arena battler of sorts. Naturally, a bootleg version of Godzilla is featured in the cast. The King of Monsters games benefit quite a bit from Godzilla’s legacy, and are easily among the best kaiju games ever made.

Why are we mentioning that series? Well, because Godzilla Domination is, for all intents and purposes, a spiritual successor to those titles. Everything from its grappling-heavy, arena-based combat to its colorful graphics feel very King Of Monsters. And it is all the better for it. This is a fantastic game! The only thing keeping this arcadey classic from being our number one pick is the limited roster. Still, this a must-own for all Godzilla fans.

2 Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters – Nintendo Entertainment System

Godzilla 2, A tank and Godzilla facing off

Monstrously Misunderstood

If you are aware of Godzilla 2, then you are probably scratching your head at its inclusion on this list. “You don’t even get to control Godzilla!” you scream. “It is slow and boring” you cry. Look, we get it, if you go into Godzilla 2 with the wrong expectations, you are going to have a bad time. But this is, basically, Advance Wars with Godzilla! Come on! That’s badass!

In Godzilla 2 you will spend your time fortifying your army and trying to stave off the advances of these giant monsters. This is a turn-based strategy title, and you will need to steel yourself, position your units thoughtfully, and defend the city from the rampaging kaiju menace. The odds are stacked against you, but with grit and determination humankind will prevail! If you like strategy games at all, we recommend that you check out this under-loved classic!

1 Godzilla: Save The Earth – PlayStation 2

Godzilla Save The Earth, Mecha Godzilla and Godzilla facing off

A Kaiju-Sized Party!

Of all the games on this list, Save the Earth is probably the most popular one among fans. And it isn’t hard to see why. This game is packed with content featuring not only a giant roster of Kaiju, but also a number of party-esque modes. On the face of it, this is a 4-player arena brawler.

If you are curious, this is a sequel to excellent Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters, which is also a ton of fun. However, the games are similar enough that we think you are better off just going with Save The Earth.

Save The Earth has more in common with a wrestling game than it does a traditional 3D fighter, though there isn’t typically a formal ring (with one notable exception), as densely packed cities will act as your battlefield. This is a Godzilla game that focuses more on being fun, than capturing the feel of a Godzilla film. Which is why it is still a fantastic party game all these years later.


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